Want to know about Saigon? Visit Ben Thanh market!

Want to know about Saigon? Visit Ben Thanh market!

01-01-2017 16:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
As a crowded market all day long, Ben Thanh market, Ho Chi Minh is known as a symbol and a destination that attracts both the residents and international tourists.

ben thanh market

Ben Thanh market (instagram/thai_loan_thanh)

It is an integral part in any Saigon tours to do shopping, walking and discovering Ben Thanh market, Saigon. 

If you want to verify one saying “It is never boring to discover an Asian market”, please try one time for Ben Thanh market shopping.

ben thanh market-girl

Ben Thanh market outside (instagram/hausofcolor)

Ben Thanh market address:

The south gate facing towards Quach Thi Trang Square, the north gate facing towards Le Thanh Ton Street, the east gate facing towards Phan Boi Chau Street and the west facing towards Phan Chu Trinh Street.

Ben Thanh market opening hours:

5:30 - 17:30 (day time)

18:00 - 24:00 (night time)

ben thanh market-map

Ben Thanh market map (googlemap)

The market with long-time history

Ben Thanh market in District 1 owns ancient architectural characters and has been voted as one of best places to visit in Vietnam. Ben Thanh market is so well-known that almost foreign visitors feel that they wouldn't fulfill their Ho Chi Minh tour if they missed setting their foot here.

Built in 1870s, Ben Thanh market, Saigon was first named Les Halles Centrales before it was renamed Ben Thanh market in 1912. After many ups and downs over the time, Ben Thanh market is one of the most ancient markets in Saigon.

Best location

ben thanh market-gate entry

Ben Thanh market entry (instagram/nanaizumi_ru)

Ben Thanh market Vietnam is positioned conveniently in the cross-section of Ham Nghi Boulevard, and Tran Hung Dao Street. This is a favorable condition for trade exchanges that seem always to be busy.

The market has four gates of which the main gate is the south gate facing towards Quach Thi Trang square, the north gate facing towards Le Thanh Ton street, the east gate facing towards Phan Boi Chau street and the west facing towards Phan Chu Trinh street.

Most modern market in Saigon

ben thanh market-people

Ben Thanh market has everything (phunuonline)

You won’t have to have headache for what to buy in Ben Thanh market because there is almost everything there from conventional to rare, medium to high-class items including foods, clothing, jewelry, household appliances, spices, souvenirs, electric appliance, etc. with reasonable Ben Thanh market prices at good quality.

ben thanh market-various items

The commodities at the market is various (instagram/nu.inazawa)

Starting from 7 pm, the kiosks inside the market are closed to give places for the kiosks lying in the west gate, east gate and north gate. This is the time the market turns out to be an attractive night market.

Ben Thanh market street food has many dishes for you to choose from such as grilled food, seafood, beer, specialties, etc.

Top world favorite market

Ben Thanh market, Ho Chi Minh is a familiar location for foreign tourists. It was voted in the list of top 15 best markets of the world by USA Today.

Ben Thanh market food is also so well-known that many world famous chefs come to pick up fresh food and to discover Vietnam cuisine.

ben thanh market-chef

Chefs Michelin and Christopher Pele visited Ben Thanh market (phunuonline)

Want to know about Saigon, please visit Ben Thanh market

If you are curious about what Saigoneses eat, wear and use for their daily life, please come here to find out your answer. If you are a shopping alcoholic, Ben Thanh market must be something you are looking for.

ben thanh market-saigon life

This is a place to reflect the vibrant lifestyle of the city (phunuonline)

Ranging from cloth, shoes, handbag, jewelry to kitchen tools, groceries, confectionary etc, all Saigoneses need for their daily life are easily found in. Notably, for foreign tourists, they can learn many things about the local and useful shopping experiences in Vietnam.

Discover Ben Thanh market from four gates

At any time Ben Thanh market is always crowded. The market hosts nearly 1500 kiosks that are operated by 6,000 small traders and attract some 10,000 visitor entries for shopping and sightseeing.

ben thanh market-south gate

South gate (main gate) sells textiles, clothing and dry food (phunuonline)

ben thanh market-north gate

ben thanh market-fresh meat

ben thanh market-fruits

North gate is the place you can find all kinds of fresh foods and fruits (phunuonline)

ben thanh market-east gate

ben thanh market-sweets

East gate attracts tourists by cosmetics and confectionery (phunuonline)

ben thanh market-west gate

ben thanh market-handicrafts

West gate focuses footwear, handicrafts and souvenirs (phunuonline)

If you are looking for souvenirs, ready-made clothing, handicraft items, etc., you also can take a walk around the area outside the market. 

In addition to souvenirs and fashion items, you will find Ben Thanh market more interesting when discovering hundreds of dishes from all regions across Vietnam such as pho Hanoi, Hue thin cakes, My Tho noodle soup, spring rolls, noodles, rice pancake, etc.

ben thanh market-noodles

You can try many delicious Ben Thanh market foods (instagram/ces.insta.fire)

ben thanh market-xeo cake

Rice pancake (instagram/cmtau)

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