Save immediately these pretty Dalat homestays to come one day

Save immediately these pretty Dalat homestays to come one day

04-03-2017 12:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
Staying in these lovely homestays in Dalat, Vietnam won’t make you regretful. So have comfortable accommodation with nice photos there!

Dalat is home to many wonderful and cute homestays. So it is regretful for someone traveling to the city without staying in the Dalat homestay.

Why don’t you experience one of following art-decorated and unique Dalat homestays:

1. La Nha Homestay

dalat homestay-la nha

The front door of lovely house is a perfect place for taking nice photos(Instagram/mintoki)

dalat homestay-la nha corner

Sharing room is decorated neatly and nicely(Instagram/hamee.bap)

This homestay Dalat Vietnam is originally an old villa, redesigned with unique and nice decor. Colors reflect elegance, intimacy and harmony of the homestay.

dalat homestay-la nha interior

The interior follows Western style design (Instagram/macchiolee)

It is an extremely idealistic space for you to rest, relax and take photos.

Large rooms: 300000-650000 VND/ room (14-30 USD). Dorm rooms: 170,000 VND/ person (8 USD). Tents: 120,000 VND/ tent (5.5 USD).

77 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 5, Da Lat. Phone: 063 3830 377.

2. Le Bleu The Valley

Unlike the Le Bleu The Vintage in the city center, The Valley is farther from the city center, about 10 minutes to travel to Dalat market. But it’s not a matter in case you need a completely private space to “escape the whole world”, hah?

dalat homestay-le bleu

Le Bleu Valley is a romantic place for people to enjoy peaceful moments (didalat)

This Dalat garden homestay is located on a remote hill with green trees. There is a small fish pond outside the house.

dalat homestay-le bleu room

It has many cozy corners for relaxing (Instagram/mai.soup) 

Similar to the design style of Le Bleu, you will have a comfortable kitchen, most rooms are very romantic and make you fall in love.

dalat homestay-le bleu meal

You'll definitely love tasting delicious meal under fresh trees in the middle of garden (Instagram/huyvespa)

If you are a fan of romance, take a bedroom with white curtains on the first floor. In the morning, you will be awakened by the birds’ sing and the sunshine.

One disadvantage is that this Dalat homestay is located in a residential area, so it will be hard for you to find out.

Room prices: from 550.000 – 750.000 VND (25-34 USD) for one room/ night.

2/1 Khoi Nghia Bac Son Street, Ward 10, Dalat.

3. Home of Dreamers

dalat homestay-Home of Dreamers

It is exactly like its name with dreaming houses under shining star and beautiful night sky (Home of Dreamers)

dalat homestay-Home of Dreamers view

The homestay has extremely nice view of the whole city (Home of Dreamers)

Regardless of the simple decoration of homestay in Dalat, Home of Dreamer will attract you from the first glance thanks to the classic and extremely peaceful space. As comments of tourists, rooms are clean, the panoramic view is so romantic and there are also some lovely dogs here.

dalat homestay-Home of Dreamers room

Designers choose white as the main color to brighten the space(Home of Dreamers)

dalat homestay-Home of Dreamers interior

It also has room with classical style like this(Home of Dreamers)

dalat homestay-Home of Dreamers people

The highlight of all rooms is pots of fresh flowers and trees which make it more lively(Home of Dreamers)

Double rooms: 500.000-700.000 VND (23-32 USD). Dorm rooms: 150.000 VND (7 USD).

2/35 Nam Ho, Dalat. Phone: 096 537 7565.

4. Dalat Lacasa Homestay II

dalat homestay-Dalat Lacasa

Da LatLacasa looks like a white castle in fairy tale (Instagram/uyenvaa)

With the mixed architecture of nostalgia and Morocco style, this Dalat travel homestay is also an address you should “save” for a trip to Dalat.

dalat homestay-Dalat Lacasa room

Brown color of wood interior gives a cozy and familiar feeling (DalatLacasa Homestay II)

Due to Morocco style architecture, you can experience a space of white color everywhere in the homestay.

dalat homestay-Dalat Lacasa interior

Softly bed will bring you to nice dreams(DalatLacasa Homestay II)

Rom price: 300.000-450.000 VND (14-21 USD) depending on each room.

59 Thu Khoa Huan. Phone: 097 272 82 05.

5. Doi Mot Nguoi (Wait for Someone)

This Dalat Family Homestay is 5 minutes of motorcycling from Xuan Huong Lake, surrounded by coffee plantations on a high hill with the view of the whole valley.

dalat homestay-doi mot nguoi

The name – Waiting for a person – makes this homestay an emotional place (DoiMotNguoi)

dalat homestay-doi mot nguoi inside

Sometimes, it is destination for running from stresses in daily life (DoiMotNguoi)

The lovely Dalat homestay serve both dorm rooms and private rooms, with rustic design echoing country, gently style.

dalat homestay-doi mot nguoi room

A quiet and peaceful corner inside the homestay (DoiMotNguoi)

 Khoi Nghia Bac Son, Ward 10, Dalat. Phone: 063 6557 587.

6. Vanda Garden Hill

Vanda Garden Hill is about 10 minutes of driving from the city center, very convenient to not only the fresh relaxing experience, but also enjoy a chance to visit famous places of Dalat – the famous city in the Vietnam travel services.

dalat homestay-Vanda Garden Hill

Vanda Garden Hill has very unique houses which are shaped in triangle (Vanda Garden Hill)

dalat homestay-Vanda Garden Hill rooftop

Small houses are decorated nicely(Vanda Garden Hill)

There are several types of room in this homestay for you such as Big Owl for two, small single Little Owl, large single Full Moon, etc. Especially, there are also small super cute, triangle-shape bungalows located along the slope for couples.

dalat homestay-Vanda Garden Hill room

Simple interior inside the room (Vanda Garden Hill)

Room price: 250.000-450.000 VND (11.4-20.1 USD) depending on each room.

39 Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 4, Dalat.  Phone: 0633 970. 788 – 0977 494 888.

7. Wine Valley Homestay

Located about 2km from the center of Dalat, Wine Valley Homestay is a brand new residence enjoyed by many young people thanks to its unique design of Dalat grape wine barrels.

dalat homestay-wine valley

People definitelylove to stay in barrel houses like this (Loc Nguyen)

Homestay was born from the idea to create a space for guests to feel as comfortable as staying at home and a chance to experience every typical thing in Dalat.

dalat homestay-wine valley room

Color of interior is “ton-sur-ton” with houses (Loc Nguyen)

This homestay is not bigger than other places but has enough space for you to enjoy your “virtual life” photos.

dalat homestay-wine valley view

The homestay has quite a beautiful view (Tran Mong Nhu)

Room price: 150.000-350.000 VND (7-16 USD) depending on each room.

61 An Binh, Ward 3, Dalat. Phone: 0974 788 579.

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