Top famous Dalat foods unique enough for anyone to try

Top famous Dalat foods unique enough for anyone to try

02-03-2017 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
Try these special foods in Dalat when coming to the city of love and surely you won't be regretful because thay are so unique and tasty!

Dalat is a very famous city in Vietnam known not only for its romantic scenery but also for many tasty dishes making a strong impression to tourists.

Discover 10 must-try dishes when coming to the flower city!

1. Banh can (Can cake)

Banh can is made from rice flour and poured into many small moulds made from terra-cotta. This is a popular Dalat food in South Central Vietnam.

dalat food-can cake

The cake is usually placed in extremely small dishes (Foody)

Beside traditional banh can made of rice flour, there is also banh can made of rice flour and added eggs or quail eggs.

dalat food-can cake with quail

Let’s take a bite of cake with delicious and unique source to enjoy fully the taste of Da Lat cuisine (Foody)

This food is sold every street in Da Lat. The most popular restaurant is Nha Lang slope – on 15 Nguyen Bieu Street.

Nha Lang - 15 Nguyen Bieu.

Price: 15.000 – 30.000 VND/ pack with 5 pairs.

2. Banh uot long ga (Thin rice flour pancake with stir-fried chicken viscera)

dalat food-steam thin rice pancake

Chicken tripes are cooked deliciously and stuffed in the cake (Toplist)

This special pancake is a unique food in Dalat. Steamed thin rice pancake will be served with chicken’s tripe salad, immature eggs, heart, kidney and a special fish sauce. The restaurant selling this food is only open in the afternoon but it is always full of customers. Sometimes you need to wait a little long.

47 Tang Bat Ho street, near Dalat market.

Price: 35.000 VND

3. Bun rieu (Shrimp noodle soup)

Another special food in Dalat is bun rieu. This food is familiar all round Vietnam. But bun rieu in Da Lat has a difference.

dalat food-shrimp noodle soup

When visiting Da Lat, you must try to eat vermicelli and sour crab soup (Toplist)

This Dalat food is made from shrimp and meat and not served with tofu or snails like other places. It will be served with pork ribs or pork feet and pork blood.

The vegetable using with bun rieu is not spinach, they use fresh vegetable cut in small size because there is so much fresh vegetable in Da Lat.

Bun rieu is sold everywhere in Dalat from morning till evening.

Price: 25.000 - 35.000 VND.

4. Fruit ice cream

Fruit ice cream is a popular dessert Dalat food, especially avocado ice cream. Although the weather here is cool all the time, fruit ice cream is still the most chosen by tourists.

dalat food-Fruit ice cream

This is a favorite dish of sweet tooth people (Toplist)

ThanhThao restaurant – Nguyen Van Troistreet

Phung ice cream – 2ndfloor, Da Lat market.

Price: 15.000 – 30.000 VND / one serve (it depends on which fruits you buy or the avocado season)

5. Banh trang nuong (Grilled rice paper with egg – Vietnamese pizza)

In Dalat food, there are many choices that you can make. Some people call this food “Da Lat pizza”.

dalat food-Vietnamese pizza

Vietnamese pizza is waiting for visitors all over the world (Toplist)

When Grilled rice paper firstly appeared, the recipe was quite simple. They just put fat oil and onion onto the rice paper, then grilled and sprinkled spicy red hot chili sauce ontoit.

Nowadays, they also put dried beef, sausages, cheese, eggs, etc. and many things to increase the flavor. And by time, this food is more like pizza.

It is sold every street corner and in Da Lat night market. The most popular shop is at Hoang Dieu street corner.

Price: 5.000 – 20.000 VND.

6. Banh mi xiu mai (Bread with meatballs)

It is hard to understand why Da Lat people really like to eat bread, and the famous kind of bread there must be bread with meatballs.

dalat food-Bread with meatballs

The combination of crunchy bread and salty of meatballs is perfect (Toplist)

This is one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes that people usually have for breakfast. It tastes delicious when chewing a piece of crisp bread mixed with strong flavor of meatballs.

Price: 10.000 – 20.000 VND.

7. Grilled fermented pork rolls

Among famous foods in Dalat, grilled fermented pork rolls in Ba Hung restaurant are written in many travel guide books as a must-visit place.

dalat food-grilled rolls

Vietnam is famous for rolled and stuffed dishes and grilled rolls always worth trying (Toplist)

The restaurant is located in a small road on Chi Lang Street. The meat rolls here are made with harmony flavor and then baked over a brazier. The food is served with rice paper, special vegetables of Da Lat and special sauce. This harmony flavor makes the food unforgettable.

Price: 40.000 VND/ set.

8. Grilled food on tiles

Because the weather is cool and cold, grilled food is very popular in Da Lat. One of favorite Dalat foods is grilled on the tiles.

dalat food-Grilled food on tiles

It is so interesting to gather in a cozy place to taste grilled dishes and hang out with friends (Toplist)

All raw food will be put onto a tile above a brazier. The tile will help to keep the stable temperature to grill food. Fat from food will come out and flow to a bowl put under the brazier through the tile.

You can have many choices of foods to grill: beef, pork, goat meat or different vegetables like okca, eggplant, etc.

Cu Duc restaurant – 6 Nguyen Luong Bang Street.

Price: 20.000 – 70.000 VND/ dish.

9. Xap xap

Xap xap is a cool name to say dried beef salad in Da Lat. The reason why they call this Dalat food with this name is that sellers will use scissors to cut green papaya or dried beef into threads. That action causes the sound “xap xap” (/sʌp/) in Vietnamese.

dalat food-salad

Sweet and sour salad always attracts people (Toplist)

The flavor of “xapxap” is a combination of crispy of papaya, tough of beef, strong taste of sauce, the smell of herbs and spicy of red chili sauce.

Xap xap is sold in many places at Xuan Huong lake.

Price 10.000 – 15.000 VND.

10. Fried corn spring rolls

dalat food-spring rolls

You will never ever forget meaty and delicious taste of this dish (Toplist)

This is a country food from the center of Vietnam and become a quite popular Dalat food. This food is crispy with rolled rice paper with sweet corns inside. Fried corn rolls will be rolled with fresh vegetables and rice papers served with peanut sauce.

Hao restaurant – 70B Bui Thi Xuan Street

Price: 20.000 – 30.000 VND/set

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