Vietnam Fine Arts Museum With More Than 20.000 Valuable Relics

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum With More Than 20.000 Valuable Relics

17-12-2016 11:06 Posted by: Thao Tran
Vietnam fine arts museum has collected and stored many valuable relics that attract a lot of artists as well as Vietnamese and international tourists.

vietnam fine arts museum-background

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum (vamvo)

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum has collected and stored about 20,000 valuable relics. This typical culture-art address is among Vietnam tourist attractions for artists as well as Vietnamese and international tourists.

The Vietnam fine arts museum is located at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

Vietnam fine arts museum ticket price

Adults: 40,000 VND/person/trip.

Students, trainees from universities, colleges, trade schools, vocational schools: 20,000 VND/person/trip.

Children, pupils from schools of general education (from 6 years old to 16 years old): 10,000 VND/ person/trip.

Opening hours

8:30 - 17:00 on weekdays (except Monday).

8:30 - 21:00 on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Vietnam fine arts museum opens even on holidays and Western New Year; the museum is closed in 4 days of Vietnamese traditional New Year: 30th of December, 1st, 2nd, 3rd of January (Vietnamese Lunar Calendar).

Visitors to the national museum of fine art (Hanoi) can be guided by Vietnamese, English and French.

vietnam fine arts museum

The front entrance of Vietnam fine arts museum (Mytour)


Store and exhibit valuable art works by Vietnamese painters and sculptors through generations. Introduce the formation and development of the Vietnam fine arts.

History of the fine arts museum Hanoi

The building of the museum is dated back in French domination time. It is originally a dormitory of a business organization under the Catholic Church, named “Janne d'Art Family”, served as the accommodation for daughters of French officials throughout Indochina schooling in Hanoi.

vietnam fine arts museum-picture

Peaceful and rustic villages are the unlimited inspiration of artists (Mytour)

After 1945, the building was used for many different purposes. It was not until 1962 that Vietnamese government decided to hand over the building to the Ministry of Culture to remodel the place to become a collection, storage and exhibition place of Vietnamese typical, valuable art works from prehistory to the present day.


Life of Vietnamese people in the past is showed in the most realistic works (Mytour)

From its original European-style architecture, the building was renovated with bold Vietnam architecture suitable for functioning as Vietnam fine art museum (Hanoi).

The building at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc officially became Vietnam museum of fine arts on June 26th, 1996.


Ao dai is a traditional costume of Vietnamese people (Mytour)

There are two main blocks in the museum used to display the artworks with five main exhibition sections:

- Fine Arts in prehistoric and ancient time, including relics from the early Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.                                     

- Fine Arts from 11th – 19th centuries, belonging to Ly, Tran, Le, Mac, Tay Son and Nguyen dynasties.

- Fine arts from 20th century, contemporary fine art (1925 - 1945) and modern fine arts (1945 up to now).

- Fork fine arts.

- Vietnam’s ceramic collection.

vietnam fine arts museum-display

The pictures are arranged nicely in Vietnam museum of fine arts (Mytour)

vietnam fine arts museum-buddha

Vietnamese arts in different period (Mytour)

vietnam fine arts museum-artist

Statues made from pocerlain and ceramic are the major part among items in Vietnam fine arts museum (didauchoigi)

vietnam fine arts museum-history

This is area of historical arts inside National museum of fine arts, Hanoi (didauchoigi)

vietnam fine arts museum-revolution

With many items of Revolution period (didauchoigi)

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