What to buy in Sapa, Vietnam after your trip? Know now!

What to buy in Sapa, Vietnam after your trip? Know now!

21-02-2017 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
Know things to buy in Sapa as the best gifts for your family and friends in order not to miss special things that just have in this town.

It cannot be denied that Sapa is a great place to travel in a long list of Vietnam tourist spots. Of course, after you get there, you really want to get something back from Sapa for your family and friends or even your memory. Here are some gifts to buy in Sapa that you can bring home with:

1. Products made from brocade

If you are at Sapa market and wonder what to buy in Sapa, many brocade products are on sale for you to choose. Be careful if you don’t want to buy the textiles from China. Brocade products made by Sapa ethnic people are sewed quite rough, and the color is mixed in harmony and a little dark, not bright like Chinese textiles.

what to buy in sapa-brocade

Brocade products are very popular in Sapa (Thang Nguyen)


1. Lan Rung Brocade stores:

- 2 Fansipan

- 29A Cau May Street

2. Pho nui Sapa

  - 13 Cau May

3. Sapa shop

- 48 Cau May Street

4. Hoang Thao Shop (in the station of Fansipan Legend)

- Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

5. Sapa Hemp

- 19 Cau May

6. Sapa market

2. Sapa thin-top mushroom

When very first rain starts to fall, that is also the season of thin-top mushroom in Sapa. They taste a bit sweet with light smell. So, if you want to find gifts to buy in Sapa, bring home some strings of thin-top mushrooms for your beloved ones as a gift.

what to buy in sapa-mushrooms

Thin-top mushrooms in Sapa are very special (dulichsapa)

If you live in Vietnam, you can buy fresh mushroom. In case you’re not in Vietnam, dried mushroom is the best choice to store and carry easier. Each kilo of Sapa thin-top mushroom costs around 500.000-600.000 VND (~23-27 USD).

Sapa thin-top mushroom is thin with light color. It isn’t like the darker mushroom that we plant. Thin-top mushroom is small and tough with the special smell. You should distinguish it with the one we plant. Sapa maket and the surrounding areas are good places to buy this specialty.

3. Smoked buffalo meat

This food is actually the answer for what to buy in Sapa. It is made from pieces of buffalo fillet. Then they cut the fillet in long dimension, mix with flavor, wild leaves and put them upstairs kitchen to smoke them.

what to buy in sapa-Smoked buffalo meat

Smoked buffalo meat may be a unique gifts for your family and friends (phunutoday)

After 8 months to one year, the meat will be taken down. It has pungent odor because it’s been smoked for long time. But as long as you chew the meat, every bite will taste more and more sweet, spicy and delicious. This special flavor is unforgettable with those who have ever tried it.

what to buy in sapa-delicious smoked buffalo meat

Smoked buffalo meat is delicious (mytour)

Smoked buffalo meat is sold much in Sapa market. It costs about 800.000 to 1.000.000 VND (~36-45 USD) per kilo for the first class buffalo. You can buy this at Cat Cat village or Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai, etc.

4. Docynia indica wine/ San Lung wine

There are two kinds of famous wine in Sapa: docynia indica (a type of apple) wine and San Lung wine. They are made from wild fruits and ferment of wild leaves.

Docynia indica wine are made from docynia indica, that is why it has the special smell of apple with sweet and harsh tastes. San Lung wine is made from the secret ferment of Red Dao ethnic people.

what to buy in sapa-Docynia indica wine

Docynia indica and San Lung wine will be great gifts (vtv)

So don’t forget this gift to buy in Sapa. You can buy Docynia indica wine at Sapa market and San Lung wine at San Lung village in Ban Xeo commune, Bat Xat district.

5. "Mac cop"/ Pyrus granulosa and docynia indica

In early of September, that is the season of "mac cop" (Pyrus granulosa) and dycyia indica. "Mac cop" is little sour and chill, small and looks shaggy with the price of about 25.000 VND/ kilo (~1.14 USD).

what to buy in sapa-Docynia indica

Docynia indica fruits appear many places in Sapa (thatgia)

Talking about gifts to buy in Sapa, we cannot miss Sapa apple (docynia indica). If you want to buy this fruit, you should choose yellow and light smelling fruits. They are ripe and it is good to make vinegar or wine. You can buy this fruit at Sapa market or at some shops near the church.

6. Plums and peaches

Sapa plums are big fruits which have green color and will turn to yellow when they are ripe. Sapa plums are lightly sweet and not sour.

what to buy in sapa-plums

Sapa plums are are lightly sweet and not sour (DulichVietNam360)

Sapa plums are grown a lot in O Quy Ho area and round Sapa town. Ripe plums will be harvested in May that is the same season of Sapa peach harvest. The price depends on good or bad crops each year. In a good crop, it will cost 20.000 to 30.000 VND (~1-1.4 USD)/ kilo and up to 50.000 VND/ kilo (2.3 USD) on a bad crop.

what to buy in sapa-peaches

Plump peaches (mytour)

Sapa peaches are usually put into bamboo baskets and sold along the street to Sapa church. The price is about 30.000 to 40.000 VND (1.4-1.8 USD)/ basket which is about 3 kilos.

7. Medicinal plants

If you still don’t know what gift to buy in Sapa, Vietnam, medicinal plant isn’t a bad choice. You can buy them from Sapa as a meaningful gift for your family. There are some medicinal plants for example liquorice, reishi mushroom, coptis root or forest honey ... that all are good for our health.

what to buy in sapa-medicinal plants

Sapa has good medicinal plants (mytour)

Now, we guess you have a lot of ideas about gifts to buy in Sapa. Then let hit the market and bring great gifts for your family and friends.

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