Make “so deep” photos in the 4 best Dalat cafes!

Make “so deep” photos in the 4 best Dalat cafes!

06-03-2017 16:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
You can take a dozen of photogenic photos in one square meter of these best coffee shops in Dalat because they are too pretty, surely.

Those cafes in Dalat are pretty, cool and great for selfie lovers. Here are the 4 most chosen cafes in Da Lat where you cannot only enjoy hot coffee in cold weather but also enjoy the atmosphere and lovely views.

It is never like this time when Dalat becomes the best choice for those who live on the internet, especially the youngsters. In one square meter, you can take a dozen of “so deep” photos in different poses. So, where are the most photogenic cafes in Dalat? Let’s take a look at these best cafes in Dalat.


90 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Dalat.

Walking into this shop, you will easily see its main concept: nursery garden!


The space inside is decorated nicely and suitable for young people (Kenh14)

dalat corner

Pots of green trees are placed everywhere (Kenh14)

Ornamental plants are everywhere and make the entire shop look so green. Taking the inspiration from Da Lat nursery gardens, this cafe brings inspiration to young people. Moreover, this is also among good Dalat cafes to meet up with friends, sharing your dreams and ambitions.

dalat interior

The interior has classical style (Minh Tu)

dalat decoration

Young girls will love to stand in table with small lovely decorations like this(Phuong Anh)

At this coffee shop among the green gardens, people also gather, chat and talk about “what they want to do in Da Lat”.

2. An Cafe

63Bis 3 Thang 2 Street,  Dalat.

dalat cafes-An Cafe outside

It looks like a house in some Korean film (Instagram/pgthaoo_)

dalat cafes-An Cafe

An Cafe is placed between a garden of many green trees (Instagram/sonchodien)

There are many Dalat cafesthat are great to visit once when in Da lat. An Cafe is among five big old cherry blossom trees and it has become the must-visit place for whoever in Da Lat.

dalat cafes-An Cafe corner

This place is a nice destination to take nice photos (Instagram/yii.yii__)

The most special thing here is that all kinds of vegetables and cabbages every where in the coffee shop. It looks like you are in a vegetable garden.

dalat cafes-An Cafe view

The view is quite romantic (Instagram/qquyen_)

What makes An Cafe become the best coffee shop in Dalat is its unique structure. The cafe is built by wood and green trees. That is the reason why you can make dozens of beautiful photos here.

dalat cafes-An Cafe balcony

Spacious balcony of the cafe (Instagram/maan.maann)

Moreover, there are a lot of interesting things here, for example you can harvest and eat vegetables right there or plant vegetables in small pots by yourself. When vegetables grow up a little more, the staffs will update growing status of them on Facebook page. So even you are far from Dalat, you can still keep track of your plant.

3. La Viet

200 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Ward 8, Dalat.

dalat cafes-La Viet

Modern space inside the cafe (Instagram/xniikkix)

dalat cafes-La Viet corner

The main color is black and grey which give the cafe a simple but luxurious look (Instagram/sugarhiiigh)

Meeting good Vietnam travel services, La Viet is the most chosen cafe by organic coffee drinker. Because you will see how a cup of coffee is made live from coffee beans in high land. The air in the shop will full of coffee smell which will bring you a wonderful feeling that is hard to describe.

dalat cafes-La Viet people

It also has some quiet corners for people who want peaceful moments (Instagram/kelvintuananh)

Among other Dalat cafes, La Viet has an awesome space to drink coffee in a simple but elegant architecture with main theme that is gray black.

dalat cafes-La Viet inside

People freely enjoy their favorite drinks in a space with full of sunshine (Instagram/unxinx)

4. Me Linh Coffee Garden

20, Village 4, Ta Nung Commune, Dalat.

dalat cafes-Me Linh garden

The view is extremely beautiful (Instagram/jakelifes)

Talking about coffee shops in Dalat, you cannot miss Me Linh Coffee Garden which is checked in a lot in Instagram. It is known as the shop with the best blowing mind view in Da Lat though it's a bit far from the city down town.

dalat cafes-Me Linh garden view

Sipping a cup of coffee in the bright sunshine is a memorable experience (Instagram/dennisphan)

dalat cafes-Me Linh garden drinks

It also has many delicious types of cafe (Instagram/lexieeed)

The rumor is right since you can get your sight far and far to the endless space in front of you in this cafe. There are the green and fresh vegetable gardens with the veryhealthy nature in Da Lat.

At Me Linh Coffee Garden, tourists are likely to enjoy many kinds of Dalat cafes like weasel coffee, Arabica coffee, Robusta, etc. Therefore, this place is definitely suitable for those who want quiet time with a hot coffee in a wide airy space. 

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