Seeing a Hanoi nightlife painting in four lively colors

Seeing a Hanoi nightlife painting in four lively colors

29-11-2016 15:42 Posted by: Thao Tran
Hanoi, Vietnam at night is like a painting with four lively colors: magnificent but still quaint, noisy but charmingly quiet.

A Hanoi nightlife painting in four lively colors

A Hanoi nightlife painting in four lively colors (Thang Nguyen)

This beautiful S-shaped land never lacks of beautiful things for you to explore. I’m passionate about seeking and experiencing all the beauty here. I had a fascinating journey around Hanoi at night and discover a magnificent but still quaint, noisy but charmingly quiet city.

Noisy Hanoi

You can walk down the street, wear a cardigan when the clock just turns to seven pm at a chilly day of late fall and feel the noise of Hanoi nightlife which I'll talk about here.

City lights up at that time, bustling stores also open. People can hang out cafes, drink beer until nine or ten o'clock pm with a long yell "zo" echoed interestingly. Ta Hien Street is the place where any guests who wish to taste some alcohol want to come in.

Hanoi nightlife - The crowd at night on Ta Hien Street

The crowd at night on Ta Hien Street (vnexpress)

Or run into scenes of boisterous conversations in street stalls. Just go and come in any stalls on any streets that you find them interesting. Sometimes, you just simply order a plate of stir fried snails with chillies and citronella, then enjoy the spicy taste in cold weather and listen to the story of life.

Hanoi nightlife - Come in any stalls on any streets

Come in any stalls on any streets (zing)

Or you can stroll around the food street in Hang Buom, become a real gourmet and explore some of traditional Hanoi foods. It also has small Asian and European-style restaurants with humorous, friendly sellers.

Hanoi nightlife - Stroll around the food street

        Stroll around the food street (chue)

You will hear the loud sound of horns or vehicles from streams of people are rushing to go home or go out.

Hustle Hanoi nightlife

Hustle Hanoi nightlife (vnexpress)

Sometimes, you will hear the sellers crying their wares in rhymes if you’re lost in ​​a night market.

Hanoi nightlife - Cries of people at night market

            Cries of sellers at night market (Ky Anh)             

Vietnamese people like promotion, therefore, notice somewhere crying discount announcements and you will see a huddle of mostly students or women who want to limit spending but still have desired things. Night markets in Vietnam have become a very specific culture.

Noisy Hanoi also can be bustling music which emanates from shopping malls.

  Hanoi nightlife - Water music in Times City

Water music in Times City (Times City)

Quiet Hanoi

Now, see an opposition of Hanoi: during daytime, the city is so noisy and boisterous that people may feel uncomfortable; however, Hanoi city nightlife is quiet and makes our soul more peaceful and comfortable, even it sometimes raises a vague sadness by the view of only a few rushing motorcycles on streets.

Hanoi nightlife becomes poetic

  Hanoi nightlife becomes poetic​ (vnexpress)         

When the night falls, it is also the time that street grows with lights and warm yellow lights shine from windows. Without noisiness, Hanoi’s late night becomes silent and incredibly poetic. People return to their cozy home and fall into sleep to regain energy for the day ahead.

 Hanoi nightlife - Hanoi is so peaceful at late night

Hanoi is so peaceful at late night (depplus) 

There is a moment when the city is not entirely quiet. Small announcements of street vendors in alleys echo, fall into the air and then disappear. You'll also catch creaking cyclos in deserted streets. That is all enough for people to feel a still standing Hanoi in the chaos of life.

Hanoi nightlife - Street vendors at night

Street vendors at night (vnxpess)

Hanoi nightlife - The deserted street

The deserted street (tuancuongchan)

The light shining large trees without leaves seems to make them not lonely anymore but warm.

Hanoi nightlife - The light shining large trees

Street lighting goes through clumps of leaves, turns themselves into sunshine of the night, a romantic and poetic feeling in a street’s corner (vnexpress)

Hanoi’s autumn is more beautiful, quiet and romantic in the evening. The road is stretched with golden light, two road sides are decorated with rows of towering trees. Traveling on these roads will make you even more in love with this city.

Hanoi nightlife - Rows of towering trees

Two road sides are decorated with rows of towering trees (Nguyen Chi Tuan)

Magnificent Hanoi

Hanoi is urban place where has skyscrapers and towers with different styles from the West to tradition like any other cities in the world. Try the feeling of standing on the top floor of Keangnam building to find a whole magnificent city under your feet.

Hanoi nightlife - The view of Hanoi from Keangnam building

The view of Hanoi nightlife from Keangnam building (vtc)

Lights from streets, houses, shops are mixed one another and paint a brilliant picture of Hanoi.

 Hanoi nightlife - A brilliant picture of Hanoi

A brilliant picture of Hanoi (appphoto)

I wandered on streets watching the shimmer of shopping malls under neon lights reflecting in the dark. Green, red, purple, yellow colors emanating from the chain of flashlights make people feel life so colorful and lively. Hanoi - Vietnam night life owns a very special beauty that you cannot forget.

Hanoi nightlife - Colorful and lively Hanoi

Colorful and lively Hanoi (xalo)

Hanoi nightlife - Chuong Duong Bridge

Chuong Duong Bridge (zing)

Ancient Hanoi

Hanoi finally always returns to its ancient feature with the historical Sword Lake, Tortoise Tower, Pen Tower with strong spirit of literature, curved The Huc bridge painted in red and spacious Ngoc Son Temple, etc.

Hanoi nightlife will fulfill emotions

Hanoi will fulfill your emotions to slow down your chaotic life (Nokfev)

Hanoi nightlife - Red The Huc Bridge

Red The Huc Bridge (Duc Thinh)

Hanoi nightlife - Acient Hanoi at night

Acient Hanoi at night (traihanoi2012)

Hanoi nightlife - Tran Quoc pagoda

Tran Quoc pagoda (Duc Thinh)

Although Hanoi experienced ups and downs of history, the city still remains its original beauty with a potential and endless vitality to becomes one of Vietnam tourist attractions for many travelers. Let explore Hanoi city nightlife with me!