Tran Quoc Pagoda, Vietnam - One of the World's Most Beautiful Temples

Tran Quoc Pagoda, Vietnam - One of the World's Most Beautiful Temples

13-12-2016 18:06 Posted by: Thao Tran
Tran Quoc Pagoda in Hanoi, Vietnam is in the list of top 16 world's most beautiful temples voted by Daily Mail Newspaper (UK).

Tran Quoc Pagoda in Hanoi is in the list of top 16 world's most beautiful temples voted by Daily Mail Newspaper (UK). Standing proudly throughout over 1,500 years of history, Tran Quoc Pagoda is known as one of the oldest temple in Vietnam and it is an important point in the length of national culture attracting many visitors apart from other Vietnam destinations.

tran quoc pagoda-entrance

The entrance of pagoda (hanhtrinhtamlinh)

Address: 32, ThanhNienstreet,Truc Bach, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

Tran quoc pagoda opening hours:

On the 1st and 15th of lunar months: chant and pray to Buddha, preach and perform rituals: set free, celebrate a requiem, etc.

Weekdays: chant and pray to Buddha, preach.

The festive season or major holidays of Buddhism (Vesak, Vu Lan ...): it holds Buddhism cultural exchange programs, banquet, drops flower garlands and colored lanterns served Buddhists and tourists.


1. History of Tran Quoc Pagoda's formation

According to historical remains, Tran Quoc Pagoda originally named Khai Quoc (meaning: open the country), was found from the Ly Nam De reign (541-547). This is a pagoda associated with the birth of the first State in Vietnam - Van Xuan. It had been on the bark of Red River.

In 1615, during the reign of King Le Trung Hung, people lived in Yen Phu village moved the pagoda to Kim Nguu mound which was located in center of West Lake - on the old foundation of Thuy Hoa palace (Ly Dynasty) and Han Nguyen temple (Tran Dynasty). At that time, the pagoda’s name was changed from Khai Quoc to An Quoc (meaning: a peaceful country).

tran quoc pagoda at night

Tran Quoc pagoda at night (blogdulich)

Until the reign of King Le Hy Tong (1676 - 1705), the pagoda was renamed into Tran Quoc pagoda (meaning: protect the country) when Ca Vang island became Ca Vang peninsula. Horizontal lacquered board with inscription of "Tran Quoc Tu" was hanged in the chamber of palace from that time.

In 1821, King Minh Mang visited the pagoda and granted 20 taels of silver to mend it. In 1842, King Thieu Tri took a Tran Quoc pagoda visit and granted a large gold coin and 200 silver coins and the pagoda was renamed into Tran Bac. However, the name of Tran Quoc from King Le Hy Tong has been familiar to people until now.

2. Architecture of Tran Quoc Pagoda

tran quoc pagoda-cong

Tran Quoc Pagoda in Hanoi is located in the east of West Lake with the main houses which are Tien Duong, Thieu Huong and Thuong Dien connected together to form into a Công script (). (hanoimoi)

tran quoc pagoda-luc do dai sen

The tower "Luc do dai sen" is the most impressive with 15m high, 11 floors, enshrined 66 statues of Amitabha Buddha. The top of the tower is the lotus tower “Cuu pham lien hoa” (nine-storeyed lotus-shaped) carved in the stone. (hanoimoi)

tran quoc pagoda-bodhi tree

Bodhi tree is extracted from Dao Trang big Bohi tree - where the Buddha Shakyamuni did religious work more than 25 centuries ago. (hanoimoi)

tran quoc pagoda-stone steles

The pagoda also has 14 stone stelae recording the historical imprint. (hanoimoi)

tran quoc pagoda-tourists

Tran Quoc Pagoda attracts a large number of tourists and Buddhist for worship. (hanoimoi)

tran quoc pagoda-guide

A tour guide introduces Tran Quoc Pagoda to international travelers. (hanoimoi)

tran quoc pagoda-art space

Visitors will be immersed in the harmonious art space of the pagoda. (hanoimoi)

3. The most beautiful time to visit Tran Quoc Pagoda

You can visit the pagoda in any month of the year. Specially, if you expect to experience the crowded atmosphere and participate in ceremonies here, you should go on the 1st or 15th day of lunar months and holidays as well. In case you want to enjoy an open and quiet space with good range for photography, you can go on other days.

Coming here in the summer, you will have chance to enjoy the quiet natural scenery during the season of blooming lotus in West Lake that reminds a beautiful, nostalgic and romantic landscape.

tran quoc pagoda-tower

Tran Quoc pagoda is quiet in usual days (

 4. Do and Don't

• For a spiritual tourism place, you have to dress discreetly and politely.

• When entering the pagoda, you should follow order to keep the sanctuary and burn incense sticks for worship and blessings.

• Comply with the instructions of the management board or the union guides.

• Don’t throw garbage at the pagoda.

• Keep in mind the slogan: "Release the fish without plastic bags" to protect the environment and scenery of the West Lake when you join the ceremony of setting free.

5. Souvenirs

You can buy yourself the souvenirs such as paper fans, rosary bracelets, necklaces, books about Buddhism, photographs of pagoda’s scenery, etc.

On the veranda near Tran Quoc Pagoda, tourists really like locusts made from bamboo leaves with fork color.

6. The famous eateries near the pagoda

- The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: 0.2 km from the pagoda

Address: 28 Thanh Nien Street, Yen Phu Ward, Hanoi

- West Lake shrimp cake: 0.4 km from the pagoda

Address: 1 ThanhNien, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Delicious taste, old service style with many colors of traditional culture

-  31 fresh rice noodle rolls: 0.5 km from the pagoda.

Address: 31 NguXa, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

- Huong Mai fresh rice noodle rolls: 0.5 km from the pagoda.

Address: 25 NguXa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Tel: 382 385 63

7. Tourists attractions near the pagoda

After sightseeing at Tran Quoc Pagoda, tourists can go to the other attractions nearby such as:

- Quan Thanh Temple: 0.7 km from the pagoda.

- Temple of Literature: 4 km from the pagoda.

- Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: 2.5 km from the pagoda

- Truc Bach Lake: Facing West Lake

- Tay Ho temple


tran quoc pagoda-tourist attraction

Tourist attractions near Tran Quoc pagoda (travelingtovietnam)

Or perhaps go to some destinations for entertainment such as:

- Hoan Kiem Lake

- Ho Tay Water Park: 614 Lac Long Quan

- Floating house in West Lake

- Duck pedal boat on West Lake.

tran quoc pagoda-entertainment destination

Entertainment destinations near Tran Quoc pagoda (travelingtovietnam)

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