Awesome Homestays in Hanoi – Be Like Home and So Romantic!

Awesome Homestays in Hanoi – Be Like Home and So Romantic!

19-12-2016 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
These pretty Hanoi family homestays (Vietnam) will make you feel peaceful and be like home with so romantic and antique atmosphere.

Recommended Hanoi tourist homestays where are too nice to live in, perfect for couples or families with the desire of romantic and antique feeling:

1. Lacaito

2, Da Tuong Alley, Da Tuong Street, Hanoi.

Lacaito is a small apartment within the French villas on Da Tuong Street and available for your homestay in Hanoi. The apartment was redesigned and redecorated by a group of young people.

homestay hanoi-lacaito

Cozy, simple but modern space in Lacaito (Facebook Lacaito)

It only has a bedroom, a kitchen and a balcony, yet full of comforts, therefore, tenants here always feel like they’re at home.

homestay hanoi-lacaito flower

It has quiet corners like this to enjoy a book (thepandaflavor)

Despite its more modern style decoration after having improvement, the space of this homestay Hanoi still brings tenants with feeling of closeness and rusticity thanks to the use of furniture made of wood, bamboo and rattan.

homestay hanoi-lacaito corner

The interior is mostly made of bamboo and rattan (Facebook Lacaito)

Moreover, its eye-catching patterned tiles will remind you of antique old French villas in Hanoi in the past.

homestay hanoi-lacaito living room

The living room still remains the natural and simple French style from the past (Foody)

It’s great that this homestay, Hanoi has a small garden on the balcony with a table, so you can work or set up a weekend party with friends. At Lacaito, you will enjoy a peaceful space and slowly rhythm of life amidst rushed lifestyle of the people in the Old Quarter.

homestay hanoi-lacaito bulb

Just lying all day to relax after hours of hard working. The main color is brown which brings the cozy feeling (reno.erin1750)

Lacaito is available from 900.000 to 1.200.000 VND/day (~40-55 USD) for maximum of 4 people. 

2. Le Bleu Art decor loft  (House In Hamlet)

Le Bleu Art decor loft is on the 3rd floor of an old French villa in the middle of Tran Hung Dao Street. The homestay is impressed by all the backpackers from both Vietnam and foreign countries and becomes one of should-stay Vietnam tourist places when visiting Hanoi.

homestay hanoi-lebleu

This is a very typical living room of Western house in a homestay hanoi (lebleu_homestay)

The bedroom of this Hanoi’s tourist homestay is so creative because it takes advantage of an attic loft – the space that most Vietnamese people often waste in their home.

homestay hanoi-lebleu bed

Good dream is waiting for you with this soft and warm bed (Facebook LeBleu)

The living room of the homestay brings people with a cozy atmosphere by an old fireplace and a rustic brown sofa. It has a small kitchen full of equipment with the highlight of blue tone.

homestay hanoi-lebleu girl

A small and cozy corner of Lebleu (lebleu_homestay)

homestay hanoi-lebleu table

Who don't want to work at such aninspired space like that? (lebleu_homestay)

The most special feature that makes tenants love this homestay in Hanoi, Vietnam is the garden in front of the kitchen entrance with simple tile floor under shady green ornamental trees. Amidst the crowded Old Quarter, it’s worth spending time in this place to enjoy your slowly lifetime.

homestay hanoi-lebleu garden

The garden of this homestay in hanoi has full of fresh green and bright sunlight (lebleu_homestay)

Rent for this awesome homestay of Hanoi is about 1.000.000 VND (~ 44 USD) for 2 people. The apartment is available for maximum 4 people.

3. Le Bleu Indie Apartment  

23, Tong Dan Street, Hanoi.

Larger than Le Bleu Art decor loft, Le Bleu Indie has 2 bedrooms that can enjoy sunshine thanks to large windows.

homestay hanoi-lebleu indie

The bed is decorated with an impressive tone of blue (FaceboolLebleu)

The simple decor of wooden chairs, bamboo table, or the brocade-motif tapestry, tenants will impress with the apartment at first sight.

The space decor and the making good use of the old items here also make you feel of a peaceful countryside.

homestay hanoi-lebleu indie corner

The interior is totally “ton-sur-ton” in this homestay in Hanoi (Facebook Lebleu)

Also functioning as a Hanoi family homestay, you may have chances to meet a couple of new friends from other countries at Le Bleu Indie. And you and they can cook, sip a cup of tea and chat about all sorts of things together.

homestay hanoi-lebleu indie space

Appliances with colorful patterns highlight the room (Facebook Lebleu)

homestay hanoi-lebeu indie tree

This bird cage is a creative idea of decoration (Facebook Lebleu)

homestay hanoi-lebeu indie table

The comfortable and peaceful state of enjoying a cup of hot tea makes people want to stay here forever (Facebook Lebleu)

It is very convenient for travelers to stay at Le Bleu Indie to visit Hanoi's Old Quarter. You possibly walk to Hoan Kiem Lake to welcome the morning sunshine or wander around and enjoy egg coffee at the well-known Dinh cafe nearby.

Le Bleu Indie rental price ranges from 900,000 VND/ day (~39 USD) for 2 people.

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