Go Around Hanoi in One Day: A Suggested Interesting Itinerary

Go Around Hanoi in One Day: A Suggested Interesting Itinerary

17-12-2016 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
One day tour in Hanoi with an interesting itinerary will surely fulfill your emotion and experience in the capital.

hanoi in one day

Hanoi in one day (hieprom)

Now, let's discover the capital with me in one day:

6 a.m

It’s worth starting to discover Hanoi in one day with pho (rice noodle soup) at some famous and traditional pho restaurants like Bat Dan beef pho one.

hanoi in one day-noodle bat dan

Beef noodles in Bat Dan street (Lozi)

Among various choices for breakfast in Hanoi like sticky rice, noodles, steamed rice pancake rolls, breads, etc., pho is still a top priority. Pho with hot, tasty bone broth, white rice noodles, delicious beef, little onion for decoration can satisfy everyone and naturally becomes a famous Vietnamese dish all over the world.

7 a.m

There’s no need to be hurry in Hanoi, so visiting a small coffee shop to enjoy a cup of brown coffee isn’t a bad idea for continuing your Hanoi in one day.

hanoi in one day-cafe

You can order a cup of coffee for sipping while watching the bustling streets (Baomoi)

Hanoians don’t enjoy their coffee at luxury coffee shops where are only suitable for juice drinks or fruit juice.

If you want to enjoy tasty coffee, visit small coffee shops on the side walk with slovenly furniture to guarantee your cup of delicious coffee.

8 a.m

Now it is high time for a Hanoi city tour in one day! And Hoan Kiem Lake - one of Vietnam tourist destinations, is a first best choice. Corners at Sword Lake, Hang Bai, Dinh Le Street, the Hanoi Opera House, Hilton Hotel and Metropole Hotel will be really good places for your photography.

Then you may visit Trang Tien Street to enjoy delicious ice cream cones, otherwise enjoy your walking to The Huc Bridge - Ngoc Son Temple. After that, visit Temple of Literature – The oldest University of Vietnam.

hanoi in one day-the huc bridge

You cannot forget to visit Sword Lake near Ngoc Son temple with ancient and peaceful beauty (vietnamexperience)

hanoi in one day-van mieu

Temple of Literature is the first university of Vietnam with many historical relics (Dulich24)

It will take over two hours to visit these two places. On the way to visit Temple of Literature, you can have a look at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long on Hoang Dieu Street.

hanoi in one day-hoang thanh

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long holds unique and mysterious beauty (Mytour)

12 a.m

Hanoi foods for lunch are always tasty and delicious. Some suggestions to energize one day tour in hanoi are noodle with fried tofu and shrimp paste in Phat Loc alley, pork-grilled noodle in Hang Manh, La Vong grilled chopped fish, etc.

hanoi in one day-bun dau

Noodle with fried tofu and shrimp paste will surprise you with just a bite with full of flavors! (Lozi)

1 p.m

It’s high time to discover the Old Quarter with 36 streets to witness the lifestyles of Hanoians.

It’s easy to lose your way in the old and small streets here. Each street sells separate items at tiny shops.

hanoi in one day-shop

Wandering in these shops in special occasion of the year is so interesting (Dantri)

Visiting Bach Ma Temple, one of the four mental defender symbols of Hanoi on Hang Buom Street, wandering on O Quan Chuong Street or the busy Dong Xuan market, then go to buy some O mai as a gift on Hang Duong Street where you also can see green rice flakes carefully wrapped in lotus leaves.

hanoi in one day-bach ma temple

You can see some traditional and special rituals of worshipping in Vietnam in Bach Ma Temple (Wikipedia)

hanoi in one day-o quan chuong

O Quan Chuong is one of 5 gates of Hanoi which are believed as guards of capital (Tobey Nguyen)

5 p.m

The show of Thang Long Puppet Theatre is about to begin. Performance time is only more than one hour yet very interesting. Vietnam’s folk stories were told by puppets on the water.

hanoi in one day-thang long puppet

Most of performances of Thang Long water puppet theater are about Vietnamese historical stories (Vietnamtourism)

6 p.m

It’s time to enjoy Bia Hoi at the corner of Ta Hien Street – also called “foreigner Street”. Enjoy the cool beer with a handful of Nem Phung, French fries, fermented pork rolls, etc.

hanoi in one day-ta hien street

Ta Hien street is always busy and busting all day long (Kỳ_Phong)

8 p.m

Your Hanoi in one day will continue by shopping at Old Quarter night market. Market opens from 6 p.m to 11 p.m on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the streets of Hang Dao, Hang Duong Street to Dong Xuan market.

hanoi in one day-night market

You can find a lot of unique and interesting souvenirs in the night market (Dantri)

hanoi in one day-walking street

Or enjoying fresh air by a walk (Thoidai)

You can also join and watch many exciting performances on the pedestrian streets there.

hanoi in one day-performance

Watch many exciting performances on the pedestrian streets (zing)

10 p.m

It’s best time for Vietnamese iced tea and supper. Find a tea shop with spectacular views of the Sword Lake, enjoy a cup of aromatic tea with sunflower seeds or fruit plate.

hanoi in one day-iced tea

Iced tea and sunflower seed are the most favorite street food of Hanoi young people. It is enough for a happy meeting with friends (Foody)

There are also various choices for a supper from papaya salad bowl, pork-rib soup, pate sticky rice to bun mang ngan (noodle of bamboo shoot and duck meat).

hanoi in one day-papaya salad

Papaya salad which is seasoned appropriately with dried beef will be a delicious snack (Nguyendiemmy)

12 p.m

Under the light of yellow street lamps, Hanoi is quiet at midnight, the windows are slightly open at someone's house with the presto and largo music.

hanoi in one day-night

Hanoi night looks like a fairy world (Tapchianhdep)

Walking at night in Hanoi will give you a chance to see all the beauty and excitement of this land. It is also time for photo artists to start their night shots.


hanoi in one day-hanoi nightlife

The beauty of Hanoi at night (depplus) 

2 a.m

It’s time for a special trip to a special fragrant place - Quang Ba flower night market.

hanoi in one day-quang ba night market flower

Blooming flowers are arranged and waiting for buyers (Baomoi)

In the light of flashlights, flower buyers and sellers are so busy. You won’t want to leave this night flower market when coming there. If you feel hungry, eat a hot Pho bowl or rice cakes.

5 a.m

To conclude Hanoi tour in one day, I really recommend  you to see sunrise on the over-100-year-old Long Bien Bridge. Dawn on the Red River is dreamy beauty. Under the bridge, Long Bien vegetable market is in the busiest hours. And on the bridge, farmers and street vendors are busy back and forth with heavy baskets of fruits.

hanoi in one day-long bien bridge

This place is one of the best positions to enjoy fully the beauty of sunrise in Hanoi (ngodung)

Hanoi one day itinerary is short but it will fulfill your emotion and experience of most special things in this beautiful city.

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