You’ll be regretful if you miss top things to do in Dalat, Vietnam

You’ll be regretful if you miss top things to do in Dalat, Vietnam

02-03-2017 17:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
You don’t know what to do in Dalat? Just glance at this list of best things to do there to gain a great time.

Among best places to visit in Vietnam, Da Lat city (Lam Dong province) is a distinguished one thanks to its extremely romantic nature and Western-styled architecture.

It is often slightly cold in Dalat with fog covering.

Every year, Dalat attracts millions of tourists to visit. Here are some tips about visiting sites and things to do in Dalat. So enjoy it!

1. Visiting the most famous sights

One of the tops things to do in Dalat is visiting famous lanscapes here. The landscapes in Da Lat are among Vietnam’s most wonderful ones.

things to do in dalat-valley of love

Colorful and bright Valley of Love will make you feel happy anytime (Instagram/Mhanh_)

things to do in dalat-cu lan village

Cu Lan village is a nice place to take beautiful photos (Instagram/luckyboy.lin)

Dalat is blessed with harmonizing climate and beautiful terrains contributing to the wonderful landscapes such as Love Valley, Mong Mo (dream) Hill, Than Tho (sigh) Lake, Cu Lan village, Crazy House, Prenn water fall, etc.

things to do in dalat-crazy house

Crazy House looks like the fairy world in the earth (Instagram/benbenbenben731)

things to do in dalat-Prenn waterfall

Peaceful Prenn waterfall (Instagram/daria_nabokova_)

2. Riding tandem bicycles around Xuan Huong Lake

What do you think about joining with your friends in riding tandem bicycles around the city, admiring beautiful monuments or visiting famous restaurants in Dalat. Tandem bicycles attract many tourists because of its travelling flexibly.

things to do in dalat-bicycle

It's relaxing when going by bicycle around Xuan Huong lake and enjoy fresh air (Instagram/chuchuphung)

So it can be said that riding tandem bicycle is among exciting things to do in Dalat Vietnam.

3. Picking Strawberry at strawberry farms

By visiting strawberry farms in Da Lat, you will have chance not only to take panoramic photographs of these places but also to enjoy fresh strawberries. In addition, you can pick strawberries on your own and bring some as a gift for your loved ones.

things to do in dalat-strawberry

You will have chance to taste fresh strawberry right in the garden! (Instagram/tino.nguyen.520)

Tourist Area of Than Tho Lake - Ho Xuan Huong Street, Ward 10, Da Lat city.

Tourist Area of Love Valley - 7 Mai Anh Dao, Ward 8, Da Lat City.

4. Visiting Dalat night market

This is actually in must things to do in Dalat. You are free to buy typical items of Dalat like dried flowers, atiso tea, sweaters, all kinds of dried foods.

things to do in dalat-night market

A corner of Da Lat night market (ohayTV)

5. Staying in a wonderful homestay

Staying in a city’s homestay is a must-do best things to do in Dalat because this city is a paradise of homestays with hundreds of lovely ones worth checking.

things to do in dalat-homestay

Quiet moment in a small and cozy homestay (afamily)

Beautiful homestays with a unique design on the hillside always bring more excitement than hotels around the city center.

things to do in dalat-homestay corner

Homestays here have extremely nice and spacious views (Instagram/homeofthedreamers)

You will feel as comfortable as at your own house with the kitchen, private corners for reading and most importantly, you will freely go back to your homestays at late night.

things to do in dalat-homestay view

This is the place where you can leave all stresses behind (Instagram/thaolyss)

6. Having a walk around beautiful cafes

If you haven’t known what to do in Dalat yet, enjoying a walk around the beautiful cafes is a good idea. Dalat is the only place in Vietnam where best quality coffee is planted.

things to do in dalat-cafe

Going to café shop and hanging out with friends is a favorite thing of young people in Da Lat(afamily)

Furthermore, the city also owns the most beautiful, high quality cafes that worth your whole morning or afternoon. There are some famous cafes in Dalat, namely La Viet coffee, An coffee, Up bicycle, etc.

things to do in dalat-cafe view

An impressive corner of a coffee shop in Da Lat (Instagram/Iseli1987)

7. Taking photos at “symbols” of Dalat

Dalat has many famous tourist attractions such as atiso and wild sunflowers, Dalat Railway Station, strawberry farms or Youth Cultural center, etc. Let’s come these places to get amazing photos!

things to do in dalat-center

Get memorable photos in Youth Cultural center (Trinh Mai Phương)

things to do in dalat-station

Antique Da Lat station in sunshine (Instagram/Lulu_lucya)

things to do in dalat-wild sunflower

Yellow wild sunflower spreads all over place (Instagram/hanh_lacoste)

8. Experiencing the famous cuisine of Dalat

Dalat is beautiful, of course. Tourists travelling to Dalat are not only hook on its scenery but also its cuisines. So experiencing the famous cuisine is also in the list of things to do in Dalat.

things to do in dalat-grilled food

Grilled food is suitable with chilly weather of Da Lat night(afamily)

Dalat has a long list of must-try sidewalk foods such as soymilk, Can cake, grilled rice paper with egg, etc. Hot dishes are so suitable with cool climate of Dalat that you cannot find this distinguished flavor in any elsewhere in Vietnam.

things to do in dalat-Vietnamese pizza

You must try to taste the delicious “Vietnamese pizza” (afamily)

Most of snacks are often served from 4 pm.

Can cake on Nha Chung Street, grilled rice paper with egg on Hoang Dieu Street, Chicken hot pot on 3/2 Street, etc.

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