9 rustic Vietnamese cakes that you may not find in anywhere

9 rustic Vietnamese cakes that you may not find in anywhere

14-01-2017 16:29 Posted by: Thao Tran
Surely there is more than one Vietnam famous cake that you haven’t eaten before. These unique cakes in Vietnam will be captivating you at the first time.

Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse with many delicacies, among those are delicious cakes with famous flavor from ancient time.

1. Chung Cake/Tet Cake 

Chung cake (square rice cake) - also Tet cake, along with banh day (crushed glutinous cake) is among Vietnamse cakes that are indispensable during the Tet of Vietnam. The square cakes with green, eye-catching phrynium leaves, rounded Tet cakes remind people of a lucky, prosperous New Year. This Vietnamese famous cake is made from glutinous rice, green beans, pork, usually enjoyed with salted onion.

vietnamese cakes-square cake

Chung Cake/Tet Cake (afamily)

2. Moon cake

Baked moon cake and sticky rice moon cake are meaningful gifts for mid-autumn festival. Baked cake is a square cake. There is daisy icon on the surface of the cake that symbolizes of autumn.

Cake is baked into golden-cooked. Sticky rice cake is made of steamed sticky rice with white color, rounded shape. On the surface of the cake there is usually a lotus icon reminding person of summer just left.

vietnamese cakes-mooncake

Mooncake (afamily)

The cake’s filling is diverse from vegetarian, sweet, savory, mixture, etc. Eating moon cakes, drinking tea, enjoying moonlight are of Vietnamese traditional culture.

3. Green rice cake

There are street vendors that sell green rice on every road in Hanoi in autumn, each pocket of green rice flakes are wrapped in fresh lotus leaves. From green rice flakes, people make green rice cakes.

People who are unexpectedly in Hanoi in the autumn want to buy some pairs of green cakes as gifts.

vietnamese cakes-green rice cake

Green rice cake (afamily)

4. Banh tom (Crisp shrimp pastry)

Crisp shrimp pastry in the West Lake is a famous Vietnamese cake in Hanoi enjoyed by many tourists. There are two fried shrimps in every crisp shrimp pastry. Pastries are served with special, unique sweet and sour sauce and salad.

vietnamese cakes-Crisp shrimp pastry

Crisp shrimp pastry (afamily)

5. Banh gai (The glutinous rice cake dyed black in a concoction of leaves)

Cakes, made of glutinous rice flour mixed with herbal black, are the specialty of Hai Duong province.

They are wrapped inside with crushed green beans and sliced coconut, pumpkin jam, lotus seeds. Cakes are covered by dried-up banana leaves, so when you open them up, there will be a special perfume of delicacy among cakes in Vietnam.

vietnamese cakes-banh gai

The glutinous rice cake dyed black in a concoction of leaves (afamily)

6. Banh xeo (Crispy pancake)

As one of popular Vietnamese dishes in the South, crispy pancakes are covered with a layer of yellow powder outside, inside is the shrimp, minced meat, bean sprouts. The cake is rolled as a semicircle, fried in a pan with oil until done to a turn.

vietnamese cakes-Crispy pancake

Crispy pancake (afamily)

7. Banh bo (Steamed rice cake)

Steamed rice cakes are popular in the Central and South of Vietnam. Steamed rice cakes are made from rice flour, water, sugar and yeast. There are several types of steam rice cakes: baked steamed rice cakes, dairy steamed rice cakes and the ones with coconut with different flavors.

vietnamese cakes-Steamed rice cake

Steamed rice cake (afamily)

8. Banh bot loc (Steamed clear tapioca cake)

Among Vietnamese cakes, Banh bot loc is specialty in the Central Vietnam. Cakes are made from tapioca (cassava) or flour.

Cakes are small, rolled into a semicircle. Cakes are clear-looking which can see the filling inside of a bright red peeled shrimp. The newly made cakes sprinkled with a little onion, served with sauce, cilantro will create a kind of mixed flavors that is very interesting.

vietnamese cakes-clear tapioca

Steamed clear tapioca cake (afamily)

9. Banh cuon (Stuffed pancake)

Banh cuon from Thanh Tri District is one of the most famous Vietnamese cakes in Hanoi.

vietnamese cakes-Stuffed pancake

Stuffed pancake (afamily)

Cakes is made from rice flour, coated on a thin layer of fabric stretched across a pot of boiling water, add a little minced meat, finely chopped black fungus, then quickly rolled up. Cakes are mixed by fried onion, is served with sauce and pickles.

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