Wallow in dreamy Sapa homestays to enjoy each peaceful moment

Wallow in dreamy Sapa homestays to enjoy each peaceful moment

15-02-2017 12:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
Homestay in Sapa Vietnam are so cool that they will give you an ideal vacation with peace in each moment.

Staying in a Sapa homestay is different from staying in a hotel. Homestays in Sapa Vietnam give you the feeling of mysterious and beautiful Sapa that will make you crave to explore.

1. Hmong Mountain Retreat

Hmong Mountain Retreat in Ho village is a combination of over-70-year-old houses on stilts and thatched houses. It is the place helping you to feel the blend of nature.

The unique feature of this homestay is that you can live in bungalows located among green terraced fields at halfway the mountain. There are days when it's cool with mist covered around mountains, small steam clouds wriggle into the room creating a mysterious atmosphere.

sapa homestay-Hmong Mountain Retreat

In front of the homestay, there is an artificial lake paved beautifully, creating a romantic scenery (hotels-in-vietnam)

sapa homestay-Hmong Mountain Retreat relaxation

Relaxation area for visitors (xemzi)

sapa homestay-Hmong Mountain Retreat coffee

What's cooler than that after waking up, you can sip a cup of coffee, watch the terraced fields and take a deep breath of new rice smell(thuyminh)

In this Sapa homestay Vietnam, you can choose “shared-room” to share your room with other people or just stay with two or three people with doors overlooking the hills.

sapa homestay-Hmong Mountain Retreat bedroom

The rooms is designed turning to natural friendliness (xemzi)

sapa homestay-Hmong Mountain Retreat rest

The common living space is excellent with unique decorations or utilities to rest with benches or lovely swings (thuyminh)

In particular, the Hmong Mountain Retreat chef regularly organizes special cooking classes for guests, you can learn to cook western foods, Vietnam cuisine or traditional dishes which you like.

sapa homestay-Hmong Mountain Retreat ornaments

Many ornaments with the characteristic of Hmong ethnic minority are located around the large house on stilts

sapa homestay-Hmong Mountain Retreat kitchen

Simple kitchen has ethnic decorations. This is also the place where the cooking classes for guests are held (tnhvietnam)

Price: ~36.4 USD/ bungalow; 9-11 USD/ shared-room.                            

2. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

If this is the first time you experience homestay in Sapa and you want to make sure that your homestay has not only professional Vietnam travel services but also natural space, then Nam Cang Riverside Lodge - a very nice Sapa homestay with modern architecture in Nam Cang village, is the best.

sapa homestay-Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

Passing a suspension bridge that spans a small river, you can get to this beautiful homestay (tripadvisor)

sapa homestay-Nam Cang Riverside Lodge landscape

Majestic mountainous scenery is seen from the village of Nam Cang (topastravel)

The house is made of wood with the gentle aroma helping you feel so comfortable. Moreover, the decoration with deep brown makes rooms really cozy.

sapa homestay-Nam Cang Riverside Lodge bedroom

The bed rooms in this Sapa homestay are as beautiful and luxury as expensive hotels (namcangriversidelodge)

sapa homestay-Nam Cang Riverside Lodge bed

The bed rooms have many windows and opening doors with simple decorations (namcangriversidelodge)

The common dining room is also very glorious. Wooden tables are made into stump shapes, the ceramic dinnerware in deep brown sets are extremely harmonious and consistent with the peaceful atmosphere here. 

sapa homestay-Nam Cang Riverside Lodge dinner

It's great to enjoy a meal by the river, close to lush forests and enjoy the cool atmosphere of the mountains in Sapa (namcangriversidelodge)

sapa homestay-Nam Cang Riverside Lodge dining room

Dining room with gentle and lovely decorations (namcangriversidelodge)

sapa homestay-Nam Cang Riverside Lodge stream

Nothing better than sitting by the river, listening to the murmuring water, sipping coffee and watching the immense mountains (namcangriversidelodge)

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge is located in Nam Cang village, inhabited by the Red Dao minority. You just need some steps to go deeper into the village, exploring the lives with interesting and strange feature of people living here. The Red Dao people usually sell ornaments, exquisite handicrafts to tourists.

Price: ~113.6 USD/room.

3. Phơri's House

It would be regretful not to mention to Phori's House that receives many good Sapa homestay reviews from customers. It is located in Ta Van village, where is peaceful and quiet. In front of this homestay is a small stream flowing murmuring. These make an ideal place for a peaceful trip.

sapa homestay-Phơri's Home road

The road to Phơri's House (Phơri's House)

sapa homestay-Phơri's Home

The outside of this homestay can make you disappointed a little but the surprise is waiting for you inside (Phơri's House)

sapa homestay-Phơri's Home chair

An ideal relaxation area (Phơri's House)

The space inside Phori will bring you the feeling like at home: peaceful, cozy and private. What is better than being wrapped in a warm blanket with thick brocade motifs to sleep, then not getting up hurriedly but lying a little to contemplate or read a book.

That’s not all you can do at this Sapa homestay Vietnam, there is a kitchen for those who want to cook with wine, tea and clean coffee to sip.

sapa homestay-Phơri's Home bedroom

Soft cushions, warm blanket, what is more for a great vacation? (Phơri's House)

sapa homestay-Phơri's Home window

Sometimes peace is merely a rattan chair, a large window, a local vase of flowers (Phơri's House)

sapa homestay-Phơri's Home looking out

It's great to lie in bed and enjoy the peaceful moment (instagram/tedsfl96)

Beside the affordable Sapa homestay price, this lovely homestay has other plus point that won’t raise its prices on Tet and holidays.

sapa homestay-Phơri's Home bathroom

Bathroom provides a feeling as if it was the outdoor bathroom, but of course not, so comfortably take a bath (Phơri's House)

sapa homestay-Phơri's Home looking

In the afternoon, you can walk a bit higher up, sit on a certain plot of land and look down at the vast terraced fields below, look blue smoke (Phơri's House)

Price: 30 USD/ room/ 2 people, plus 10 USD from the 3rd person, 120 USD /whole house (containing about 14 people).

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