Learn about Hanoi weather in December to have a great trip

Learn about Hanoi weather in December to have a great trip

17-11-2016 08:01 Posted by: Thao Tran
Know about Hanoi weather in December to prepare your trip in a great way and enjoy a unique winter of the capital.

Hanoi weather in December

Hanoi weather in December (Internet)

The coldest period of time in the winter of Hanoi is from December to February. November seems to be the beginning time of Hanoi’s winter when the temperature may begin decreasing slightly, then it goes on falling down further in December.

The highest temperature during daytime is usually only at 17-20oC while it is about 13-15oC at night.   

In early morning, it is 15-17oC; the temperature often rises at 27-28oC at noon (sunny) or 23-25oC (drizzle).

It is sunny with dry wind and low temperature after a few days, fog appears in the morning and afternoon, and then Hanoi weather has drizzling rain and cold wind again.

Whether Hanoi weather in December is pleasant or rain, people should wear warm clothes, gloves, scarves, and warm shoes when going out. Besides, a mask is necessary to avoid inflammation throat and pneumonia.

Keep warm with Hanoi weather in December

Keep warm with Hanoi weather in December (Internet)

On some days, it is just 9-10oC. Many ones start a fire for heating on some streets at this time. Merchants begin importing warm clothes for selling. At every weekend, many Hanoi people go shopping for warm clothes in fashionable shops or second hand clothing markets.

Therefore, if you travel to Vietnam, particularly Hanoi at this time, keep a watch on Vietnam travel news and bring a few sets of warm clothes to against Hanoi weather in December. Maybe it is not as cold as the weather in your country.

 The number of cold days with decreased temperatures and drizzling rain will be more than the number of beautiful sunny days. Christmas days are said to be the coldest days in December.

There is one thing you should keep in mind that while the weather in December of Hanoi Vietnam is very cold, it is still hot in Saigon and Southern Vietnam, the temperature maintains high at about 27-30oC. 

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