The 10 best Hoi An bars to have a blast at night

The 10 best Hoi An bars to have a blast at night

01-02-2017 12:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
Hoi An bars are the other side of the city that are often known as a quiet place. So why don’t you try enjoying this strange aspect of the old town?

Hoi An is obviously stuck to the image of a quiet and peaceful place. There aren’t many noisy places in Hoi An. However, other side of this city will make you surprised and interested.

The bustling life at night in Hoi An is in the friendly town and by the romantic river. There are fashionable pubs, coffee shops, art galleries and live music clubs.

When the sun sets, all the streets in Hoi An are light up with hundreds of colorful lanterns and traditional dances. At that time, many bars and pubs give discounts in happy hours with attractive international singers and DJ playing different genres of music.

Whether you want to relax or want to have a blast at night, here are the 10 best bars in Hoi An for you:

1. Q-Bar

hoi an bars-Q bar

Q-Bar with strange-looking seats and special cocktails (Q bar)

Among best Hoi An bars, Q-Bar has the combination of classic style with Japanese architecture. It will bring you strange-looking seats and very special cocktails that no other places have.

2. Dive Bar

hoi an bars-Dive bar

Dive Bar with live music every night (Dive bar)

The live music space here is friendly and full of energy. Many tourists love to visit Dive Bar and enjoy the fun time with reasonable prices from 25,000 VND (over 1 USD).

3. Tam Tam Bar

hoi an bars-Tam Tam cafe

Tam Tam Bar with traditional furniture style (Tam Tam cafe)

Tam Tam is one of the bars in Hoi An old town that reminds tourists a feeling like a scene in a Hongkong movie.  With sparkling lanterns, nice paper flowers and 90s-styled furniture, Tam Tam will bring you foods and drinks that are very traditional and like in a movie.

4. Mango Mango

hoi an bars-mango mango

Mango Mango is by Hoi An river (hotels)

Mango Mango is a colorful restaurant located right by Hoi An river with the view out to Thu Bon river and night market. This bar has good Vietnam travel services that many tourists chose to relax and chill after a long day adventure in Hoi An.

5. Fusion Café

hoi an bars-fusion cafe

Fusion Cafe serves more than 20 types of cocktails (hotels)

Fusion Café serves more than 20 types of cocktails with reasonable prices. You can enjoy drinks under warm atmosphere by Thu Bon river and watch the night scene of colorful lanterns which light up Hoi An streets. The menu here is diverse that tourists can come to have breakfast or a massage or just relax.

6. Mango Rooms

hoi an bars-Mango room

This bar severs various kinds of foods and drinks (hotels)

Mango Room is one of Hoi An bars located by Thu Bon river. It’s quiet with bright furniture, friendly service, light music and diverse menu with drinks and foods.

7. Hoi An Sports Bar

hoi an bars-Sports bar

You can watch the football matches live here (Hoi An Sports Bar)

This place is actually for those who love sport since you can watch all live matches right at the bar with many other interesting games.

8. Before and Now Bar

hoi an bars-Before and Now

Visitors can enjoy soft light and low music in Before and Now Bar (hotels)

Before and Now Bar is more quiet than other places. Yet this place still attracts many visitors because of simple decoration and soft light. It can be the best place for you to relax and enjoy a quiet night in Hoi An.

9. King Dragon Restaurant and Bar

hoi an bars-King dragon

King Dragon is the best place for you to do what you like (King Dragon)

King Dragon will bring funny and exciting atmosphere to you with some exciting things like watching live football games on TV, playing mini games, chatting with the staffs or ask them to sing with you. It’s only 100.000 VND (~ 4.5 USD) for each person.

10. White Marble Wine Bar

By the romantic river where you can have a view over all the old town and watch the sparkling night of Hoi An. This one of Hoi An bars serves 14 types of well-known liquors with lots of great foods from Vietnam, France, Italy. It that will surely bring you the best memory.

hoi an bars-White marble wine bar

The outlook of White Marble Wine Bar (hotels)

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