Guidance for a Sapa trekking tour in detail you should take note!

Guidance for a Sapa trekking tour in detail you should take note!

23-02-2017 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
Taking a Sapa trekking tour on your own or with a guide is an amazing experience you should try when coming to one of really hot destinations of Vietnam.

Here are the best Sapa trekking tours in detail that you may consider to discover Sapa!

Day 1 

Cat Cat (or Fansipan mountain by cable car) - Silver waterfall (Thac Bac) - Love waterfall - Golden stream - Observe sun set at O Quy Ho mountain pass.

5 am: You can hire a room on Cau May Street or Fansipan which is more quiet and close to the market for eating easier.

8 am: After unpack your luggage, do your personal hygiene, rest at the hotel, then have breakfast at Sapa square or cuisine area.

sapa trekking view

Peaceful space in Cat Cat village (Tran Viet Anh)

8.45 am: In Sapa trekking tour, you have two options: visit Cat Cat village - 2 km from the town, or take a cable car to Fansipan mountain - 9 km from the town (600.000 VND/ person – 27.3 USD).

sapa trekking reel

The reels used for taking water look like giant wheels (Tran Viet Anh)

Option 1: Cat Cat village (2 km from downtown): According to Sapa trekking map, Cat Cat is a small village beneath Sapa town in which Chinese H’mong people live.

sapa trekking-rice fields

The rice fields spread all over the place (Tran Viet Anh)

In your Sapa trekking, you should spend half a day going around the village, observing and discovering about the life and tradition of H’mong people. If you go during the transplant or harvest time, that will be a great time to mingle with their enthusiastic working spirit.

To reach Cat Cat village, you should hire a motorbike to save time. The entrance ticket in Cat Cat is 50.000 VND/ adult (~2.3 USD); 20.000 VND/ child (~1 USD).

12 am: You will go back to the center for lunch at the cuisine area or at some restaurants on Cau May Street.

1 pm: Back to the hotel.

sapa trekking-waterfall

Splendid Love Waterfall (Tran Viet Anh)

2 pm: Start to go to Silver waterfall - Love waterfall - O Quy Ho mountain pass.

A ticket for Silver waterfall is 20.000 VND/ adult (1 USD), 10.000 VND/ kid (0.5 USD).

3 pm: Go sightseeing at Love waterfall and Golden stream. You need to buy a ticket for a trip to that place (70.000 VND/adult – 3.2 USD; 30.000 VND/kid – 1.4 USD), then walk about 2 km.

The scene along the street is pretty nice, especially the yellow stream. When the sun lights on it, the water looks sparkle and very beautiful.

sapa trekking-sunset

Beautiful sunset in the top of O Quy Ho mountain pass (Tran Viet Anh)

5 pm: Leave Love waterfall to observe sunset at the top of O Quy Ho mountain pass. The sun will set behind the mountain range at about 5.30 pm. You will see winding roads in the mountain pass when standing there. 

Come here in cold days to watch the sunset, eat boar rolled by grilled vegetable, bamboo-tube rice then just relax and enjoy everything.

6.30 pm: Back to town for dinner.

8.30 pm: Go around the city center.

10 pm: Back to your hotel and take a sleep.

Day 2

Trekking Lao Chai - Ta Van village (8 km from city center) from morning to afternoon.

sapa trekking-small path

You are freely to explore many small paths of the field (Tran Viet Anh)

Other Vietnam tourist places in Sapa for trekking are Lao Chai - Ta Van villages that are very amazingly gorgeous. This will be the longest day of Sapa trekking.

sapa trekking-yellow field

The fields are glowing at any angle (Tran Viet Anh)

You will have chance to know the special tradition of high land ethnics. Along to the trip, you will meet H’mong people to Day people. You should hire a local tour for Sapa trekking guide or the local citizen (for example H’mong woman at the town) to guide you. They will address you to custom, tradition of inhabitants in Sapa.

sapa trekking-bamboo forest

Trekking in the bamboo forest (Tran Viet Anh)

There are many tours including shared tours. You can choose a tour with 290.000 VND/person (~13 USD). A guy will pick you up from Sapa to Lao Chai and then you will start to walk a long distance about 9 km. You will pass the villages and the ripen rice fields.

