Love at first sight with the best waterfalls in Vietnam

Love at first sight with the best waterfalls in Vietnam

23-12-2016 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
You will be lured completely by these best waterfalls in Vietnam due to their breathtaking natural beauty and the feeling of relaxation.

Vietnam is always known for her splendid natural beauty and it is impossible not to mention imposing waterfalls in Vietnam.

1. Ban Gioc waterfall – Cao Bang

 Ban Gioc waterfall is 89 km north away from Cao Bang town. This is named to one of the best waterfalls Vietnam and in the list of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Here you could wallow in charming natural beauty.

waterfall vietnam-ban gioc general view

General view of Ban Gioc waterfall (instagram/goeatplay)

waterfall vietnam-ban gioc photo

This waterfall in Vietnam inspires many visitors who want to take a nice picture with amazing background of nature (instagram/thehorizonrock)

From afar you can listen to sounds from the waterfall. The water streams falling from the height of 30 m through multiple limestone layers in succession will spume and create an impressive beauty for this waterfall (Vietnam).

waterfall vietnam-ban gioc

Majestic beauty of waterfall having 30 meters in height (instagram/phmailinh)

During a visit to Ban Gioc waterfall, you will be given chances to discover the deep blue river of Quy Son which is the origin of Ban Gioc waterfall, the famous chestnut forest in Trung Khanh, and enjoy traditional dishes made of typical vegetables collected in the forest.

waterfall vietnam-ban gioc relax

As one of the best waterfalls in Vietnam, Ban Gioc is beautiful at any angles (instagram/duongthuy94009)

waterfall vietnam-ban gioc visit

 Young people tend to visit here for relaxing and enjoying the fresh air of nature (instagram/duuuanjujiiie) 

2. Tac Tinh waterfall – Son La

Tac Tinh waterfall originates from Hoang Lien Son great mountain chain and falls down from the height of 130 m in a straight direction downwards, a wide lake is found in the waterfall’ base.

waterfall vietnam-tac tinh scene

TacTinh is a wonderful gift of nature granting to this place (Mytour)

From a distant view, Tac Tinh appears to be charming picture of natural scenery under the sunset which will offer you an image of rainbow through the cool water streams.

waterfall vietnam-tac tinh

This waterfall of Vietnam looks like a masterpiece of high mountain, clear river, green forest... (Mytour)

The neglected natural scenery of the Northwestern mountainous region and the legend of faithful love of a couple relating to Tac Tinh waterfall create attractive and mysterious beauty for this waterfall in Vietnam that will certainly make you fall in love with among other must-visit Vietnam destinations.

waterfall vietnam-tac tinh view

ThacTinh waterfall still has an emotional and meaningful love story in the legend (Vu Long)

waterfall vietnam-tac tinh young people

Young people definitely achieve many unforgettable experiences in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in vietnam (instagram/huyenhuyen2910)

3. Pongour waterfall 

Pongour waterfall or the so-called seven-story waterfall is located in Lam Dong, 50 km south from Da Lat city. This waterfall is in height of 40 m and in width of 100 m, and surrounded by the primeval forest. From afar it looks like a snow-while silk band across the mountain.

waterfall vietnam-pongour relax

Pongour is also a favorite destination of international tourists (instagram/beautyfemmeft)

This waterfall has been so far rated as one of the most beautiful waterfall of Asia by French people and recognized as “the God’s most splendid waterfall in Vietnam” by Bao Dai King.

waterfall vietnam-pongour splendid

Splendid beauty of Pongour waterfall (instagram/taranordin)

Now people here still maintain a spring festival on the 15th day of lunar January every year. This event attracts youngsters without difference of ethics to gather in Pongour waterfall area where they will have chances to make friendship and possibly start a love story.

waterfall vietnam-pongour

Majestic Pongour (Thanh Nha)

waterfall vietnam-pongour photo

This waterfall brings people closer to nature (instagram/maymae1993)

waterfall vietnam-pongour beautiful

People seems to be smaller when standing in front of imposing nature (instagram/trybknikova.a)

waterfall vietnam-pongour majestic

What a comfortable andrelief feeling of relaxation! (instagram/kyriemelnyck)

4. Cam Ly waterfall 

waterfall vietnam-cam ly view

This waterfall in Vietnam holds a very strong but gentle beauty (instagram/chadchung)

Cam Ly waterfall is located next to Cam Le spring, 2km west away from Da Lat city’s center. This waterfall is wide but not so high which is created by the water of Xuan Huong Lake flowing from the south to the west.

waterfall vietnam-cam ly

It can give people meaningful photos with emotional moments (instagram/nina.artemyeva)

waterfall vietnam-cam ly beautiful

Or interesting and funny time (instagram/_yar1k_)

At about a distance of approx. 2 km, the water stream must overcome the big granite blocks so its current flow is strong but sometimes turns to be mild. This character makes it one of best waterfalls in Vietnam in the eyes of local and overseas tourists.

waterfall vietnam-cam ly photo

With this wonderful scene of the splendid waterfall, it is not too hard to take a professional photo (instagram/

waterfall vietnam-cam ly peaceful

People also can find themselves a peaceful corner to enjoy the quiet space here (instagram/ivaanoniion)

5. Yang Bay waterfall – Nha Trang

Yang Bay waterfall is 45 km away from Nha Trang and originates from the height of over 100 m against the sea level. It flows through primeval forests and superb mountain chains.

waterfall vietnam-yang bay view

Yang bay waterfall looks like a white and soft silk flowing from the top of mountain (instagram/jmt_nguyen)

The way leading to Yang Bay waterfall impresses visitors by both roadsides covered by green trees and colorful flower throughout the year.

waterfall vietnam-yang bay

A dreamy angle of Yang Bay (instagram/semashkevich_j)

Down the Yang Bang base is a vast lake whose water is so crystal that you can clearly see the stones on the lake bottom. Visitors should not miss visiting this impressive waterfall Vietnam on their journey to either Nha Trang or Da Lat, which are two famous tourism centers of Vietnam.

waterfall vietnam-yang bay relax

Fresh air and clean water attracts many tourists visiting Yang Bay each year (instagram/kittykittykitkit)

waterfall vietnam-yang bay photo

This waterfall in Vietnam is a perfect destination for young people who want to explore pristine nature (instagram/i.sashanya)

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