Have an Interesting Day at Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi (Vietnam)

Have an Interesting Day at Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi (Vietnam)

16-12-2016 17:06 Posted by: Thao Tran
Dong Xuan market is one of the largest markets in Hanoi with various types of goods that will offer you the chance to go shopping in such nice place.

dong xuan market Hanoi

Dong Xuan martket

The market is located in Dong Xuan Street within Hanoi’s Old Quarter where also holds Dong Xuan night market at the weekend.

Dong Xuan market opening hours: From early morning to night.

dong xuan market-map

Dong Xuan market map (Google map)

dong xuan market-night

Dong Xuan market at night (vivuhanoi)

Looking what are inside the market (Youtube/ Peerapat Wongkampoo)

Despite the fact that this is a wholesale market where most of stalls do their wholesale business, you still can choose some souvenirs, and especially discover such a large market in Hanoi.

dong xuan market-night market

Many people like to wander here in the weekend because Dong Xuan night market sells many cheap and unique items (Dantri)

To travel to the market, you can take electric buses at Hoan Kiem Lake, or walk from your hotel close to the old town. This schedule of walking is quite suitable for those who would like to discover the Hanoi’s Old Quarter - one of Vietnam tourist attractions for every tourist.

1. Goods in Dong Xuan market Hanoi, Vietnam

There are 2 - 3 floors in the market where present various types of goods like clothes, handbags and electronics scattered on the 1st and 2nd floors.

dong xuan market-above

Dong Xuan market presents various types of goods (Marco Gallo) 

Confectionary, O mai (salted or sugared dry fruits) and the dried items are sold on the 1st floor in the back of the market.

There are also electronics, fabric products and shoes for sale scattered everywhere in the market. Seafood and foods are sold in the back of the market while handicrafts and souvenirs are in the front of the markets.

dong xuan market-elevator

Many things for shopping there (Marco Gallo) 

dong xuan market-inside

Now relax for a while after shopping (Marco Gallo) 

It is quite easy to get transactions in the market. However, shop owners often overcharge for their goods, so you should be skilful in bargaining to down prices of goods to 30% - 70 % depending on each kiosk.

dong xuan market-shopping around

Just save money by bargaining (Marco Gallo) 

2. Dong Xuan market alley

Dong Xuan market alley is also an inseparable part of this famous market with a range of food and drink stalls. If the market is a place for doing the business, the alley serves eat-and-drink demand. Shop owners, commodity stall owners often come here to take a rest at midday.

Now, welcome you to the food world:

Ms. Thuy’s snail rice noodles

Ms.Thuy-owned snail noodle restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Hanoi with more than 70 years of operating. During the Vietnam War, her mother sometimes had to take shelter when serving customer at the restaurant.

dong xuan market-snail noodle

Miss Thuy’s snail rice noodle is quite famous place with Hanoi young people (zing)

Restaurant customers are always fascinated by fresh snails, tasty broth, and harmonious sour and sweet as well as fresh salads. A “full-option” noodle bowl is served in 30.000-35.000 VND (over 1.5 USD).

The world of rice noodles

Grilled pork with rice is a must-eat food in Dong Xuan market. One special thing is that the pork here is grilled on the bamboo skewers. It isn’t popular on streets of Hanoi but a distinguished feature of this market. Restaurants selling this food are close together and always full of eaters.

It just costs you about 25.000-30.000 VND (1-1.5 USD) for this one, cheaper than other places in Hanoi.

dong xuan market-grilled pork rice noodle

Tasty grilled pork rice noodle (Foody)

There is also duck rice noodle and crab rice noodle soup served from morning to afternoon.

dong xuan market-foreigners

Enjoy crab rice noodle soup (zing)

Fried dishes


dong xuan market-rice pancake

Rice pancakes (zing)

dong xuan market-shrimp

Shrimp cakes (zing)

dong xuan market-fried fermented pork

Fried fermented pork (zing)

After enjoying main dishes, you can have your dessert with a delicious sweet gruel. It is a perfect choice to eat a sweet gruel with crushed ice in the hot weather.

dong xuan market-sweet

3. Hotel near Dong Xuan Market

The area surrounding the market is full of shops, thus there are not many hotels in the neighborhood of Dong Xuan market Hanoi. However, you can find some hotels nearby at Hang Chieu, Hang Luoc, Hang Giay, Ngo Gach and Nguyen Sieu Street. 

Here are some good hotels with affordable prices:

Hanoi Paradise is a 3-star hotel located at 53 Hang Chieu Street. The hotel’s rooms are clean and full of comforts. Moreover, hotel staffs are attentive and friendly. Rooms ‘price is from 600 – 800 VND (~30-40 USD) per room, depending on room types.

dong xuan market-hanoi paradise hotel

A room with luxury and classic design inside the hotel (Agoda)

Hanoi Advisor Hotel is received positive reviews on international room-booking websites. The hotel is cheap and equipped to meet the basic need of backpacking tourists. Rooms’ prices are only from 250.000 – 500.000 VND (~12-25 USD) per room. The hotel earns 1-star ranking and offer basic services. 

dong xuan market-Hanoi Advisor Hotel

Hanoi Advisor Hotel room (Agoda)

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