Top 3 Vietnam’s Bays - The Most Beautiful Pearls of the Word

Top 3 Vietnam’s Bays - The Most Beautiful Pearls of the Word

13-12-2016 11:10 Posted by: Thao Tran
Three Vietnam’s bays are considered as the best bays in Vietnam and the world by the Club Worldbays. Discover these pearls to see how beautiful they are.

Vietnam is favored by the nature when having a long poetic coastline, the nature's priceless present that the nature awarded to Vietnam tourism. Ha Long, Lang Co, Nha Trang bays are three "heavens" of Vietnam that have been listed in the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World.

vietnam bays-total

Amazing beauty of 3 bays: Ha Long bay, Nha Trang bay, Lang Co bay (Dung Pham)

Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World - Worldbays is an international private associate which has been established in Berlin on 10/3/1997, including members that are bays being selected by the clubs as the most beautiful bays. 

Let’s contemplate these three Vietnam’s bays considered as heavens! 


Ha Long bay, a Vietnam’s beautiful bay and among Vietnam tourist destinations, is an inlet of the western coat of the Gulf of Tonkin in the North East sea area of Vietnam. It covers the sea islands of Ha Long city, Cam Pha city and a part of Van Don District (Quang Ninh Province).

vietnam bays-halong

Ha Long bay looks like a girl with gorgeous beauty (Josep Novellas)

Ha Long is the destination for discovering nature area that attracts the most number of visitors in Vietnam. With the total area around 1,553 km² with 1.969 islands and islets, Halong bay is as beautiful as an ocean blue pearl of Vietnam.   

vietnam bays-halong island

The blue sea pearl still holds the original and natural beauty (Worldbays)

This famous bay in Vietnam has been well-known by the world as one of a kind natural wonder with limestone islands, caves and beautiful beaches like a landing field of dragon.

vietnam bays-halong unesco

This bay was recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO the first time in 1994 with global value of  sense (Sohiroshi)

vietnam bays-halong boat

Until 1999, UNESCO recognized again that Ha Long bay was a World Natural Heritage with geological value (Worldbays)

On 11th November, 2011 at 7:00 (12th November, 2011 at 2:00 - Vietnam time zone), Ha Long bay has been recognized by New7Wonders as one of the seven new international wonders after preliminary scrutiny.

vietnam bays-halong corner

A dreamy moment of Ha Long bay (dulichvietnam365)

There are many ways to discover the beauty of this bay, but the most luxurious and wonderful is to be in a floating yacht on the bay to views clusters of limestone monolithic islands, Fighting Cock islet, Stone Dog, visit caves, swim on beaches and enjoy seafood under the silver moon and stars. 

vietnam bays-halong sail

The ship with the sail marked Ha Long’s brand is floating on the river (Emad Aljumah).

vietnam bays-halong sunset

Beautiful sunset in Ha Long bay(Onur Karaagaoglu)


Nha Trang bay of Khanh Hoa province was recognized as the 29th member of Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World in June, 2003.

vietnam bays-nhatrang

The sunset is coming on the bay (Le Ngoc Long)

As one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam, Nha Trang bay has an area of 507km2, and 19 islands and islets. Among all, the largest one is Hon Tre island with the total area of 3.250ha, the smallest one is Hon Noc islet with the total area of about 4ha. 

Looking from above, Nha Trang beach bends like a crescent hugging the emerald bay.

vietnam bays-nhatrang beach

Nha Trang beach bends like a crescent hugging the emerald bay (HarryPham1991)

vietnam bays-nhatrang water

Nha Trang bay has very crystal clear water (Tin Phung Trong)

Like many other Vietnam’s bays, Nha Trang Bay has a quite various factors including mountains, rivers and seas, lagoons and islands, fields, villages, etc. that create a rich and special value. 

vietnam bays-nhatrang sand

Sand, stone and seawater is mixed together in warm sunlight (Worldbays)

This is also the rare natural model of the bay systems all over the world when its biodiversity includes most of the typical ecosystem of a tropical sea area.

vietnam bays-nhatrang sky

The sky is getting darker and the bay now is covered with more mysterious look (Andre Luu)


Over 25km far from Đà Nẵng to the North, Lăng Cô is the first stopover when visiting Hue, like a charming greeting of the dreaming city.

vietnam bays-lang co

Lang Co bay is like a charming welcome from dreamy Hue city (Long Huynh Ba)

Be the 30th member of Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World” in 2009 and awarded as “the most beautiful bay all over the world”, Lang Co has been gradually attracting tourists.

vietnam bays-lang co beach

Paradise beach attracts international and domestic tourists (Khoi Tran Duc)

This is one of romantic Vietnam’s bays with white sand, blue sea, the green of the mountains and forest with pleasant and cool climate along with the system of villas and hotels meeting international standards. Lang Co is the wonderful destination for tourists who love the tropical sea. 

vietnam bays-lang co island

Lang Co owns a delicate mixture of sand, sea, mountains and forest. A very wonderful destination for tourists who love tropical beach (Le Monde)

vietnam bays-lang co sunset

The sunset paints yellow colour to the bay (Mờ Tun)

Someone said that the sexiest curve is the curve of a bright smile. Arriving to this coastal region, you can find a warm smile, the smell of the salty sea, and hospitable fisherman with rustic living along the waves, that all are away from the bustle of the urban.

vietnam bays-lang co life

The life of fisherman is very simple (Tony Pham Tran)

vietnam bays-lang co boat

Bustling corner of fishing boat floating on the sea (Le Monde)

Vietnam doesn’t have many too famous attractions like Niagara waterfall, Sydney Opera house or Gran Canyons. However, these bays are actually hidden pearls that only when you arrive to, can you feel it. Let’s try to discover this hidden beauty in Vietnam’s bays! 

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