Inside famous 3-century Saigon Central Post Office

Inside famous 3-century Saigon Central Post Office

10-01-2017 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
Beside admiring Saigon Central Post Office architecture, tourists come here to send post cards or letters as a way to keep the memory in modern life.

saigon central post office


Saigon Central Post Office address: 2, Cong Truong Cong Xa Paris, District 1 

Saigon Central Post Office hours: 07:00 AM - 18:00 PM

saigon central post office-inside

This building was constructed by a French architecture Villedieu with his assistant Foulhoux in 1886-1891. The whole Saigon Central Post Office architecture creates a European style with Asian decoration.

saigon central post office-domes

The most impressive point when visiting one of attractive Vietnam destinations is that there are big curved domes at the entrance door along the ceiling inside the building.

saigon central post office-curved domes

Inside Saigon Central Post Office, you can see the system of long arches right near the main door. The big arches are supported by four iron pillars at 4 corners, each has supported for 4 iron branches spreading around.

saigon central post office-patterns

The interjection points between pillars and iron branches have been designed meticulously with gorgeous patterns.

saigon central post office-maps

At the dome ceiling inside the structure, there are 2 historical maps. The right one is the old Saigon and its surrounding in 1982, the left one is electricity wire system of Vietnam and Cambodia in 1936.

saigon central post office-clock

The front outside Saigon Central Post Office has been decorated with rectangle boxes with the names of the telegraph industry and electric industry inventors on them.

The cells have also been banked with clays wearing a wreath and a big clock. Under the clock, there still has the year that the building started construction and inaugurated.

saigon central post office-front

The front side of Saigon Central Post Office is designed with name frames of some French well-known men like Laplace, Voltaire, Arage, Gay-Lvssac, etc.

saigon central post office-tourists

Whoever marks their steps in Saigon cannot miss this tourist attraction.

saigon central post office-steel line

In Saigon Central Post Office history, the steel line (postal system) Saigon – Qui Nhon – Da Nang – Hue – Vinh – Ha Noi which is 2000 km long finished on 22nd March, 1888.

They opened additional postal connection between Saigon- Bangkok to serve the entrepreneurs in 1989. Since 1st July, 1894 Saigon has started using the telephone system.

saigon central post office-telephone

It still keeps 14 telephone booths placed in 2 main halls to serve habitants and travelers.

saigon central post office-service

The Saigon Central Post Office still runs normally for citizens with modern along with traditional services.

saigon central post office-tables

Four large wooden tables lined inside to serve those who want to write information for sending letters, parcels, etc.  

saigon central post office-send letters

To many tourists, sending a post card from Saigon Central Post Office to their families and friends is a quite strange and interesting way to keep the memory in our modern life.

saigon central post office-writer

Mr. Duong Van Ngo (born in 1930), the former staff of the post office since 1952, is supposed to be the last letter writing helper in Saigon.

Even he has retired for 24 years, he still can use two languages French and English fluently and goes there for work because of his passion.

saigon central post office-souvenirs

Along the corridors outside the building, thousands of souvenirs and post pictures about Vietnam and Vietnamese people in general and Saigon in particular are available to serve travelers.

saigon central post office-relax

Tourists come here partly to watch the unique architectural structure, and then to relax after a tour around Saigon.

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