Top list of Saigon bars for a relaxing night

Top list of Saigon bars for a relaxing night

06-01-2017 17:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
Best bars in Ho Chi Minh City that are worth a visit to gain a really pleasant night in this sleepless city.

Saigon is known as the paradise of shopping and relaxation in Vietnam and the city that never sleeps. In particular, Saigon bar is a proof for its sleeplessness. 

1. Lush Bar

Lush has space and decor in Western style, therefore this is one of Saigon’s best bar that attracts many foreign visitors. Lush is divided into 2 areas. You can dance in the lower area while the upper area is space for diners to talk or simply enjoy the music.

saigon bar-lush

The bar is viewed from high above (Instagram/im_vietrinh)

saigon bar-lush inside

It is more interesting when celebrating the New Year’s Eve with friends in this lively Saigon bar (Instagram/ stefffaa)

2. Seventeen Saloon Bar

Seventeen Bar deserves to be granted as one of polite and entertaining bars in Ho Chi Minh City. Design of the bar follows cowboy style. All staffs wear cowboy hats, holsters around their waist and look exactly like the ones in the West Texas of America.

The second floor of this Saigon bar has a small stage that bands and singers take turns to have live performances after 9 pm. Its moderate price is also a plus point of this bar.

saigon bar-Seventeen Saloon

This is a place for meeting people who have the same hobbies (Instagram/chrisjessick)

saigon bar-Seventeen Saloon band

There are bands and singers performing in the stage (Instagram/kinzozu)

3. Fuse Bar

Fuse Bar is exactly what Saigon young people need in a bar and meets the demand of Vietnam travel services for a good bar: modern decor, great sound and gathering of many famous DJ.

Whenever large screen plays DJ songs, it will be time for the actually booming atmosphere. If you want to visit Fuse, come on Thursdays when have promotions and regular gifts.

saigon bar-fuse

Magnificent space inside the bar (Pose)

saigon bar-fuse space

System of light is quite impressive (sgnl)

4. Barocco Bar

Located across the front side of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street with modern shapes in architecture, this Saigon bar makes people have to glance every time they pass by.

Barocco has luxurious space with interior which pays attention to details and wears a prideful cover. There are tables in corners which are far from the sound and suitable for those who want to talk to friends when visiting this Saigon bar.

saigon bar-Barocco

Splendid space of lights inside the bar (Instagram/ hoanghuy_hyhi)

saigon bar-Barocco space

You can sit on these tables to talk with friends but also can enjoy the lively atmosphere (Instagram/averian0715)

5. Carmen Bar

Carmen is a bar which specializes in lively Latin music with foreign singers performing on the stage of the bar.

Unlike other bars, Carmen has not only indoor space, but also expanded one in the garden outside.

At first moment when walking into it, we just felt a little ... strange. After sitting here for 30 minutes, we found it quite interesting because of its space, beverage and customers who have unique personalities, perfectionism and get ready to burn out.

saigon bar-Carmen space

Youl may feel a little strange at first moment 

saigon bar-Carmen

Then you will find it so interesting 

6. Chill Sky Bar

Chill Sky would indeed on the list of "must-have-go" bars in Ho Chi Minh City because we can embrace the whole city at night by sitting on par with Bitexco building and admire it. 

The open space outside is surrounded by thick glass, and you will feel pleasant by cool wind. Beverages there are little pricey but it is worth a try for what you get.

saigon bar-Chill Sky Bar

Embrace the whole city (instagram/ patoss)

saigon bar-Chill Sky Bar space

It is worth a try to come there (instagram/2ha.eunny)

7. Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar

Like its name, Cloud 9 Rooftop is a sophisticated combination between wood and glass. And the glass effect also makes you feel like being hovering somewhere among 9 clouds.

Go into the bar, sip a glass of red wine, then relax in the space. These are enough for a good evening.

saigon bar-Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar

The bar has very beautiful view at night (diadiemanuong)

saigon bar-Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar space

Luxurious interior inside one of the best bars in Saigon (diadiemanuong)

8. Cargo Bar

Cargo seems to be the most “gentle” bar with its round layout of furniture and enthusiastic service of staff.

Cargo is suitable to gather friends, organize Prom because it has a large space with up to 4 floors. At this Saigon bar, if you are lucky, you will sit in the leather chairs facing the window and watch streets below, or you can make reservations for yourself to get beautiful positions.

saigon bar-cargo

Live music is an important factor attracting many visitors (Instagram/linhhellie)

saigon bar-cargo space
A romantic corner inside the bar (pose)

9. QD Bar & Lounge

Opposite to modern style of the other bars in Ho Chi Minh City, QD chooses antique style with nostalgic and soft feature.

Therefore, music is not too noisy, the bar just plays tracks with fast tunes after 11 pm. It is clearly to see that they pay attention to every little detail, like tables at corners and vases of fresh flowers, etc.
Once visiting QD, you will want to come here again because of the spirit and warmth that make it in the list of top bars in Saigon.

saigon bar-QD Bar and Lounge space

Luxurious space with many kinds of delicious wine (foody)

saigon bar-QD Bar and Lounge

The space of this bar (foody)

10. Martini Bar

Named as a type of cooktail, it is considered as the most "sophisticated" bars in Saigon which is located in the 3rd floor of luxurious Caravelle hotel. Mirtini is the only bar in Saigon with nonsmokers.

Martini is definitely a bar for entertainment and relaxation with an extensive menu of foods and drinks.

 saigon bar-Martini Bar
Extremely delicate style of interior(caravellehotel)

 saigon bar-Martini Bar space
It is a cozy place for people who want to relax in a gentle space (caravellehotel)

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