Vietnam travel tips any tourists shouldn’t ignore

Vietnam travel tips any tourists shouldn’t ignore

15-11-2016 08:09 Posted by: Thao Tran
Some useful Vietnam travel tips and advice are essential for any tourists to know before visiting this beautiful country.

You may not have a complete holiday in Vietnam if you ignore some following useful Vietnam travel advice:

1. Make your passport valid for at least 6 month

It’s necessary to make sure that your passport validity is at least 6 months from the time you arrive in Vietnam. You even will be denied entry if your passport is valid only for more than 5 months.

Vietnam travel tips: Passports must be valid for at least 6 months

Passports must be valid for at least 6 months (Internet)

2. Save emergency phone number in Vietnam for urgent situations

113: Police team – Quick response.

114: Fire emergency or the need for rescue.

115: Medical emergency.

1800 1567: Detecting cases of violence against children, women, or family violence.

3. Buy SIM, phone card in Vietnam

Among Vietnam travel tips, once at the airport, you should buy a Vietnam SIM card for easy contact with people in need. Sim and phone cards are sold in many phone shops or convenience stores in Vietnam. Some popular mobile providers in Vietnam are Mobifone, Vietel, Vinaphone, ect.

Free wifi is available in most hotels, cafes, restaurants so if you want to connect to internet, just spend a small purchase for coffee; or you may register a cheap 3G package of your mobile provider to get internet everywhere, see map and find restaurants.

Vietnam travel tips: Buy a SIM card in Vietnam

Buy a SIM card in Vietnam (Internet)

4. Check carefully denomination

1 USD is equivalent to nearly 22.000 VND. You should remember this rate to use money correctly. On the other hand, Vietnam's currency denomination is quite diverse; some denominations having similar look may make you confused. For example, 20.000 sheet’s color is green pretty like 500.000 sheet’s color.

Vietnam travel tips: Check carefully denomination

Check carefully denomination (Internet)

Carefully check each denomination before use. The trick for you is to remember the color of each denomination.

5. Bring a paper map or use map on your smartphone

Map is an indispensable item for tourists in travelling to Vietnam tips. If possible, mark spots you have passed and the next itinerary on the map to ensure you are in a right path.

6. Prepare for the weather

Vietnam climate is tropical, so it is very hot in summer, you should prepare appropriate clothes such as T-shirts, dresses, glasses, etc. Besides, the winter of Northern Vietnam is very cold, so thick jackets are essential. Take a look at Vietnam travel news and the weather forecast before you leave. If you travel in Ho Chi Minh City, you’d better carry an umbrella because of quite erratic weather here.

Vietnam travel tips: Prepare appropriate clothes for the weather

Prepare appropriate clothes for the weather (Internet)

7. Be careful with taxis

There are taxis unregistered business certificate with authorities. You may meet such taxis at airports and stations. These taxis charge a lot more expensive than normal, or they drive around to get more money.

Therefore, to limit “fake” taxis, one of Vietnam travel tips is to ask hotel receptionists to call a trusty taxi.

8. Avoid shopping with high price

Many foreign visitors to Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City, become "preys" for groups of people offering goods and forcing tourists to buy with excessively high prices.

Therefore, to avoid losing money and getting frustrated, Vietnam travel advice for you is to stay away cleverly invitations from the solicitation of street vendors. But actually, there are still good vendors who don’t force you to buy in any cost and have some nice things you can buy.

9. Keep your belongings carefully to avoid pickpockets

The risk of meeting pickpockets or bag snatchers possibly happens anywhere in the world. Therefore, visitors shouldn’t leave important items and values ​​such as your phones, wallet, passport, etc. in backpacks, handbags or pockets because stealers will pick or slit your pocket when you are reckless.

Vietnam travel tips: Keep property carefully

Keep property carefully (Internet)

There are some tips for travelling to Vietnam safely. You should leave important items in a bag with zipper and wear it in front of your chest to be always in your sight, especially keep personal belongings carefully at crowded places.

Moreover, you shouldn’t listen to cell phone or take pictures (especially using cell phones or compact cameras) on the street to avoid snatch.

10. Be calm while crossing streets

A lot of foreign tourists don’t dare cross streets when they see too many vehicles, especially motorcycles on the road. To overcome this challenge, you just need to slowly move forward, keep steady paces and not hesitate, stop, use phone or see map when crossing roads. Traffic lines will automatically adjust to you.

Vietnam travel tips: Ask someone to go through roads together

Ask someone to go through roads together (Internet)

If you really cannot cross the street alone, some recommended Vietnam travel tips are to ask someone to go through roads with you, so it is easier and more secure. You also should follow the guidance of your company tour when traveling on roads in Vietnam.

11. Have caution of eating dog and cat meat

In some parts of Vietnam, dogs and cats are used as food. Guests may easily eat dog and cat meat without notice.

Therefore, you can learn Vietnam tips for tourists: ask waiters about food ingredients if you suspect it is dog or cat meat. In Vietnamese, dog meat is "thịt chó" or "cầy tơ", cat meat is “thịt mèo” or “tiểu hổ”. Ideally, remember these words to be able to realize them on signs of stores.

Hope these travel Vietnam tips will help you have a great holiday in the S-shaped country with a lot of beautiful landscapes and great food.