Very Unique Vietnam Tours That You May Not Have Experienced Before!

Very Unique Vietnam Tours That You May Not Have Experienced Before!

15-12-2016 17:09 Posted by: Thao Tran
Experience Vietnam's special tours that you can’t find elsewhere. Neither luxurious nor expensive, yet you’ll find them very interesting.

Very unique vietnam tours

Very unique Vietnam tours (Thu Ha)

Enjoying the vacation in luxurious and expensive resorts is common in the world, but once going to Vietnam, foreigners can experience the simple yet very interesting lifestyle of local Vietnamese that they can’t find elsewhere. 

1. Mining Heritage Tourism

This unique Vietnam tour is organized by the Norwegian People's Aid and Vietnam Backpackers Hostels (Dormitory “backpacker” Vietnam) in Cam Hieu commune, Cam Lo district (Quang Tri province)

Quang Tri is heavily contaminated by unexploded ordinances in Vietnam.

In most special part of this unique Vietnam tour, tourists will have chance to witness the bomb to be detonated. They will be standing about 300 meters away from the explosion sites and see the truest picture of a “bomb blast”.

unique vietnam tours-bomb

A group of tourists participates in the process of breaking the bomb (MASK online)

Visitors will also visit the remnants exhibition spaces, meet landmine victims and collect some remnants of the “bomb blast” as souvenirs.

unique vietnam tours-bomb people

A tour guide is explaining the historical relic for tourists (MASK online)

Most of visitors are youngsters, in the age from 18 to 30, so the experience they observed in this Vietnam special tour will be the fastest and simplest way to learn about the pain of war and post-war.

unique vietnam tours-bomb explode

A bomb exploded in the air (MASK online)

2. Buffalo-riding tour

Buffalo-riding tour is quite popular and enjoyable, especially for foreign visitors, in rural areas of Vietnam. Visitors can not only ride bullock carts but also enjoy Vietnam’s peaceful and rustic rural areas.

unique vietnam tours-buffalo

This tour will bring many interesting experience to the tourists. You not only watch the rustic villages of Vietnam but also enjoy the fresh air in the spacious fields (MASK online)

Two famous places for this unique tours of Vietnam are Bat Trang ceramic village and Cam Thanh - Hoi An. Visitors will experience the feeling of swaying on bullock carts, enjoy the rustic atmosphere.

In Bat Trang, visitors will be able to enjoy the daily life in one of the famous traditional craft villages in Vietnam and buy lovely pottery products as souvenirs.

unique vietnam tours-buffalo field

Buffalo is very close friend of Vietnamese farmer. They help a lot in doing hard farming works (MASK online)

Visitors participating in buffalo-riding activities in Cam Thanh can also experience the excitement when sitting on the buffalo for plowing the fields, learn how to lead the buffalo to plow the fields as professional as Vietnam farmers.

unique vietnam tours-buffalo riding

This tourist is very happy with his moment when riding a buffalo! (MASK online)

3. Farmer-experiencing tour

Beside other Vietnam tours, a farmer-experiencing tour at a vegetable farm in Cu Chi, near Ho Chi Minh City has received a lot of positive reviews from foreign tourists with the attendees of up to 1000 people per month.

unique vietnam tours-farmer

They look like real farmers with happy face of abundant vegetables (MASK online)

By participating in this unique Vietnam tour, visitors will be introduced and learned how to cultivate popular vegetables and fruits in Vietnam.

unique vietnam tours-farmer grow

Farming is a very hard work. Tourists will have a chance to try growing plants and vegetables in Vietnamese way (MASK online)

The fruitful results of these activities are tasty Vietname traditional dishes made by the visitor learners in their own. This type of tourism helps foreign visitors have direct contact and feeling to the values of labor-appriciated traditions in Vietnam.

unique vietnam tours-farmer food

And the food is worth after hours of working hard. People can taste the most fresh and delicious specialties of Vietnamese farmers (MASK online)

This is not the first time the farmer-experiencing tour has been organized in Vietnam. Previously, many localities in the country have also applied to this tourism type and enjoyed extremely positive feedbacks from foreign visitors.

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