Hunting clouds with the list of famous mountains in Vietnam

Hunting clouds with the list of famous mountains in Vietnam

22-12-2016 10:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
Major mountains of Vietnam are too interesting to discover and conquer. The feeling of sitting on the peaks can’t express in words.

list of famous mountains in vietnam

Hunting clouds with the list of famous mountains in Vietnam (hachi)

Throughout the nation from north to south, there are mountain ranges mile after mile. Many high mountains have existed for ages and become a witness for many changes of history as well as a famous spot for tourists to discover. 

This is the list of mountains in Vietnam that are the most attractive according to Vietnam Record Association:

1. Fansipan Mountain (Lao Cai) 

Fansipan mountain belongs to Hoang Lien Son mountain range. In the list of Vietnam tourist spots, you should visit this famous mountain which is located in Lao Cai province, at 3,143 meters high - the highest mountain in Indochina regarded as “the roof of Indochina”. 

Fantastic view from Fansipan (Youtube/Thuc Huynh Pham)

mountains in vietnam-fansipan mountain

Spectacular scenery on top of Fansipa (theglobejogger)

There are three ways to conquer the Fansipan mountain: go through Cat Cat village, Sin Chai village and O Qui Ho mountain pass. Climbers usually select to go through Cat Cat village in 4 days and 3 nights.

mountains in vietnam-fansipan cloud

Cloud sea floating on Fansipan (Artem Achkasov)

It is amazing to climb to Fansipan. There are native floras such as: jackfruit, cardamom, rice, etc. at the foot of the mountain and ancient forests, full of vines on the following.

When you climb to the mountain at the height of more than 2000 meters, the haze is in front of your eyes and your footsteps seem to touch the clouds.

mountains in vietnam-fansipan hills

Green hills (Thanawat Sukwibul)

However, higher up about 500 to 600 meters, it is cloudless with lower and very cold temperature. 

Up to nearly at a height of 3,000 meters, there is a noted landmark in 1905 recording a French setting foot here. 

mountains in vietnam-fansipan above

Twilight begins spreading everywhere (Sarawut Intarob)

On the highest point of the mountain, there is a stainless steel pyramid with 70 centimeters high put there by athletes from Russia and Germany in 1984 when they set their foot on the roof of Indochina – one of highest mountains in Vietnam.

2. Hong Linh Mountain (Ha Tinh)

Among the mountains in Vietnam, Hong Linh is a mountain range with 99 peaks belonging to Ha Tinh province. Today, Hong Linh mountain still stands there with imposing and wild nature. 

mountains in vietnam-hong linh

La River bends to Hong Linh mountain (du khach)​

There are hundreds pagodas, temples and shrines on Hong Linh mountain. In particular, Huong Tich and Chan Tien pagoda are the most famous and ancient. They associate with the legend that a horse man saved the footprints on a rock. 

mountains in vietnam-river in hong linh

Green pine forest near small river (e-cadao)

3. Bach Ma Mountain (Thua Thien – Hue)

Bach Ma mountain is one of major mountains in Vietnam with the height of more than 1,500 meters, 50 kilometers away from the south of Hue city, the temperature is not below 4 degrees Celsius in the winter and not over 26 degrees Celsius in the summer. 

mountains in vietnam-bach ma

Bach Ma is one of the most beautiful mountains in Vietnam (Panagiotis Papadopoulos)

Four seasons of this mountain in Vietnam are luxuriant with waterfalls, springs, rare floras and faunas and temperate climate zone similar to Sa Pa, Tam Dao and Da Lat. 

mountains in vietnam-bach ma above

Amazing scenery viewed from the Bach Ma (Panagiotis Papadopoulos)

To discover Bach Ma mountain, tourists should follow the Tri Sao trail that will lead you to Tri Sao waterfall where has many Crested argus birds.

The Do Quyen waterfall trail has vast azaleas blooming in March and April like two giant green carpets of flowers. 

mountains in vietnam-bach ma stream

Beautiful forest stream murmuring on the road (Panagiotis Papadopoulos)

The Ngu Ho waterfall trail and especially Hai Vong Dai trail are vast and majestic landscapes of mountain series to the East sea with the rest relic of monumental villas in the past.  

4. Langbiang Mountain (Lam Dong)

Langbiang or also called Lam Vien mountain is other famous mountain of Vietnam with 12 kilometers away from the north of Da Lat city. 

mountains in vietnam-lang biang

Langbiang - Characteristic feature of the land with thousands of flowers (Thomas Parker)

It is about 2,163 meters high that is suitable for sport activities such as climbing mountains, parachuting, researching about natural habitat of birds, animals and herbs there. 

mountains in vietnam-lang biang view

This is the mountain of Vietnam having beautiful view (Lim Hok)

Standing on the mountain, you will enjoy an interminable green with clouds and mountain blending together.

mountains in vietnam-lang biang road

The road to Langbiang (Nguyen Duc)

From a distance, Dankia spring with small ones that twist and embrace the foot of the mountain and crowded small houses among mountain and trees create a so charming picture.

mountains in vietnam-lang biang above

Enjoy panoramic views of nature from Langbiang (Nguyen Duc)

mountains in vietnam-lang biang view above

And Da Lat’s people life from above (NguyenDao)

5. Chua Chan Mountain (Xuan Loc – Dong Nai) 

Chua Chan mountain or also called Gia Ray mountain belongs to Xuan Loc commune, Dong Nai province. 

mountains in vietnam-chua chan

Chua Chan mountain in Dong Nai also has beautiful view (Huu Vinh Nguyen)

From a distance, the mountain is like a bowl down, the top of the mountain usually appears pieces of indistinct white small clouds that are extremely poetic in the morning and at nightfall. 

mountains in vietnam-chua chan green

A green colour around (kenzdy_gar0m)

Chua Chan mountain is about 837 meters above sea level (the second highest mountain of the Southeast region, following Ba Den mountain – Tay Ninh). 

Buu Quang pagoda is on the top of the mountain and it was established in the early 20th century. The pagoda has a main hall with dome and it’s in a cave like a dragon jaw along with entire architecture based on natural caves that makes up the majestic and solemn features.   

mountains in vietnam-chua chan clouds

A beautiful angle of Chua Chan mountain like the fairyland (TB)

Besides, this place is also famous for banyan tree with the height of 50 meters made up from three roots with mysterious legends. 

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