Top best cafes in Hanoi with scenic views deserve for a try

Top best cafes in Hanoi with scenic views deserve for a try

03-12-2016 14:09 Posted by: Thao Tran
Try taking the panoramic view of the city from best coffee places in Hanoi with luxury styles and interiors.

Hanoi, our beloved city is beautiful and peaceful throughout all four seasons. Please try imagining that you can take the panoramic view of the city from high place, cover all angles of sight. Going to following best cafes in Hanoi with luxury styles and interiors to experience that feeling, it deserves for a try!

1. Top of Hanoi, the 67th floor of Lotte Center

best cafe in hanoi - rooftop

The highest and one of the best cafes in Hanoi with scenic views. This strange and "cool" corner of the cafe makes many young people fascinated (Instagram/ loiczagoreos)

best cafe in hanoi - terrace

The bar has a wide terrace and long balcony with white outdoor benches (Instagram/ nhacuacoffeeholic)

best cafe in hanoi - night in top of Hanoi

When the city lights up, this café has fanciful and colorful decor (Instagram/ callmexanh)

best cafe in hanoi - trill

A bright corner of the café in the dark night (Instagram/ pjh171004).

best cafe in hanoi - city night

The entire city is scrimped in your eye (Instagram/ ma2mo7mi9)

best cafe in hanoi - girl

There are many young people who wish to be like this girl coming there to check-in and enjoy the space here (Instagram/ tjsghkya)

Do not just come to see the city from high place, many young people choose this place to check in.

best cafe in hanoi - table

White décor suits the luxurious space here (Instagram/ wanderwithbri)

best cafe in hanoi - super girl

This girl is “super cool” (Instagram/ sonchaz)

best cafe in hanoi - sunset

Sunset on rooftop of Hanoi (Instagram/ malzp118)

 2. Summit Lounge, the 20th floor of 5-star hotel Sofitel Plaza, Thanh Nien Street

best cafe in hanoi - 5 stars

Who can resist this luxury dinner with the most amazing view in Hanoi like that? (Instagram/ iamcindyd)

Located on the top floor of the 5-star hotel and between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake, view of this top cafe in Hanoi also reaches the standard of "5-stars" Vietnam travel services.

best cafe in hanoi - storm

Hanoi in upcoming storm is also strangely beautiful (Instagram/ loftagram)

best cafe in hanoi - cocktail

Create your own photos with the best view (Instagram/ meomeoo).

best cafe in hanoi - summit

A cocktail with shining red color will refresh your day (Instagram/ unorthodoxclothing)

best cafe in hanoi - chair

The lights seem to fly all over space with these unique lamps (Mytour)

best cafe in hanoi - sky

Panoramic view of Hanoi from the angle of wind-swept West Lake (Instagram/ sprtrollier).

3. Rooftop Cafe Trill, the 26th floor of Hei Tower building, Nguyen Huy Tuong Street

best cafe in hanoi - pool

Trill Rooftop Cafe is in the list of the best coffee shops - Hanoi (Instagram/ Trill Rooftop Café)

Trill Rooftop Cafe is a new address for people recently. Outdoor space with blue pool and modern decor is ideal for you to take a picture or watch around. That’s why it gradually becomes one of the best cafés in Hanoi which is always on the favorite.

best cafe in hanoi - lights

Sunset is the best time of the bar with shimmering lights (Instagram/ Trill Rooftop Café)

best cafe in hanoi - ideal choice

The ideal choice among the best cafes in Hanoi for close friends (Instagram/ christinappp)

best cafe in hanoi in sunset

Looks like we are sitting on a European table (Instagram/ trill_group)

best cafe in hanoi - foreigners

Foreigners also cannot resist its modern scenery (Instagram/ trey_langston31_)

best cafe in hanoi - lake

View by the lake makes the space cooler and more refresh in summer (Instagram/ khiem.dajka)

best cafe in hanoi - sofa

These soft pillows bring you comfortable feeling while enjoying the view and foods (Instagram/ tamdibb)

best cafe in hanoi - boy

Cover the whole city into your eyes (Instagram/ anhtuancg)

4. Skyline Hanoi, from the 11th to the 13th floor, 38 Gia Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District.

best cafe in hanoi - city view  

Always be evaluated as one of the best coffee shops in Hanoi, the shop is located in the direction of heading up to Old Quarter. You are freely to see quiet and peaceful scenes of Hanoi. (Instagram/ allyktucci)

best cafe in hanoi - daylight

We can feel the peaceful atmosphere there (Instagram/ baotrung92)

best cafe in hanoi - night lights

This splendid tree must be the place where everyone has to check-in (Instagram/  synbenho).

best cafe in hanoi - tree

The tree with “light flowers” is blooming on the gray sky (Instagram/ wheretheresa.will)

best cafe in hanoi - skyline

Sunset on Skyline Hanoi (Facebook/ Skyline Hanoi)

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