Sapa resorts with dreamy views will catch your eyes immediately

Sapa resorts with dreamy views will catch your eyes immediately

22-02-2017 16:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
With these Sapa mountain resorts which have extremely ideal views, you will find Sapa beautiful and dreamy like in poetry and gain new experiences.

1. Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa

By far, Victoria Sapa Resort & Sapa is always on the list of the most beautiful and luxurious hotel in Sapa.

This Sapa resort possesses an extremely privileged location that is in the center of Sapa, but the area is very large with airy space surrounded by fresh green terraced fields, untouched mountains and cool, fresh, incredibly relaxing atmosphere of mountainous area.

sapa resort-Victoria

Entrance of Victoria Sapa Resort & Sapa (afamily)

You'll be surely impressed by the design style of this hotel. The idea of this Sapa resort is pretty unique with the combination of wood and stone and the color and decorations creating a cozy and artistic space.

sapa resort-Victoria fireplace

Furniture makes a feeling of cozy space (afamily)

Perhaps Victoria Sapa Resort & Sapa is one of resorts in Sapa which has the most beautiful view in the center of Sapa.

Sitting on the balcony of this Sapa mountain resort in the misty mist, you can see the roofs looming in the mist. It is the time to forget all tiredness of daylife.

sapa resort-Victoria room

The rooms are decorated with brown and yellow color (afamily)

This Sapa resort has the spacious campus which is comfortable for fun activities and walking along with an indoor play area for children, swimming pool and sauna place with full Vietnam travel services for tourists to relax.

sapa resort-Victoria view

Resort has very nice and spacious view! (afamily)

sapa resort-Victoria buffet

Dishes in morning buffet are very delicious and diversified (afamily)

sapa resort-Victoria pool

The pool is a favorite place of all visitors (afamily)

The space always has the smell of fragrant lemon grass oil combined with the fully amenities of Victoria that are really worth for a relaxing trip.

Reference price: From 2.2 million VND/night (~100 USD).

2, Topas Ecolodge

Located about 1 hour ride from Sapa town, Topas Ecolodge Resort is on the middle of natural scenery like a picture with blurred cloud and mountain.

sapa resort-tobas view

Fresh green space outside the resort (Instagram/nam_ni) 

sapa resort-tobas people

This is the place that people share happy and memorable moments together (Instagram/vu_pham_loveyouself)

Topas Ecolodge includes 25 bungalows on a lush green hill and it is built in white granite with lovely cover of palm leaves, so it is extremely harmonious with the beautiful surrounding landscape.

sapa resort-tobas girl

You can take nice photo at any angle (Instagram/nam_ni)

sapa resort-tobas relax

The natural space helps you forget all stresses in day life (Instagram/nam_ni)

sapa resort-tobas walking

Just taking a walk around to enjoy the beautiful landscape here (Instagram/ngocnickm) 

sapa resort-tobas photo

People seems to come closer to the nature(Instagram/trinhdop)

Visitors in Topas Ecolodge are extremely interested in watching the sunrise. It is simply because you can see the full picture of sun rising from high mountains in the far distance, dismissing the mist and lighting up the surrounding natural landscape.

sapa resort-tobas young girl

It looks like a village in the Western(Instagram/nam_ni)

Outer look of the bungalow is quite rustic but the rooms and facilities inside are very beautiful. Most of the furniture and decorations in the rooms use natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, neohouzeaua to create the feeling of closeness to nature.

sapa resort-tobas treatment room

You can stay in this treatment room after a long walk (Instagram/paulinepinsolle)

sapa resort-tobas bath

The bathroom has very open view (Instagram/hatvala)

sapa resort-tobas resting

Taking a nap in this height is an interesting experience (Instagram/nam_ni)

Topas Ecolodge area's restaurant serves Eurasian cuisine and local dishes.

sapa resort-tobas food

A delicious Vietnamese food (Instagram/sputniksqueaks)

Another plus point of this Sapa resort is that there are many interesting attractions around. You can visit Ban Ho, Thanh Phu, Thanh Kim to know more about the culture of ethnic minorities. Being drunk in yeast rice of Red Dao people (Thanh Kim) and enjoy unique cuisine of Tay people (Ban Ho), etc. are extremely unforgettable experience for a summer trip, right?

Reference price: 2.7 million VND/night (123 USD).

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