Coming to Hoi An, you must visit these Hoi An cafes!

Coming to Hoi An, you must visit these Hoi An cafes!

28-01-2017 11:36 Posted by: Thao Tran
Best cafes in Hoi An that are so nice and special for anyone to visit at least once. See to know how Hoi An cafes look like.

Hoi An attracts tourists not only for its charming scenery and cheap yet delicious street foods, but also for Hoi An cafes.

1. Reaching Out - Wooden blocks, Vietnamese tea and quiet paradise

131 Tran Phu Street

Reaching Out is designed with Vietnamese architecture before the 20th century. The coffee shop is equipped with Vietnamese classic furniture and decoration. You can choose a small table in the corner of the shop or find a table at the backyard to enjoy the romance of golden wall and baskets of climbing plants.

hoi an cafe-reaching out tea

The quiet and peaceful space in Reaching Out (instagram/brentbv)

Although this is a Hoi An cafe, Vietnamese tea is a very favorite drink here. Everyone enjoys the fragrance of tea flying in the wind. Along with tea, the shop also serves various types of cakes and jams, so you can make a delicate and subtle tea party.

hoi an cafe-reaching out tea pots and cups

The tea pots and cups at Reaching Out (instagram/seb_belair)

Wooden blocks also attract tourists at Reaching Out. This is the way you communicate and make orders to the staffs who are dumb or deaf. Thanks to this, Reaching Out is a paradise of tranquility where you can sympathize with unfortunate fates and enjoy absolute harmony with nature.

hoi an cafe-reaching out a tea set

The tea set is fine and old (afamily) 

hoi an cafe-reaching out o long tea

Good cookies go with aromatic tea (afamily)​

2. Mango Rooms – A journey to colorful world

111 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street

Hoi An is small, but Mango has a airy large space with unique architecture along the bank of Hoai River.

hoi an cafe-mango rooms colorful design

The cafe is designed very colorful (afamily)

Going to Mango, you’ll seem to start a journey to colorful world. Every set of tables and chairs, backrest pillows, or a ceiling fan, etc. are extremely colorful and eye-catching. Compared to the classic space in other Hoi An cafes, Mango is indeed “rebellious”.

hoi an cafe-mango rooms a beautiful corner
A beautiful corner at Mango Rooms (instagram/rene_leen)

Mango has two fronts, one facing the street, the other facing river with two slightly different styles. The front facing street is kind of “bold”, meanwhile the front facing river is more bright, where tourists are preferred.

hoi an cafe-mango rooms particular drinks

The drinks here are also particular (afamily)

Although foods or beverages in Mango are quite expensive (about over 5 USD), many tourists still love this place. Moreover, you can sit here all day without fear of receiving less positive attitude from staffs. It's also an advantage point of Mango that helps it become one of the best cafes in Hoi An.

hoi an cafe-mango rooms see hoai river

You can see Hoai river in this café balcony (instagram/afewsparks)

3. Cargo – A modern and elegant space in the old town

107 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street

Cargo, in comparison with Reaching Out or Mango Rooms, is much younger, so it is understandable why this place is designed modernly yet no less elegant.

hoi an cafe-cargo vintage and classical

Cargo architecture is classical and vintage (instagram/mayandtravel)

Although it has appeared for not long, Cargo has quickly become famous thanks to its modern and trendy white decoration and impressive menu with reasonable prices.

hoi an cafe-cargo inside

The inside look of Cargo (facebook/Hoian Review)

The menu at Cargo is a long list of cakes, ice cream and exquisite drinks. You cannot ignore delicious baby pavlova cakes served with fresh cream and perfect lemon sauce, full-taste sorbet cream, or a cup of well-mixed capuccino.

hoi an cafe-cargo food

You can enjoy food from West to East (instagram/speedygonzales17)

As the diversity of Vietnam travel services, beside European dishes, Cargo also serves familiar dishes in Hoi An such as Cao lau, Quang noodles, chicken rice, etc. But whatever the foods or drinks you choose, you will be easy to fall in love with Cargo thanks to the comfort and modern space of this Hoi An cafe.

hoi an cafe-cargo delicious food

One of the delicious foods in Cargo (instagram/nga_ngo2029)

4. Chef Restaurant – Sightseeing Hoi An from rooftop

166 Tran Phu

This is a relatively new place for those who are familiar with ancient one-floor houses with red tile roofs. Actually, Chef Restaurant is a restaurant, but there is a rich list of drinks here. You can choose this Hoi An cafe to enjoy the morning coffee.

hoi an cafe-paper flower

Paper flowers highlight the terrace (afamily)

From the second floor, you can have a panoramic view of the ancient town. If you are in love with Hoi An and enjoy exploring photography spots, you shouldn’t ignore this interesting old house.

hoi an cafe-chef restaurant

A new experience of Hoi An from above (Trip Advisor)

hoi an cafe-chef restaurant above

Enjoy exploring photography spots (afamily)

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