Hoi An food tour: Best food in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An food tour: Best food in Hoi An, Vietnam

18-01-2017 11:29 Posted by: Thao Tran
Every corner of Hoi An fascinate tourists by its beauty and Hoi An local food as well. You will love these dishes just at first time.

Hoi An is small in terms of area, yet it contains many interesting stuffs. The own town fascinates visitors with its unique, distinctive traditional dishes.

1. Banh mi (Hoi An Baguette)

Hoi An food tour can start with baguette. It’s worth going to Phuong Baguette shop at 2b Phan Chu Trinh Street and Madam Khanh shop at 115 Tran Cao Van Street, Hoi An.

hoi an food-banh mi

The most delicious baguette in the world (puninnn)

These two baguette shops are rated by domestic and foreign tourists as “the world's finest baguette”.

The stuffing of baguette and salad are diverse and varied. In addition, the most special feature of the two shops that attracts tourists is the esoteric sauce of baguette.

2. Com ga (Hoi An chicken rice)

Hoi An chicken rice is regarded as one of the best foods in Hoi An. Chickens for this dish must be hens with thin skin and tasty meat.

hoi an food-chicken rice

Tasty Hoi An chicken rice (cungphuot.info)

A chicken is boiled up first and then torn down and mixed with onion, fried onion, salt, pepper, chili, laksa leaves and placed on the plate, served with onions, pickled papaya, Tra Que herbs, soy sauce and chili sauce.

In addition, tourists can enjoy chicken together with several other accompanying dishes like salad, grilled pork, etc. but maybe only this famous food in Vietnam is enough to make your perfect meal.

Adress: Ms. Buoi chicken rice (26 Phan Châu Trinh), Ms. Huong chicken rice, etc.

3. Cao Lau (Hoi An noodles with pork and greens)

When it comes to the story of food in Hoi An, Cao Lau is the delicacy that is hard to ignore. The dish dated back from the 17th century.

People who once enjoyed the dish will certainly realize its own unique flavor is mixed from Chinese and Japanese cuisines (like from Japanese Udon cold noodles).

hoi an food-cao lau bowls


However, Hoi An Cao Lau still maintains its unique characteristics of delicious flavors with a special combination of spices and other herbs.

Address: Restaurants on Tran Phu Street like Ba Be shop, Trung Bac, etc.

4. Quang Noodles

One more must-tried Hoi An food is Quang noodles – the traditional dish of Quang Nam province may make tourists confused with Cao Lau.

hoi an food-quang noodles

Quang noodles are loved by many ones  (foody)

However, when you enjoy both dishes, you will find out complete difference between two dishes. Quang noodles are often served with shrimp, pork, quail eggs, fried thin rice paper and accompanying herbs.

Address: Every corner of Hoi An.

5. Banh bao – Banh vac (White rose dumplings)

The combination of many different spices creates delicious stuffing. While banh bao attracts tourists by the flavor of pork and mushrooms, banh vac fascinates them by ground land shrimps mixed with crushed garlic, pepper, etc.

hoi an food-dumplings

Dumplings (camescapes)

Address: Bong Hong Trang restaurant (Nhi Trung Street).

6. Banh xeo (Hoi An crispy crepes)

Crispy crepes – a Hoi An local food – is famous not only for its stuffing of shrimp like some other regions, but also of meat that is extremely tasty.

Hot crepes with seductive aroma will definitely be a favorite dish of many visitors, especially during the rainy season from October to December.

hoi an food-xeo cake

Crispy crepes (giupban)

Address: Ms. Le restaurant (45/51 Tran Hung Dao Street).

7. Hoanh thanh (Hoi An Wontons)

Traveling to Hoi An without eating wontons is definitely regrettable. There are many types of wonton: soup wonton, fried wonton, noodle wonton, etc. Each is also divided into several different categories depending on ingredients such as chicken, shrimp, pork, etc.

hoi an food-hoanh thanh

Hoi an wontons (afamily)    

Address: Van Loc restaurant (Tran Phu Street, 26 Thai Phien Street).

8. Banh beo (Water fern cake)

Jasmine rice, shrimp, pork are main ingredients used to make Hoi An water fern cake. When preparing the dish, people place them into small plates; mix the stuff into little oil, chili sauce and fried onion.

hoi an food-bánh beo

Hoi An water fern cake​s (missbelle16)

Specially, when you enjoy the dish, you will use a bamboo knife to cut the cake. This makes visitors more curious to enjoy it once.

Address: Every corner of Hoi An.

9. Banh dap – Hen xao (Dap cake with stir fried mussels)

You can only enjoy dap cake with mussels in Hoi An. Crispy dap cake with delicious stir fried mussels is an extremely attractive snack among food in Hoi An, Vietnam.

hoi an food-dap cake

Dap cake with mussels (yan)

10. Lotus tea

This is the best street drinking which is the most colorful, aromatic and beautiful for a photo-shot! The cup of tea made from famous lotus tea in Quang Nam is extremely fragrant. Furthermore, the tea picked up in the early morning is mixed with lotus making it pleasant aroma.

hoi an food-tea lotus

Lotus tea (gausquare)

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