Hoi An, Vietnam – A charming city everyone expects to come once

Hoi An, Vietnam – A charming city everyone expects to come once

16-01-2017 11:46 Posted by: Thao Tran
Hoi An old town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Hoi An is like the Venice of Vietnam with dreamy beauty peaceful enough to calm your soul.

Hoi An location: Quang Nam Province in Central Viet Nam.

Sometimes, we might want to leave everything behind, pack up and make a journey to find a peaceful place for our minds and souls. What makes Hoi An, Vietnam such an amazing place that people want to abandon the prosperous and fancy life.

hoi an-peaceful

Hoi An is a very peaceful city (Cristal Tran)

In the annual survey of Code Nast Traveler, Hoi An tourism “jumped” to the second place, after Kyoto, Japan and became the Asian top favorite tourist sites. Along with other impressive locations, Hoi An is contributing to the Vietnamese tourism, making “Vietnam destinations” become one of the hot keywords to the tourists.

hoi an-beautiful at night

You cannot forget this place whenever you visit (Phil Nguyen) ​

hoi an and ao dai

Only this place can help us feel peaceful inside our heart (Lumiere-Noire)​​

Hoi An - A fairy land

Reaching to Hoi An is like walking into a dreamy land. Totally isolated from the outside, the town gently nestles by the pleasant Hoai River.

hoi an-old town

It will like walking into a fairy tale once you come there (instagram/sunny.dang)

Wandering around the tortuous roads in the antique town, it seems like we would turn back to the starting point. Feeling a bit of surprise, maybe you would like to make another round just like a child discovered a new thing.

hoi an-houses

And like a child, you just want to discovere a new thing (Cristal Tran)

Perhaps, the best thing is leisurely walking on the roads, looking on the old mossy tiles roofs, or mooning about the golden era when passing by some century-old wooden houses with diligently engraved horizontal lacquered board hanging on the walls.

hoi an-hundred year houses

Walking through the hundred year ancient houses (kolgate1001)

Just keep going and it may take the whole evening to visit all the ancient architectures to find the true beauty of Hoi An, where represents the meeting of many ancient cultures.

hoi an-chua cau

Sometimes you may want to visit Chua Cau again (Kritsana Pinaphang)

The impressive Japanese Bridge Temple (Chua Cau) with the breeze from Japan, Phuc Kien and Quang Dong Assembly Hall with the Chinese style, Tan Ky and Phung Hung Old House with the Vietnamese traditional style.

hoi an-chinese town

And come back to Chinese old town (Almut Albrecht)​

hoi an-beautiful cultures

To see the harmony of many cultures in beautiful Hoi An (Khoi Tran Duc)​

hoi an street with lanterns

You will find your old peaceful space here (instargram/bey025)

Hoi An and enchanted full moon

When the power goes out of town, the sparkling light from the lanterns hanging under the eaves dimly shines the town giving us the chance to admire the beauty of the full moon. These are Hoi An images you hardly see in a big city.

hoi an under the moonlight

Hoi An looks more mystery under the moonlight (Panagiotis Papadopoulos)​

On the gentle river embracing the town, the colorful flower garlands are floating on the water, carrying the wishes and hopes of love and happiness to the faraway land and to the one wish for it.

hoi an- colorful lanterns

And colorful by lanterns (instagram/vansheridan)

Going around Hoi An in the full moon, we will easily catch the exciting atmosphere of the traditional games, making our hearts calm.

hoi an river

And the sparkle lanterns on the small river (Quynh Nguyen)

And then, in that enchanting atmosphere, the sound of chant blending in the wind comes from the river.

hoi an-traditional music

People will be amazed by the traditional art and music (mytour)

Not only Hoi An poetry is from beautiful romantic scenes, it also appears in heritages that has been conserved until now.

Anything else in Hoi An?

Every moment in this ancient town, we will have chance to earn delight experiences. 

hoi an-boats at the river

You will have a lot of interesting moments in Hoi An (Hung Nguyen Long)​

Some people like to take coffee in the morning; just randomly picking some street café at the river banks, taking a deep breath to enjoy the fresh air, and watching daily routines of local people.

hoi an-coffee by the river

Or just simply having a coffee beside the river (Ken Carper)​

Other people like to travel around the town by bicycles, go along the roads, and weave between the corners to discover the hidden things of Hoi An.

It is said that riding on bicycles is the best way to understand the poetic beauty of Hoi An old town. You can sometimes stop by and have a taste of local foods with Quang Nam flavor.

hoi an-riding

Or riding bicycle around the town (Cao Anh Tuan)​

hoi an-food street

Then stop to enjoy the street food (Thang Nguyen)​

Coming to Hoi An, some people also go to the tailor to have some pieces of clothes thanks to the high quality silks.

Tourists can choose their favorite clothing and have them tailored within a day. The tailored clothing in Hoi An is pretty nice with a unique style, attracting a lot of visitors to ask for one every time traveling to Hoi An.

hoi an-shopping clothes

And go shopping to have some special clothes (Phil Nguyen)​

To the travelers, Hoi An photos is usually the memorabilia of their trip, keeping the great experiences they had tried and the scenic sight they had seen. Some also share their experience and feeling on public media. Those Hoi An reviews are a good chance to advertise Hoi An tourism to the world.

hoi an-cao lau

And don’t forget to try the food here (instagram/teckers89)

Besides the sightseeing, it’s a waste if we forget Hoi An specialty dishes such as, Hoi An chicken rice, Cao Lau, Fresh rice paper, seafood, Quang noodles, wonton, and Vietnamese crepe.

hoi an beauty

Everything has made the subtle beauty of Hoi An (Nguyen Binhbb)​

There are many things in Hoi An waiting for you to discover. Only when walking into that pretty town, you can figure out its true beauty; then, let ourselves deep in the imagination of turning back time to the legendary era, which we may find it beautiful and peaceful enough to calm our souls.

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