Ho Chi Minh weather: What is the best time for a trip?

Ho Chi Minh weather: What is the best time for a trip?

29-12-2016 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
Know about Ho Chi Minh rainy season and dry season to prepare well and have a good time in this so interesting city.

Someone makes comparison that Saigon is like a “16-year-old erratic girl” who is often cheerful with a sunshine smile, then suddenly sulky with rushing rain, and Saigonese get used to pampering her.

Unlike Hanoi capital with four seasons, there are two distinctive Ho Chi Minh City seasons: dry season and rainy season. And we’ll tell you basic information of Ho Chi Minh weather, then you can plan your trip better. 

1. Ho Chi Minh rainy season

As known as the monsoon season, it lasts from May to November with high humidity and lots of rain (about150 rainy days annually).

ho chi minh weather-rain people

Walking under the rain is somehow a wonderful memory of childhood (Doan Quang)

During that time, it rains heavily every afternoon but the rain disappears quickly. You even sometimes can see sunshine and rain at the same time, meanwhile the sky is still blue.    

ho chi minh weather-bicycle

It is a harmony of time that goes with us through dry and rain season (btripvn)

An important thing you should do is to bring your raincoat for unfortunate tropical downpour. Specially, extreme tide can appear in October that may lead to severe flood, therefore, you’d better prepare wellington boots as well as water-proof backpack to prevent from such ho chi minh weather.

ho chi minh weather-rainy season

The rain seems to slow down the bustling of SaiGon (Huynh Thu)

ho chi minh weather-rain street

And makes us see other quiet Saigon apart from busy life (btripvn)

ho chi minh weather-rain drop

Some people said that watching rain dropping is a way to release stress (btripvn)

2. Ho Chi Minh dry season

This season starts in December and ends in April nearly without rain. During the period, the temperature is around 33°C. The peak is about 39°C at noontime in April while the lowest might be 16°C in the early mornings of December.

Humidity is moderate in December and starts decreasing from January to April. So you can escape from Saigon’s sticky weather when you travel during this time.

ho chi minh weather-weather street

Yellow flowers become a feature of Ho Chi Minh dry season (Kenh14)

ho chi minh weather-flower

They are easily fallen just by tiny wind (Kenh14)

ho chi minh weather-street

The road is brightened and more charming with the tree having full of blossom yeallow flower (Kenh14)

ho chi minh weather-sunlight

Saigon is radiant under the sunlight (Doan Quang)

ho chi minh weather-people

A quiet corner of bustling Saigon (Demicat)

ho chi minh weather-vendor

People can work conveniently in dry season (Demicat)

3. What is the best time for a trip to Saigon?

Since rainy season may be an obstacle of ho chi minh weather by a lot of rain, dry season seems to be the best time to visit this interesting city.

ho chi minh weather-chair

Rows of stone chairs in a sunny morning (Demicat)

Moreover, you may have chance to join attractive occasions with local people in dry season. Those are Christmas and Tet festival (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) which often occurs in late January or early February.

At Christmas, streets as well as hotels in the center are decorated colorfully, people hang out and sales off happen at all kinds of shops. 

On Tet holiday, most of stores are closed and air tickets will be booked fully (you should read Vietnam travel news often when you plan to visit there).  Moreover, accommodation costs are more expensive than as usual.

ho chi minh weather-binh dong

Sunset at flower market on Binh Dong wharf before Tet 

However, Tet is an exciting holiday in Saigon, so it’s worth traveling at this time in case your budget is decent.  

ho chi minh weather-tet

A foreign family enjoys Tet in Vietnam (thanhnien)

Although dry season is a common choice, you still can benefit from rainy season because there are some national holidays in this time like Vietnam Reunification Day (30th April), May Day (1st May) and Vietnam National Day (2nd September). So you will see people coming in and out of the city and the prices of accommodation seem to be cheaper.

ho chi minh weather-weather rain

Rainy season in Saigon inspires any professional photographers (btripvn)

ho chi minh weather-umbrella

It is romantic and emotional to be in the rain like a love story (btripvn)

In brief, for comfortable ho chi minh weather climate, visit the city during dry season, and if you’d like to save your budget and hook on sales, then Ho Chi Minh rainy season is ready for you.

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