Satisfy your eyes with the best rice fields in Vietnam

Satisfy your eyes with the best rice fields in Vietnam

23-12-2016 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
The most beautiful Vietnam paddy fields with a shining yellow color will satisfy your eyes actually and encourage you to start a Vietnam rice field tour then.

When autumn comes, the weather becomes cool with mild wind and honey-yellow sunlight. That’s also the right time for rice fields in Vietnam to turn yellow-ripened everywhere as if they would like to send out an invitation to tourists to start a Vietnam rice field tour.

1. Sa Pa (Lao Cai)

In late August and early September every year, it’s high time for tourists to flock to Sapa (Lao Cai) for a nice vacation and enjoyment of yellow ripened terraced paddy rice fields that are certainly very charming.

rice fields in vietnam-sapa

Terrace fields in Sapa is a very unique and attractive masterpiece of Vietnamese nature (Tran Viet Anh)

This is possibly the best time of the year in Sa Pa. Viewing from above, you will see layers of yellow ripened paddy fields intermixing with green rice fields and farmers harvesting ripened rice. All contributes to create an amazing picture that any tourist can’t resist to give it a compliment.

rice fields in vietnam-sapa view

The fresh green and bright yellow of rice is inspiration of professional photographers (Tran Viet Anh)

rice fields in vietnam-sapa autumn

Dreaming beauty of rice fields in Sapa in autumn (Tran Viet Anh)

2. Y Ty (Lao Cai)

Y Ty will bring you a feeling that is almost different from other Vietnam tourist destinations. Here you are given a chance to view terraced Vietnam paddy fields down the mountain in various shapes and colors. Especially you also can view mass of clouds that suddenly overflows on the field.

rice fields in vietnam-y ty

It looks like the garden of Eden on earth (Hanoitv)

Clouds drifting and bobbing on the valley, then mixing with the shinning yellow of ripened rice fields are creating a lyrical picture featuring beauty of the mountainous region.

rice fields in vietnam-y ty photo

People here are very hard-working and friendly (Hanoitv)

rice fields in vietnam-y ty view

Nature and people painted a wonderful picture together (Hanoitv)

3. Tam Coc (Ninh Binh)

Tam Coc belongs to the series of the charms of Trang An. Visiting Tam Coc in the time when the rice fields in Vietnam turn yellow ripened, you can wallow in a peaceful countryside where the yellow rice fields next to green rice fields are stretching in front of your eyes.

rice fields in vietnam-tam coc

This place will impress and attract any visitors (didauchoigi)

While there are fields being harvested, the others are waiting to be harvested, so you can feel the pleasure and beauty of colorful nature.

rice fields in vietnam-tam coc view

Visitors can enjoy the “yellow sea” of rice while sitting on small boats and wandering along the river (didauchoigi)

rice fields in vietnam-tam coc photo

Rice fields in Tam Coc are taken from high above (didauchoigi)

4. Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is a mountainous district of Yen Bai province which is located on Hoang Lien Son mountain base at the height of 1,000 m against the sea level.

rice fields in vietnam-mu cang chai

Thanks for hard-working people here and grant of nature, we have chance to enjoy this valuable attraction (Len Studio)

You must go through Khau Pha pass – one of four highest passes in the Northwestern region, to reach Mu Cang Chai which is situated 280 km away from Hanoi.

rice fields in vietnam-mu cang chai photo

We can do nothing but enjoy this amazing mixture of nature (Saokim99)

From mid September to mid October, it is time for the rice fields in Vietnam to turn yellow-ripened.

At this time the whole area of Mu Cang Chai is also covered with yellow paddy rice fields. That’s why thousands of tourists choose this point of time to flock to Mu Cang Chai for a wonderful vacation.

rice fields in vietnam-mu cang chai view

Blue sky and yellow valley will be an unforgettable memory of any visitors (Len Studio)

5. Bac Son (Lang Son)

Bac Son is 160 km away from Hanoi. The first impression when you visit this region is its cool and fresh climate together with wild scenery of limestone mountain chains and the road across the passes.

rice fields in vietnam-bac son

Many people may think that this is a painted picture, not a real photo! (Hoang HaiThinh)

Bac Son rice field valley is wide and opened up with beautiful natural scenery at the moments of daily sunrise. This small town lies completely inside the valley and is surrounded by limestone mountain chains.

rice fields in vietnam-bac son view

Rice fields in Bac Son are splendid and wonderful masterpieces (Hoang HaiThinh)

Here there are many rice corps around the year so you will see paddy rice fields mixing together of which some are transplanted with rice seedlings, some are already ripened.

rice fields in vietnam-bac son photo

Nature is the best artist (Depplus)

In Bac Son, the flat terrain and good weather allow for two rice harvests in July and mid November. People here do not transplant rice seedlings at the same time so green fields and yellow-ripened fields are found together, all contribute to form colorful scenery.

6. Ha Giang

Ha Giang is the province that has many splendid terraced rice fields in Vietnam. Every September, backpackers usually call for one another to come here to hunt for nice pictures in the rice harvest.

rice fields in vietnam-ha giang girl

Hunting for nice pictures of the rice harvest (instagram/d_sound_of_silence)

Once in Ha Giang, you have the chances to make the most of imposing landscapes and enjoy fresh air in this mountainous region.

rice fields in vietnam-ha giang fields

Imposing rice fields of Ha Giang (instagram/tuanhuyen2005)

As an alternative, you can chose to wander out into yellow Vietnam paddy rice fields to enjoy the fragrance and aromatic flavors from the nature. This tourism destination will certainly give you an unforgettable Vietnam rice field tour.

rice fields in vietnam-ha giang hoang su phi

You can never ever have chance to see the majestic scene like this anywhere (Dulich24)

Wonderful Hoang Su Phi rice fields in Ha Giang from flycam (Youtube/Amazing New Life)

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