Sapa weather: Best time to visit Sapa, Vietnam?

Sapa weather: Best time to visit Sapa, Vietnam?

11-02-2017 11:46 Posted by: Thao Tran
Sapa, Vietnam is a typically famous tourist spot in the country. What is the best time of year to visit Sapa? Get your answer in this post.

Sapa is a very well-known tourist place with its unique characteristics among Vietnam tourism destinations. It is really hard to choose the best time to visit Sapa because in each of 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter), Sapa attracts tourists with its unique different beauty.

sapa weather-mist clouds

Sa Pa is a land of mist clouds (Ha Son)

Mother Nature has blessed Sapa with pleasant weather like weather in western countries. So every single season is always the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam for backpackers because each season offers tourists with distinct beauty that cannot be seen in other destinations.

sapa weather-winter

Winter in Sapa is so special (Huy Truong)

In summer, unlike hot weather in plains and coastal areas of Vietnam, Sapa is pretty cool. At this time, Sapa weather changes magically when a day has enough characteristics of four seasons: spring and autumn in the morning and afternoon, summer at noon with slight sunlight and the evening is the time for winter.

sapa weather-summer

Sapa sunshine (Matt Quinton)

In winter, Sapa is cold with haze and fog, temperature is sometimes below 0°C. In some years, houses’ yards and pathways in Sapa are covered by dense snowflakes.

sapa weather-nice time

Sapa - a beautiful town of upland (thaitran123)

As important travel news in Vietnam, there is a note of Sapa weather for backpackers: Rainy season in Sapa lasts from May to August, so remember to bring warm items and rain coats.

sapa weather-rainy season

Rainy season in Sapa lasts from May to August (instagram/stefanistic)

When is the best time of year to visit Sapa, Vietnam?

In every season, Sapa always owns the beauty of the highland, but perhaps Sapa is in its most gorgeous beauty during the period from March to May or from September to December.

From March to May

This is the busiest time of Sapa because at this time Sapa Vietnam weather is extremely suitable for vacations with cool weather. In addition, at this time Sapa is full of flowers and local residents start a new cultivation period on their terraced fields that make Sapa look like a paradise on Earth.

sapa weather-flowers

Sapa is full of flowers at this time (tourdulichsapa)

sapa weather-sunshine

Slight sunshine makes this town so bright (tourdulichsapa)

From the end of August to the begining of September

Sapa is very beautiful with ripen paddy terrace fields. Tourists traveling there at this time will definitely fall in love with this yellow coat that embraces gently the hills of beautiful Sapa. This is also another Sapa best time to visit.

sapa weather-ripen terraced fields

 Sapa is very beautiful with ripen paddy terrace fields (wikitravel)

December to February of the following year

Sapa is extremely cold. Snowflakes cover every piece of Sapa land. Regardless of the tough Sapa weather Vietnam, the romantic scene in the winter with snow dropping in a tropical country in combination with blooming peach flowers will offer you with endless love for this place.

sapa weather-snow

Sowflakes cover every piece of Sapa land in winter (tinmoi)

sapa weather-peach flowers

Blooming peach flowers are so eye-catching in Sapa (tourdulichsapa)

sapa weather-nice peach flowers

You can make amazing photo in this period of time in Sapa (tourdulichsapa)

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