Top 6 reasons why to take a Sapa travel right now

Top 6 reasons why to take a Sapa travel right now

09-02-2017 16:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
Every year, millions of tourists visit Sapa. What are the special characteristics that make Sapa tourism so attractive? Find out!

Sapa is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province. This small peaceful district hides many wonders of the natural scenery. Every year, millions of tourists visit Sapa. So, what are the special characteristics that make Sapa tourism so attractive?

1. Feel exhausted by the exciting “cloud hunting”

“Cloud hunting” has become familiar with many backpackers and trekkers in the world. When it comes to the story of “cloud hunting”, the No.1 place for the game may be Fansipan Mountain – Indochina’s rooftop.

sapa travel-hunting cloud

You will be overwhelmed by the game called cloud hunting (Tuan Anh Le)

Enjoy “cloud hunting” there is unforgettable experience for young people and this makes Sapa travel more exciting.

sapa travel-cloudy mountain

Sapa is a great place for you to hunt the cloud (Soldier)

2. Sapa’s delicious dishes will make you pay the last penny

Food is among impressive Sapa tourism information. Thanks to the diversity of traditions and cuisines of ethnic minorities like Hmong, Dao, Tay, Thai, etc. in Sapa, you will be offered with endless list of delicious foods to enjoy.

sapa travel-store corn for winter

A giant basket of corn is stored for the winter (Weerapong Chaipuck)

sapa travel-dried buffalo meat and barbeque

Grilled buffalo and many barbeque are served here (Bachelart) 

In Sapa travel, you can enjoy delicious dried buffalo meat that is very famous. Besides, there is also Thang co cooked from meat and internal organs of buffalo and horse.

Sapa’s snacks include 5-color steamed sticky rice packaged by pandan leaves and other jungle leaves, or Thang den dish – Sapa’s sweetened porridge.

sapa travel-fruits and specialties

There are many fruits in Sapa (Vidya Vanniasingam)

There are also several unique fruits in Sapa, including sweet and sour Bac Ha plums, red and sweet Ta Van plums. Specially, jungle chestnuts are extremely delicious with fatty and buttery in the winter.

3. Get non-internet experience

Sapa tourism attracts tourists due to its fresh air and untouched nature created by God’s hands.

This misty romantic town still has poor technology infrastructure. So, it will be extremely special and somehow interesting when you have chance to experience some days without internet due to the lack of telephone signal here.

sapa travel-live with nature

People live in harmony with nature here (Mathieu Aranaudet)

This Sapa travel information may make you dispirited a little but this is actually a good point of Sapa travel because you can feel relieved out of busy life and enjoy such experience then immediately.

sapa travel-live far from technology

Come to Sapa and you will have some days out of technology (Diem Huong)

Wandering in the markets, buying some unique souvenirs, traveling with local residents to terraced fields or picking some stuffs from the fields are the great things you should do.

sapa travel-bac ha market

The anise flowers and wild chilies are on sale in Bac Ha market (Ifilm QC)

sapa travel-fairs in sapa

The village fairs are open less in Sapa than in other places (Quang Mau Thanh)

4. Stretch your brain to choose a perfect poses

Terraced fields in Sapa is on the top 7 of the world's most beautiful and gorgeous terraces voted by  the US’s Travel and Leisure website in 2014.

sapa travel-terraced rice fields

The terraced fields are yellow with ripe rice at the end of the year (Zero Seven)

Therefore, you will find it hard to choose perfect positions for your photos because there is so much romantic scenery in this area.

sapa travel-terraced fields in water

Terraced fields in Sapa in water season (Sigmundur Andresson)

If you enjoy Sapa travel in May and June, you can admire the impressive rainy season with giant terraced fields in water. November and December are cultivation period in Sapa, so you will have chance to enjoy golden ripen paddy fields.

5. It is as romantic as “Korean film” in Sapa’s winter

It is extremely cold in Sapa’s winter. The experience of breathing out smoke in the cold weather like in a Korean film scene can be seen as unique experience that you cannot find in anywhere else in Vietnam.

sapa travel-cold weather and drizzling rain

The cold weather and drizzling rain in Sapa look very romantic (Huy BQ)

The snow in the winter makes Sapa as fanciful as in a fairy tale helping Sapa become one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

sapa travel-harsh weather in winter

The weather in Sapa in winter is very harsh (Huy Truong)

6. Gain unforgettable experience in the haunting mountain passes

When you have a look at Sapa tourist map, you will definitely be impressed with its terrains. Besides the spectacular Fansipan mountain peak, tourists travelling to Sapa can enjoy shocking experience of moving on the wonderful yet most dangerous passes in the country. Among those is O Quy Ho Pass, which is named as “Vietnam’s king of pass”.

sapa travel-o quy ho pass

The dangerous mountain passes O Quy Ho (Quang Nguyen Vinh)

sapa travel-o quy ho mountain pass

O Quy Ho mountain pass is bendy and winding (Tran Hung)

The feeling of conquering the zigzag mountain passes like in an action movie will make you exciting and scared as well. Moreover, you can admire the whole scenery of Sapa easily at this height.

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