What do the best places for Christmas in Vietnam look like?

What do the best places for Christmas in Vietnam look like?

10-12-2016 16:52 Posted by: Thao Tran
Pictures of Christmas celebrations and activities in Vietnam that show the full flavor of happy days in different places you maybe haven’t been to.

best places for Christmas in Vietnam

 Christmas in Vietnam is beautiful and glittering every year (Youtube/ Hoang Phu Nam)

A new season is arriving, a merry Christmas is slowly coming, and everybody once again flocks to have their own plan for welcoming Noel.

Why don’t you try to welcome Christmas in a place you have never been to, to feel the full flavor of happy days in the year ending, and find for yourself a peaceful time to contemplate happened stories, and wait for happiness that are untold in your heart. 

Now, let’s look at some pictures of Christmas in Vietnam to feel the atmosphere there is as bustling as other countries in the world:

1. Sapa – A truly European-style Christmas season

Sapa is the best place for Christmas in Vietnam and also figures on the list of Vietnam destinations, where the entire nature is plunged into harsh cold weather and the paths being covered by the snow during many days. 

For the dreamlike people, Sapa is like a mini European of Vietnam. Visiting this foggy city in the bustling Christmas days makes people feel that they are in a magnificent Western city which are too beautiful to bewitch people’s mind.

Christmas in Vietnam-Sapa snow

When Christmas is coming, people there feel that they are walking on the road with falling snow like in the West (Yeah1)

Christmas in Vietnam-Sapa church

This place is covered with lively colors in a happy atmosphere of Christmas in Vietnam (Long Pham Hong)

Christmas in Vietnam-Sapa bell of church

Everyone’s heart seems to dance happily following the echo of the bell from the church (Hinh Loi Phong)

Christmas in Vietnam-Sapa street

Sapa is covered in white by snow as an ink wash painting (Ngo Huy Hoa)

Christmas in Vietnam-Sapa night

But this city make it more colourful with shining and splendid lights everywhere (Vu Ngoc Hoang)

Christmas in Vietnam-Sapa church night

Thousands of people visit here to pray health and happiness for their family, relatives and friends (Vietnamnet)

2. Hanoi – Christmas comes to warm up whole winter

Ha Noi is one of the ideal destinations for Christmas in Vietnam. For Hanoi people, Noel appears not to have religious meaning, people considers it as an occasion for relaxing, family reunion, or just feel the peace dwelling in the heart.

Hence, at the early day of December, when seeing vivid color on busy streets, people are once again excited with the joy of waiting for Christmas coming to the splendid capital.

Perhaps, the St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi is the place attracting the most number of people. We can see parishioners who are praying sincerely, or visitors are pensively contemplating the miniatures that retrace stories about Jesus God.

Christmas in Vietnam-Hanoi

In December, people of Hanoi is joyful to welcome another coming Christmas  Sir Vuong)

Christmas in Vietnam-Hanoi street

Streets covered in bright and colorful items (Phunutoday)

Christmas in Vietnam-Hanoi Hangma

Many people like to enjoy the colorful space in Hang Ma street (Phunutoday)

Christmas in Vietnam-Hanoi Royal cityOr take step into magnificent Royal City (Dantri)

Christmas in Vietnam-Hanoi church night

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi​ is the most attractive destination for Christmas activites in Vietnam (Zing)

3. Da Nang – Beliefs comes with Christmas

Da Nang is one of the ideal cities for Christmas celebrations in Vietnam. The coming of Christmas creates a unique beauty for this city - modem but antique that make people sometimes step faltered to enjoy fully Noel atmosphere in a dreaming Da Nang.

When visiting Da Nang on Christmas Eve, visitors cannot skip off Da Nang Church, where people can feel the hallowed atmosphere as if they came back to thousands of years ago and feel its quiet appearance despite the changes of the city in the recent years.

You should visit Protestant Church located at 191 Ong Ich Khiem to wallow in the Christian marvelous space.

Ba Na Hill is also one of very wonderful destinations on Christmas days in Da Nang.

Christmas in Vietnam-Danang church

People here immerge themselves into a marvelous atmosphere (Zing)

Christmas in Vietnam-Danang pine

Shops, cafes, restaurants,… are beautiful than ever (Zing)

Christmas in Vietnam-Danang Santa Claus

Children would love to take photograph with Santa Claus (Jetstargiare)

Christmas in Vietnam-Danang mall

Most of people choose malls or trading centers to be the entertaining place (Zing)

4. Da Lat – The hallowed Christmas night with the pray

Being a dreaming city, Da Lat makes people dream more about a fairy sky each time Christmas is about to come. This seems to be a place for those who want to enjoy a Western – style Christmas in Vietnam. 

As staying in Da Lat on Christmas, you should go to Domaine Church, which possesses traditional French architecture with vaguely plateau taste, or visit Chicken Church - the most ancient and beautiful church in Dalat, or Cam Ly church, which conforms to the large roof of indigenous people.

Christmas in Vietnam-Dalat view

Da Lat is a very attractive destination at Christmas in Vietnam (Lu Quyen)

Christmas in Vietnam-Dalat western style

This is the place where people can enjoy a typical Chrismas with Western style (Van Ly Doc Hanh)

Christmas in Vietnam-Dalat flower

Flowers are blooming in the moment of changing season. (Love Leica)

Christmas in Vietnam-Dalat girl

And people also feel chilled in deep cold weather (Quoc Thang Nguyen)

Christmas in Vietnam-Dalat church

You will be surprised by the beauty of churches here (Chet Barker)

5. Sai Gon – A sunny Christmas season

Saigon is sunny all year, therefore, if you want to experience a very different Noel that is boisterous in the sweet sunshine of the day, this is your place!

The whole city is often overwhelmed by the shimmering and colorful lights from just the end of November. Most of shops are decorated with full of colors as a sign for the coming of a new season. It can be said that, Saigon is one of the cities having the most typical Christmas activities in Vietnam.

But perhaps the most unusual and attractive area is Saigon Notre Dane Basilica area. People go there not only just for its splendid decoration but also for the desire of being harmonized into the solemn atmosphere and praying for good things. 

Christmas in Vietnam-Hochiminh sun

Sai Gon's Chrismas is covered in sunlight (Luan Nguyen)

Christmas in Vietnam-Hochiminh Ducba Cathedral

The most famous attraction there is Sai Gon Notre-Dame Basilica  (Son Gay)

Christmas in Vietnam-Hochiminh Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

It is decorated splendidly at Chrismas (Kenhdulich)

Christmas in Vietnam-Hochiminh alley

Christmas is coming to any corners of this city and makes it become one of the best places for Christmas in Vietnam (Baomoi)

The atmosphere of Saigon's Christmas (Youtube/ ANVideo)

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