Suoi Tien Theme Park - The world's first Buddhist-themed park

Suoi Tien Theme Park - The world's first Buddhist-themed park

11-01-2017 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
In 2012, Suoi Tien Theme Park, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) was introduced by BBC as the first unique Buddhist-themed Park in the world.

suoi tien theme park

Suoi Tien Theme Park (instagram/mononoaware31​)

  • Suoi Tien Theme Park address: 120 Hanoi Highway, Tan Phu Ward, District 9.
  • Suoi Tien Theme Park opening hours: 

         8h00 – 17h30 (Mon – Fri), 8h00 – 18h00 (Sat-Sun), 6h30 – 22h00 (holidays). 

  • Suoi Tien Theme Park entrance fee: 

         90,000 VND/adult (~4.1 USD), 45.000/ child from 1m-1.4m high (~2 USD), free for children under 1 m high.

Suoi Tien Theme Park package ticket price (2nd Jan, 2017 - 27th Jan 2017, not including entrance ticket):
- 20 game Combo: only 250,000 VND/ adult (over 1.4m high)
- 20 game Combo: only 200,000/child (from 1m - 1.4m high)

The concept of theme park is similar to popular amusement parks but the games are formulated and designed towards a main theme such as religion, culture, science or art, etc.

In late June, 2012, Suoi Tien Theme Park, Ho Chi Minh City was introduced by BBC as the first ever unique Buddhist-themed Park in the world that is one of the most favorite Vietnam tourist destinations.

suoi tien theme park-fun

The first ever unique Buddhism-themed Park in the world in 2012 (instagram/tapimayo)

Suoi Tien Theme Park is situated in S-shaped hillock area of 200,000m2 where there is a stream flowing around in length of 2,000 m.

Suoi Tien Theme Park Vietnam is a spiritual park for Buddhism followers accommodating temples and Buddhist statues that were built up in such an imposing way.

Besides the definitions about samsara that were reproduced under the games, Suoi Tien Theme Park also has a water park area, a zoo, and thrilling game area etc. All were built precisely and orderly and some are connected with the nation’s proud mythologies and legends. 

The games available in Suoi Tien Theme Park:

Tien Dong Ngoc Nu Sea 

With a blue surface area of 15,000 m2, the sea is surrounded by Lac Long Quan Mountain in height of 70 m and mountain chains covering mysterious caves.

suoi tien theme park-ngoc nu sea

Tien Dong Ngoc Nu Sea (suoitien)

Such artificial sea is enabled to create waves that are high up to 1m and equipped with thrilling game technologies such as super-speedy gliding rack through two Dragon God’s mouth and Fish God’s mouth, balance keeper on water etc.

The Aquarium 

With a volume of 100,000 liters seawater, the Aquarium in Suoi Tien Theme Park Ho Chi Minh City is specifically designed to lie inside the dragon body in winding shape.

The aquarium will give you the feeling as if to walk inside a little ocean to view more than 100 species of sea animals swimming in glass pools.

suoi tien theme park-aquarium

The aquarium (suoitien)

Tien Ngu Giant Palace 

This is the host place of impressive performance of dolphins and sea lions. Kids will have lucky chances to be accompanied by the dolphins during boat tour and given a good bye kiss.

suoi tien theme park-tien ngu giant palace

Tien Ngu Giant Palace (suoitien)

Mountain climbing – Rope swinging 

Mountain climbing will give you interesting experiences to conquer the height. From the height you will be certainly excited to take a thrilling rope swing to overcome Ho Lac Canh, then balance walking on the ropes hanging in the mid are to get back your starting point. 

suoi tien theme park-roping swinging

Rope swinging (suoitien)

The roller coaster

The roller coaster accommodates 7 coaches running along a winding railway of 1,200 long to take passengers to a certain height then it suddenly lower the height and runs through Thien Son Han Bang Dong mountain chain.  

suoi tien theme park-roller coaster

The roller coaster (suoitien)

The treasure cave

The visitors are given changes to discover ancient castles that are splendid and imposing, the worship ceremony of the American Indians, and to witness the treasure cavern with your own eyes that is protected by dangerous traps.

suoi tien theme park-treasure cave

The treasure cave (suoitien)

The magical castle 

The magical castle is an imposing work with an area of 4,000 m2 that is reproduced after Harry Potter version. It will bring visitors to a world full of colors and sounds, as well as mysterious sorceries.

suoi tien theme park-magic castle

The magical castle (suoitien)

The snow castle 

Visiting the snow castle in Suoi Tien Theme Park, you will have a strange feeling as if to have lost in the North Pole at the temperature ranging from -5°C to -15 °C.

suoi tien theme park-snow castle

The snow castle (suoitien)

In addition, you can view the cute northern bears, artful works made in snow and experience recreational activities such as skiing on slope roads full of white snow.

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