Ho Chi Minh shopping places highly recommended by foreign tourists

Ho Chi Minh shopping places highly recommended by foreign tourists

27-12-2016 11:29 Posted by: Thao Tran
This Ho Chi Minh shopping guide will introduce you the most popular shopping areas in a city regarded as a shopping paradise.

Saigon is called a shopping paradise because it has many should-visit shopping centers for tourists. Among them, there are three Ho Chi Minh shopping places that are highly recommended by most of foreign tourists coming to Saigon:

1. Ben Thanh market

Intersection of Phan Boi Chau - Phan Chu Trinh - Le Thanh Ton - Quach Thi Trang Square, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1.

ho chi minh shopping-ben thanh market view

A very beautiful angle of Ben Thanh market (Max Ho)

Among Vietnam tourist attractions, this well-known market is a must-visit spot when you come to bustling Saigon.

Located in the heart of district 1, the market is conveniently accessible with nice views, so this ho chi minh shopping area has never been neglected by tourists. 

ho chi minh shopping-ben thanh market items

Various types of goods in the market (lenelenka)

Here tourists can easily find out tiny nice souvenirs showcasing Vietnamese characters made in bamboo, wood, rattan or brocade items, postcards, little statues of Vietnamese girls in traditional dress of Ao Dai, Ao Tu Than, etc.

The market is well-designed to facilitate good ventilation. The food area in the market is also an attraction for tourists who are fond of Vietnamese food.

ho chi minh shopping-ben thanh market people

Ao dai is a traditional costume of Vietnam (Instagram/haleykizer)

Specially, foreign exchange service is also offered to market visitors at rates that are better than at local banks. With all its unique characters, no wonder why this place is noted in any Ho Chi Minh shopping guide booklet.

2. Saigon Square

181-185 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1

77-89 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1

7-9 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1

ho chi minh shopping-sai gon square

Outside the old  Sai Gon square(Jaya)

Saigon Square is too familiar not only to Saigoneses but also to non-resident tourists. Holding a convenient position in the downtown of district 1, Saigon Square is compared as a Ho Chi Minh shopping paradise inside the city.

Saigon Square has never absent in the list of top interesting ho chi minh shopping places owning to its unique characters: It is neither a shopping center nor a usual market, it is seen as a “hi-class” market because the products on sale in the kiosks here are similar to those available in traditional markets but they are at better quality with good prices.

ho chi minh shopping-sai gon square view

New look of Saigon Square (Thanhnguyen1)

It is always a pleasure to make a shopping tour in Saigon Square where you can enjoy cool feeling despite the hot weather outside thanks to the well-equipped air conditioner system inside.

Moreover, the mall will bring you a great quantity of commodities and clothing available on sale. Most of them are imported or exported from or to neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand, etc.

It’s not hard for you to purchase fine clothes and dress of tropical zone as well as items typical for the frigid zone such as boots, long coats or oversized clothing, etc.

ho chi minh shopping-sai gon square people

Tourists love to wander around Saigon Square (Instagram/kirstyjmurray)

Thanks to such diversity it offers, this Ho Chi Minh shopping site wins the heart of many foreign tourists as they can save money for items and brands that are the same as in their country but much cheaper.

However, a problem that tourists usually encounter in this market is overpricing. So it is better to protect yourself as a smart shopper by bargaining skills. Saigon Square opens from 9 – 21h so you’ll always have enough time to take a joyful shopping tour.

3. Binh Tay market

57A Thap Muoi Street, District 6

ho chi minh shopping-binh tay market past

Binh Tay in the past and present days (Hmoong)

Binh Tay market is also called Lon (big) market which was built in the 20th century in the area of district 5 and district 6 where numerous Chinese-born Vietnamese people are residing.

The market was formerly set up to provide essential commodities to the Chinese residents here. Over the time, the market becomes more and more crowded with a wide range of commodities.

ho chi minh shopping-binh tay market

Entrance of Binh Tay market (Instagram/superjoshie)

Binh Tay market plays as the city’s central supply to the adjacent markets such as Kim Bien, Soai Kinh Lam fabric market, etc. Around this market site fearing Chinese characters, there are many other temples of Chinese people such as Ba Thien Hau temple, Minh Huong Gia temple, On Lang club-house, etc.

ho chi minh shopping-binh tay market people

Visitors can freely choose for themselves their favorite items (Instagram/hanifmohamad08)

Tourists are also interested in dried sweetened fruits, confectionery and traditional Chinese medicines found in this market area. Typically, this Ho Chi Minh shopping area is so big that you can lose your way after long-hour wandering. Thus you should be prepared yourself with the market site map to avoid wasting your time.

ho chi minh shopping-binh tay market items

Colorful jam (TC Chua)

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