How to have a Hanoi’s Old Quarter Walking Tour in One Day?

How to have a Hanoi’s Old Quarter Walking Tour in One Day?

07-12-2016 11:30 Posted by: Thao Tran
Where will you go in Old Quarter in one day? Hanoi’s Old Quarter walking tour guide will suggest you an interesting plan to discover the best things there.

hanoi old quarter walking tour in one day

Hanoi’s Old Quarter Walking Tour (vietnam adivisors)

Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a heritage of urban community which has historical values representing the formation and development of Hanoi.

With the size of 82 hectares, this is the area with the highest density of relics in nationwide having various types of religions and beliefs: temples, communal houses, society’s premises, hermitage, temples of craft ancestor, traditional craft streets...

And if you had only one day there, where would you go to explore Hanoi's Old Quarter? The followings are Hanoi's Old Quarter walking tour guide for you.

To have the most clearly feeling about the space of Old Quarter, you should rent rooms right in the Old Quarter. From there, you can walk to the destinations close to you firstly or follow the suggestion below. Walking is the best way to experience a profound Hanoi's Old Quarter tour.

Transportation: By foot or by bike (remember carefully locking and parking)

8:00 am: Let’s begin your journey by visiting Dong Xuan alley on Hang Chieu Street. You can have breakfast here with dishes such as snail rice noodle, crab soup rice noodle, noodle soup, etc.

hanoi old quarter walking tour - snail noodle

 Snail rice noodle for breakfast (eva)

8:30: After breakfast, you can visit the Dong Xuan Market located nearby, ask for directions and purchase your favorite items here. The traders in the market sell with bargain so bargain to buy your favorite ones. Among Vietnam tours, Hanoi's Old Quarter walking tour is never ever interesting like this when you can shop and explore simultaneously.

hanoi old quarter walking tour - dong xuanDong Xuan Market (viettimes)

9:00: Other place you should visit in Hanoi’s Old Quarter walking tour is O Quan Chuong - the only remaining gate of the city. Don’t forget to take photos there. Make some poses in O Quan Chuong to have Old Quarter characterized pictures!

hanoi old quarter walking tour - o quan chuongO Quan Chuong (nemesistan)

9:30: Now, you can go on with Bach Ma Temple. If it is noon after visiting here, have lunch at a restaurant selling grilled pork with rice noodle on Hang Buom Street. Go backward to Ma May Street, and then you can see the smoke of grilled pork that is the location of restaurant.

hanoi old quarter walking tour - bach ma temple

Bach Ma Temple (

hanoi old quarter walking tour - bun cha

Grilled pork with rice noodle (congngheso)

10:15: There are other places that you should definitely visit. It is an ancient house at 87 Ma May Street. You need to buy a ticket here for $0.5. If you want to relax, visit Nola café (separated by a house), the cafe is in the lane and has impressive decor.

hanoi old quarter walking tour - ancient house

Ancient house at 87 Ma May Street (hanoimoi)

11:00: Kim Ngan communal house – the temple of gold smith ancestor at 42-44 Hang Bac, is also a place you should visit. If you come here on weekend evenings, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy traditional music like Cheo, Ca Tru.

You'll possibly feel a refresh and peaceful feeling when hearing Vietnamese traditional songs during your Hanoi’s Old Quarter walking tour.  

Ca tru performance in Kim Ngan communal house (youtube/ thanh danh Quach)

12:00: It is time for lunch. You can enjoy noodle with shrimp paste and dried tofu in Phat Loc alley, and don’t forget to call Cha Com. Besides, you can choose grilled pork with rice noodle. The restaurant is located in the beginning of Phat Loc alley on Hang Mam Street.

hanoi old quarter walking tour - bun dau

Noodle with shrimp paste and dried tofu in Phat Loc alley (foody)

12:45: After lunch, you can relax in some cafes around. There are many coffee shops and you can choose a suitable one with your favorite style and interests.

14:00: For a Hanoi’s Old Quarter walking tour, you certainly cannot ignore Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake.

hanoi old quarter walking tour - ngoc son temple

Ngoc Son Temple (toquoc news)

15:00: Water Puppetry is a folk art of Hanoi and very attractive to foreign tourists. You can drop by Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre located next to Ngoc Son Temple for enjoyment.

hanoi old quarter walking tour - water puppetry

 Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre (cucnghethuatbieudien)

16:00: Buying gifts for your relatives and friends, eating snails on Dinh Liet Street, traditional dishes or western foods on Luong Ngoc Quyen Street.

hanoi old quarter walking tour - snails

Snails on Dinh Liet Street (Thi Au)

hanoi old quarter walking tour-luong ngoc quyen street

Varied delicious dishes on Luong Ngoc Quyen Street (foody)

19h00: Have dinner on Nguyen Sieu Street or eat grilled fish on Duong Thanh Street. If you want to enjoy street atmosphere, choose a restaurants at the crossroad of Luong Ngoc Quyen Street and Dao Duy Tu Street.

hanoi old quarter walking tour-grilled fish

Grilled fish (daytourshanoi) 

20:00: Walking on streets. On weekends (Friday to Sunday night), you must join Old Quarter night market on Hang Ngang and Hang Dao Street, play Vietnamese traditional games, see music performances or go to a coffee shops near Hoan Kiem Lake, drink lemon tea on Cho Gao Street.

hanoi old quarter walking tour-hanoi night market

Old Quarter night market (Timeout Vietnam)

hanoi old quarter walking tour-play games

Playing Vietnamese traditional games (dantri)

A nice performance on a walking street (Youtube/ phodibo)

We expect this guide will help you have a wonderful day around Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Tell us your story!

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