sapa trekking-terraced fields

These are very unique photos (Tran Viet Anh)

Then, have lunch and walk into the small path which is quite rough to pass. This tour is more suitable for youngsters who like to discover new experiments. For family with small kids and the elderly, there will have the different tour which is easier to walk through.

sapa trekking-sky

The night sky with full of stars will be a unforgettable memory of any visitors (Tran Viet Anh) 

In case you don’t want to buy a tour or hire a local guide, take a Sapa trekking on your own by hiring a motorbike. If you still have time in the afternoon, visit the old stone area, Den village (Topas Ecologe resort is there) with quiet space and beautiful roads.

sapa trekking-homestay

Homestay area is located in the middle of rice fields in Ta Van (Tran Viet Anh)

Sleeping at Ta Van (possibly choose Ta Van Ecologic Homestay) or go back to the city center. Homestay in Ta Van is really quiet, you can hear the sound of the stream flow all night long.

sapa trekking-Ta Van Ecologic

View from a bungalow in Ta Van Ecologic (Tran Viet Anh)

Day 3

Hiking in Ham Rong mountain - Trekking Ta Phin and bath in medicinal leaves of Red Dao people - Back to Ha Noi.

8.30 am: Have breakfast.

9.45 am: Clim Ham Rong mountain (Although you sleep at Ta Van or Sapa, you should get up early to be in time) to observe the entire Sapa from the high place.

sapa trekking-ham rong mountain

Observe the entire Sapa from Ham Rong mountain (instagram/noonapilze)

In Ham Rong mountain, you will see a yard which is so close to the clouds, and many beautiful flowers in garden, sky gate, the 12 Chinese zodiac statues, etc. You can also hire the ethnic costume to take some photos. The ticket is 70.000 VND/ adult (3.2 USD) and 20.000 VND/ kid (1 USD).

12 am: Go down and have lunch, rest at the hotel.

sapa trekking-way to Ta phin

A road leads to Ta Phin (Tran Viet Anh)

2 pm: Go to Ta Phin village (if you hire a motorbike). Ta Phin is 9 km from the city center, the same distance to Lao Chai village. This is the place where Red Dao people live and has well-known medicinal leaves that can treat osteoarthritis, digest disease, etc.

There are many nice places there for you to take pictures for example ancient church with red moss or beautiful terraced fields.

sapa trekking-old church

Old church in Ta Phin (Tran Viet Anh)

4.30 pm: Bath in medicinal leaves of Dao Do people. You will soak yourself into the water until you feel very high. After two days of Sapa trekking and climbing, your legs will be hurt and your body will be tired. Bathing with this  kind of water will surely help you feel much better.

6 pm: Back to Sapa for dinner, hang around the city center and buy some gifts or souvenirs.

sapa trekking-food

Delicious grilled food in Sapa (Tran Viet Anh)

9.30 pm: Take a coach back to Hanoi. The Inter Bus Line costs 220.000 VND/person (10 USD). You will reach Hanoi at about 5 am.

Some notes to prepare before the trip:

Sapa trekking Vietnam is really interesting for everybody, but you may need to know some essential tips before starting your tour.

  • Transportation mean between Ha Noi - Sapa: If you take the coach, you should buy from Hung Thanh (on Tran Quang Khai street - at Ha Noi foreign language university) or Inter Bus Line (Ha Noi old quarter). If you take a train, book 2 or 3 days before the trip in case they are sold out.
  • Costume: Bring sport shoes which have good friction, rubber boots, rain coat, warm clothes for autumn and winter or thin coat for summer.
  • Some medicines for flu, temperature, diarrhoea, antifebrile, antibiotic and dressing of wounds, mercurochrome and vitamin.
  • Dried food or canned food like bread, canned pork, noodles and some nutrition cookies.
  • If you take a Fansipan climbing tour: the shortest tour is 2 days and 1 night. But you can take the cable car which just takes 1 day. Reaching the top in late evening and go back. That will save a lot of time.
  • When visit the village in highland, you should respect their tradition and custom. You shall not enter their house without permission.

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