Can’t resist these Hoi An hotels that are so nice to live in

Can’t resist these Hoi An hotels that are so nice to live in

19-01-2017 11:46 Posted by: Thao Tran
It’s not hard to find beautiful hotels in Hoi An ancient town, Vietnam. You’ll love all of them at first sight.

For Western tourists or Vietnamese tourists, Hoi An will always be hot because of its beauty and peace with cheap food and lovely people.

Another thing makes people love Hoi An is that there are so many beautiful hotels here. You will surely want to visit these Hoi An hotels all the time.

1. Maison Vy

Maison Vy may be one of the most checked-in hotels in Hoi An ancient town. The reason is very simple. Its decoration is so cute and beautiful!

hoi an hotel-maison vy

One of the most checked-in hotels is Maison Vy with the harmony decoration (nguyetphuong)

The most familiar and easiest to recognize the trait of Maison Vy is the yard between two blocks with classic wooden tables and chairs.

hoi an hotel-maison vy small garden

The small garden at the hotel is easily recognized (pinkeely)

It was just built in 2015, but tourists who want to sight-see and feel Hoi An best just come to this Hoi An hotel because it’s the best choice!

hoi an hotel-lovely space at maison vy

With many lovely space and decoration at Maison Vy (xxannaxx)

hoi an hotel-maison vy pretty stairs

A corner of the stairs is also pretty nice (jawanheah)

It is located in a convenient position, just 700 meters to Trieu Chau Assembly Hall and 1.5km to the downtown. Even you come to Hoi An for a trip or business, Maison is still the good choice. The modern mixed with vintage design at this hotel makes every tourist pleasant and excited.

hoi an hotel-maison vy swimming pool

A swimming pool at Maison Vy (xxannaxx)

Price: Over 91 USD/room/night.

2. Heron House

Heron House is a quiet place and it is very suitable for those who want to hide from the town! Though the location is a bit difficult to find out, Heron House will give you a real private place.

hoi an hotel-heron house

The quiet space in Heron House (heronhouse_hoian)

Rooms in Heron House are really big and full equipped. The rooms are arranged and designed fine and irreducibly but they are very harmony.

hoi an hotel-heron house peaceful inside

All the design and decoration make this hotel look peaceful (trangjan)

Heron House has a wide and airy deck where tourists can sit at the tables and chairs to enjoy the view. There is a vast farm in front of the hotel.

hoi an hotel-swimming pool at heron house

The swimming pool and other services here are also very good (quangvinh)

This Hoi An hotel makes you feel peaceful and throw away all stress outside once you walk in.

Price: about 118 USD/Deluxe Suite room/ night (including breakfasts).

3. Maison De Tau

This is the place that many tourists came and left the lovely note “I found my home in Hoi An”.

hoi an hotel-maison de tau

A friendly corner at Maison De Tau(tranquockhoinguyen)

hoi an hotel-maison de tau green spaces

Some green spaces at Maison De Tau (duong quynh)

The trees here are green and everywhere. After walking through a green garden, you will come in hotel rooms. The room is designed fine with a big bed, lovely sheet, simple but pretty bathroom.

hoi an hotel-warm and friendly maison de tau

The room is small and friendly and warm (duckiescorpie)

hoi an hotel-kitchen maison de tau

The kitchen at Maison De Tau (couleur221)

Maison De Tau is just peaceful and friendly like your home. It is great and reasonable to stay and rest at one of the best hotels in Hoi An, Vietnam like Maison De Tau.

hoi an hotel-maison de tau bathroom

The bathroom at Maison De Tau (phancanhchung)

Price: 9 USD/person/ night.

4. Hotel Royal Hoi An Mgallery

The whole high building is painted with white and yellow that make Hotel Royal Hoi An easy to stand out. Maybe we don’t need to comment much about the rooms or the comforts here because the hotel deserves the best stop place in Hoi An through all good reviews from tourists. 

hoi an hotel-royal

The most checked-in view at Hotel Royal Hoi An(beautifulhotels)

hoi an hotel-royal swimming pool

Another view at the beautiful swimming pool (louisedeutsher)

The most checked-in view at Hotel Royal Hoi An is the lovely and modern swimming pool. From the high, the stone pavement of the pool and the bright umbrellas around the pool give us an interesting scene.

hoi an hotel-royal luxury bedroom

Inside the luxury hotel at the bedroom (mgalleryhoian)

Hotel Royal Hoi An is convenient for you to rest and visit other tourist attractions in Hoi An because it is one of hotels in Hoi An town centre.

Price: 136 – 172 USD/ room/ night.

5. La Residencia Luxury Boutique Hotel

This is one of the hotels in Hoi An old town which is the combination between modern Western architecture and classic charming trait.

hoi an hotel-residencia luxury lanterns at night

The lanterns are hanging out of the hotel at night (fonsx)

This place reminds us of historical and cultural old town. You can feel peaceful, friendly and comfortable right as you walk into it.

hoi an hotel-residencia boutique restaurant

Enjoy the meal at La Residencia Luxury Boutique restaurant (feelingfeeling)

hoi an hotel-residencia luxury boutique bedroom

Bedroom decoration at La Residencia Luxury Boutique Hotel (diddmighk)

Beside good Vietnam travel services, each room has different decoration and arrangement that will not make any tourist disappointed.

hoi an hotel-residencia lovely peaceful corner

A lovely peaceful corner at the hotel (beinxnxle)

hoi an hotel-la residencia balcony

The view from balcony at La Residencia (Ảnh: jeehyunkkk)

The lowest price: 50 USD/ room.

6. Vinh Hung Library Hotel

Compare with the other hotels in Hoi An ancient town, Vinh Hung Library Hotel was built a bit earlier. However, it is much more beautiful after the restoration in 2014.

hoi an hotel-vinh hung library

A coffee shop at Vinh Hung Library Hotel (megustascoffee)

Just like its name, the hotel has a lot of books even bedrooms have small book shelves too. Therefore, book addicts will actually fall in love with this place.

hoi an hotel-vinh hung hotel books

You can enjoy reading books here (camiller001)

Vinh Hung Library Hotel has a special vintage design which makes tourists enamoured at the first time and many lovely selfie photos are taken.

hoi an hotel-vinh hung hotel swimming

Or go swimming under the sun (camiller001)

The bedrooms here also have unique design that both foreign tourists and local tourists are very satisfied with.

hoi an hotel-vinh hung hotel bedroom

Then rest in the room with lovely decoration (quynhem)

hoi an hotel-vinh hung rooms

You can also enjoy the books at your room(libra.bobo)

hoi an hotel-vinh hung hotel drinks

Or go out and have some hot or cold drinks (hypebeyst)

hoi an hotel-vinh hung classic and vintage decoration

The decoration is quite classic and vintage (enewboe)

Price: About 68 USD/ room.

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