List of 5 best Dalat hotels worth staying

List of 5 best Dalat hotels worth staying

03-03-2017 12:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
These hotels in Dalat, Vietnam with an average price of 45-91 USD/ night will be golden tickets to ensure you have a wonderful holiday in Dalat.

These hotels in Dalat, Vietnam with an average price of 45-91 USD/ night would be the golden tickets to ensure you have a wonderful holiday in Dalat.

Five lovely Dalat hotels with an average price of 45-91 USD/ night and good Vietnam travel services would be the golden tickets to ensure you have a wonderful holiday in Dalat.

1. Binh An Village

Binh An Village is a Dalat hotel which is the most popular destination checked by a lot of families on instagram. This 5-star resort will take you to the small European land with the classic French villas and brilliant flower gardens around the year.

dalat hotel-binh an Village

Small and lovely houses in Western style (hoanganhheritage)

Specially, this place is in a favorable position near Tuyen Lam lake and pine forest. Therefore, it's ideal to walk, breathe fresh air or take “so deep” snapshots.

dalat hotel-binh an village tuyen lam lake

People can enjoy fresh air of Tuyen Lam lake nearby (khanhnguyen_64)

dalat hotel-binh an village walking

You can also choose to walk in the forest (afamily)

Rooms here has enough capacity for a family with bedrooms next to living rooms, especially if your family wants to experience a luxury night, you can select one night in a room in the villa of the resort with the price over 20 million VND (~909 USD).

dalat hotel-binh an village room

Colorful and bright space inside the room (afamily)

dalat hotel-binh an village corridor

The corridors are decorated with fresh trees and flowers (Instagram/diapatte)

dalat hotel-binh an village space

A romantic corner at night (Instagram/vincentlevu)

Lowest price: ~115 USD.

Highest price: ~1025 USD.

Address: Ward 4, Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat.

2. Ana Mandara Villas

Ana Mandara– a hotel in Dalat Vietnam, consists of 17 villas to meet the needs of family. Each villa has 3 to 5 bedrooms and a common room. The resort is particularly suitable for those who love vintage style.

dalat hotel-Ana Mandra hotel

Ana Mandra Villas from outside at night (afamily)

In addition to luxury and courteous accommodation, you and your family can organize meals and campfire. Get the feeling of having lunch by the bank of Tuyen Lam Lake and ẹnjoy the wind and sunlight of the highland.

dalat hotel-Ana Mandra room

Rooms here have quite simple but impressive design (joshnabreidenbach)

If you think that you cannot swim in hotels in Dalat Vietnam due to cold weather, it is not true. This is the only resort with an outdoor pool having warm water of Dalat Hotel Viet Nam. Water’s temperature is always maintained at 28 to 30 degrees.

dalat hotel-Ana Mandra bath room

An unique bathroom (Instagram/kanit 39)

dalat hotel-Ana Mandra room

People can relax by the outdoor pool (angelahennessy)

Lowest price: 88 USD.                      

Highest price: 115 USD.

Address: Le Lai Street, Ward 5, Da Lat.

3. Terracotta Hotel & Resort

dalat hotel-Terracotta

Modern look of the hotel (afamily)

As a 4-star hotel in Dalat Viet Nam, Terracottaa attracts families by not only romantic but also very modern style. Plus point of this Dalat hotel Viet Nam is that it is very large and the block is surrounded by green tree which create cool atmosphere.

dalat hotel-Terracotta road

The road is brightened in sunshine (Instagram/lucetsai)

The best selection for families to both save money and have luxury room is to hire a villa. So you will have 4 bedrooms, a common room, kitchen and dining room. If you don’t care about cooking, you can book an ordinary room.

dalat hotel-Terracotta room

You can find private and peaceful moments in rooms with spacious view like that (fickleticks)

The hotel is not near the center of Dalat but it has buses moving to Dalat market that is convenient for traveling and sight-seeing. Besides, this resort Dalat Viet Nam also has playground specialized for kids, or you can rent self-drive electric cars to move around the resort.

Lowest price: 44 USD.

Highest price: 59 USD.

Address: Tourist area of Tuyen Lam Lake, Ward 3, Dalat.

4. Terrasse Des Roses

dalat hotel-Terrasse Des Rose

The space is full of fresh green color of trees (vanspeaks)

This place is pretty and small, matching the style of Dalat. Its price is also a lot softer than 4 and 5 –star hotels, Terrasse Des Roses is a remarkable Dalat hotel to families.

dalat hotel-Terrasse Des Rose outside

Flowers are placed everywhere (hahahawhattttt)

dalat hotel-Terrasse Des Rose room

Modern interior (hahahawhattttt)

Rooms here are not too large but super cute, cozy and fully furnished inside. The outside is the wooden chairs, the lovely flower pots. For the family room, there is a kitchen and living room inside which makes you feel as comfortable as your home.

dalat hotel-Terrasse Des Roses meal

A delicious European meal in the morning (Instagram/twivi)

Lowest price: 39 USD.

Highest price: 68 USD.

Address: 35 Cao Ba Quat (135 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh), Dalat.

5. Zen Valley Dalat

Zen Valley Dalat is a Dalat hotel with romantic highland scenery. It is a 2 km from Dalat Flower Park, 3.5km from Dalat market, and 4.5 km from Xuan Huong Lake, 30km far away from Lien Khuong airport. The distance is not close but this hotel has extremely warm living spaces with wood-paneled rooms surrounded by green trees and beautiful flowers.

dalat hotel-Zen Valley Dalat

Zen Valley Dalat has dreaming and romantic beauty of highland (afamily)

dalat hotel-Zen Valley Dalat poeple

Utilities are very simple but bring a feeling of closeness (Instagram/margozhuravleva)

One special feature of this hotel is that it has private bungalows which are very lovely. If you like an attic, a space with woody scent, Zen Valley Dalat is the best choice, especially bungalows for families with the area of 50 square kilometers and two large and comfortable beds.

dalat hotel-Zen Valley Dalat meal

How wonderful it is when being awake and eating a tasty breakfast like this (22sunday)

dalat hotel-Zen Valley Dalat interior

Interior is designed in classical style with the main color of brown and white (afamily)

dalat hotel-Zen Valley Dalat nice interior

Modern bathroom with full equipment (afamily)

Lowest price: 34 VND.

Highest price: 55 VND.

Address: 38 Khe Sanh, Ward 10, Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat.

These are one of the best hotels in Dalat and we hope that you will have a wonderful vacation.

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