Hoi An nightlife: Things to do in Hoi An at night

Hoi An nightlife: Things to do in Hoi An at night

24-01-2017 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
It is no coincidence that Hoi An night was on the list of the best nightlife on the planet, the Venice of Vietnam or the second must-go place in Asia!

Hoi An is very beautiful at night. It is no coincidence that nightlife in Hoi An was on the list of the best nightlife on the planet. And it is also reasonable to compare Hoi An as the Venice of Vietnam or the second must-go destination in Asia.

hoi an nightlife-bridge temple

(Tran Viet Anh)

One of the first things to do in Hoi An at night is to visit Japanese Bridge Temple located on Tran Phu Street. The bridge was built in the seventeenth century and has become a beloved and unique symbol of Hoi An.

As night falls, the bridge is lighted up by colorful lights. It is much more sparkling at Hoi An night than at the daytime. Many couples choose this place to take wedding photos. Moreover, there are also kids selling lanterns here.

hoi an nightlife-vendors

(Tran Viet Anh)

Another crowded destination near the Japanese bridge is the night food street. The street is quiet in the morning, but in the evening, it is extremely busy just like the atmosphere of Hoi An nightlife.

Street vendors display few simple tables and chairs on the bank of the Hoai River. You will feel like going back to the ancient time. The night food street often offers tourists with Hoi An specialties such as Cao Lau, chicken rice, Quang noodles, etc. with affordable prices. You can enjoy the dishes as well as the view of the Hoai River.

hoi an nightlife-galerns

(Tran Viet Anh)

The old town often lights up at 6 p.m, and it’s also the time for lanterns to be sparkling on streets. Wandering along Hoai riverside in the evening near Japanese bridge or An Hoi Bridge, you will see cute little girls in dresses with hat selling lanterns on the streets.

hoi an nightlife-bai choi game


There is a village yard near An Hoi Bridge. As one of special stuffs in Hoi An nightlife, people perform the exciting “bai choi” game every night. You can join the game by buying a card and listening to folk songs sung by game masters. If the game ends up with the name of a card owned by you, you will be winner and receive a gift.

hoi an nightlife-bach dang street

(Tran Viet Anh)

Bach Dang Street at night is shimmered by golden lights from the old house blocks, making it sparkling on the surface of Hoai River. This street inspires people to compare Hoi An as the Venice of Vietnam.

Bach Dang Street is the lowest area in the old town therefore when night falls water from the river rises over the roads. It seems that it will discomfort tourists, but many tourists enjoy witnessing and photographing this scene of flooding.

hoi an nightlife-an hoi area

(Tran Viet Anh)

The opposition side of Hoai River is Nguyen Phuc Chu Street and An Hoi neighborhoods. There are many restaurants in this area. You should come here to enjoy the cuisine of Hoi An, drink beers, or find for yourself a souvenir. This area also exhibits pictures of Hoi An and other attractive Vietnam destinations.

hoi an nightlife-lanterns

hoi an nightlife-lantern street

(Tran Viet Anh)

In the center of An Hoi neighborhoods, there is a street selling lanterns. You can buy one for yourself or for your friends and relatives as gifts.

hoi an nightlife-market

(Tran Viet Anh)

Hoi An night market is also located in this area. The market sells a variety of handcrafted products made from wood, stone, metal, etc. The night market is extremely suitable for girls to buy earrings, necklaces, bracelets. These jewelry products sold in the market are very sophisticated to serve both foreign and Vietnamese visitors.

hoi an nightlife beauty

(Tran Viet Anh)

Hoi An nightlife is much more beautiful when there are no tourists and restaurants are closed. At that time, the old town is truly back to its ancient characteristics. However, to enjoy that moment you have to wait until 1-2 a.m in the morning.

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