Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa: A beautiful fairy captivating visitors

Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa: A beautiful fairy captivating visitors

17-02-2017 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
At Ham Rong mountain Sapa (Vietnam), people have chance to explore the stunning scenery like in a heavenly garden with clouds around.

3 km away from Sa Pa town, behind the hotel Ham Rong, there is the nearly-1800m-mountain including many undulating rocks with various shapes. That is Ham Rong Mountain Sapa, Vietnam.

Seen from far away, the mountain looks like a bending giant dragon lying westward to the Hoang Lien Son range.

ham rong mountain sapa-dragon head

The mountain is like a giant dragon head (Tourdulich)

According to the legend, from the beginning of the Earth, there were two dragons attached to each other and not knowing that the flood was coming. When waking up, they scarily parted away, but they couldn’t fly up to the sky.

Then each one flied different ways. Although the female dragon turned to stone, with her fiercely survival instinct, she has been looking to the male dragon on the Hoang Lien Son mountain on the west till now.

ham rong mountain sapa-tourists

Tourists can not miss Ham Rong mountain when travelling to Sapa (instagram/_ngocc.quynhh_)

The more you go up, the more you have a chance to explore the stunning scenery like walking to the heavenly garden with clouds hugging gently around you and colorful flowers on the ground.

ham rong mountain sapa with friends

This tourist attraction is a great place for group of friends to travel (instagram/callmephanh_)

For tourists who have interests on sightseeing and picture taking, perhaps this is one of Vietnam destinations that you will have a lot of lifetime pictures.

ham rong mountain sapa-hoang lien son

You can see the mountain chain of Hoang Lien son (instagram/quochuy.0112)

ham rong mountain sapa-walking steps

It’s like walking into natural paradise (instagram/forever_we2808)


What are attractions of Sapa Ham Rong mountain?

Royal garden

Along the road to Ham Rong Mountain Sapa, there are so many flowers that will make you feel like you are in the second Da Lat of Vietnam (Da Lat is a very beautiful city full of flowers around years).

ham rong mountain sapa-flower garden

You can see plenty of flowers and orchid here (photobucket)

Particularly, the thing that impresses tourists is the orchid garden that grows in the middle of the halfway up the mountain with many kinds of orchids.

ham rong mountain sapa-flowers

This is a great place to take many beautiful photos (instagram/honganh.nguyen)

In addition, there is a garden with all sorts of flowers that are thought to be just grown in foreign countries like Japanese cherry blossoms, amethyst flowers, hydrangeas, etc.

Ancient peach garden

When you travel to Ham Rong mountain Sapa in spring, you’ll also have the opportunity to watch blooming peach blossoms along with the white color of plum and apricot blossoms that creat the bright space.

ham rong mountain sapa-peach blossom garden

Walking in the flowers garden (instagram/ruachambi)

These peach trees were planted a long time ago, so beside the modern life feeling, this place also brings the old feeling.

ham rong mountain sapa-old peach trees

All the peach trees here are many years old (instagram/congphung_ta)

ham rong mountain sapa-peach blossom trees

It’s an old stairs passage through the peach blossom trees​ (instagram/jasminele.de)

Sapa sky gate

To be able to watch the dragon head clearly, you need to go from the sky gate 1 to the sky gate 2 with the height of 1700 meters. This is one of the stunning places with a panoramic view of the city in fog like being lost in heaven.

ham rong mountain sapa-sky gate

Lost in heaven in Sapa sky gate (vina)

Tam Mon cave

When exploring Ham Rong mountain Sapa, don't forget to go to Tam Mon cave. The feature of this cave is that it only fits one person, but the inside space is vast with many entertainment activities such as: camping, enjoying fruits typical of north western mountains like peaches, pears, plums, etc.

Ethnic village zone

The ethnic village zone introduces guests with Sapa cultural beauty, costumes and stilt houses of ethnic Hmong, Red Dao, Xa Pho and Tay.

In particular, you can enjoy excellent entertainment shows in the performing arts area held two times per day regularly to serve the needs of travelers.

Cloud yard

Finally, after climbing 1800 meters of Ham Rong mountain Sapa, you will see the whole Sapa, Muong Hoa valley and Ta Phin hidden in smog.

ham rong mountain sapa-sky gate

Reaching the highest place at Ham Rongmountain (instagram/noonapilze)

ham rong mountain sapa-sky gate whole sapa town

You can watch the whole town Sapa here (instagram/quynhbng_)

ham rong mountain sapa-romantic sky gate

It also looks romantic and poetic​ (instagram/kua1107)

This is also considered the best place to enjoy Sapa in reality but not in pictures or TV. 

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