Getting a huge thrift haul at Ben Thanh night market, Saigon

Getting a huge thrift haul at Ben Thanh night market, Saigon

03-01-2017 11:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
Ben Thanh night market, Vietnam guide: opening hours, how to bargain for a big thrift haul along with a short food tour you might want to try once.

ben thanh night market-saigon

Wandering at Saigon's night market (instagram/ningkoch)

Ben Thanh night market location

Ben Thanh night market, Vietnam is located in both sides of Ben Thanh Market. The market is held every day on 4 streets, namely Phan Chu Trinh, Phan Boi Chau, Luu Van Lang and Nguyen An Ninh, opposite East gate and West gate.

ben thanh night market-outside

Ben Thanh night market at night (ddcorporation)

Ben Thanh night market hours

Ben Thanh night market opening hours: 18 pm - 24 pm.

Shopping at Ben Thanh night market

Goods displayed here is very diverse, from clothes, shoes, jewelry and souvenirs to all dishes of North, Central and South areas of Vietnam.

ben thanh night market-entrance

Goods displayed here is very diverse (wordpress/lthdan02)

The stalls are prepared from dawn but the most crowded after 8 pm, when everyone has finished dinner and can relax to stroll and combine with going shopping.

ben thanh night market-items

The night market is the most crowded after 8 pm (wordpress/lthdan02)

Shopping connoisseurs often whisper to each other that if anyone wants to buy nice shoes with reasonable price, they should go to Ben Thanh night market. Shoes here are displayed with various types with latest models.

ben thanh night market-shoes

Go to Ben Thanh night market for nice shoes with reasonable price​ (wordpress/lthdan02)

Shoes in Ben Thanh night market location are taken mainly from China, Hong Kong or from domestic footwear manufacturing premises. A pair of shoes costs from 150.000-300.000 VND (7-15 USD), depending on the style and quality.

ben thanh night market-souvenirs

Tourists actually can find unique things in this market to bring back to their country (instagram/dinaralexander)

Another item that is widely sold a lot here is jewelry and accessories. You can find yourself a lovely pair of sparkling earrings or bracelets, colorful necklaces made of eye-catching stones, plastic beads and many other materials.

You just need to pay half or 2/3 of the prices that sellers offer and happily bring home your favorite piece of jewelry.

ben thanh night market-jewelry

Find yourself a lovely pair of sparkling earrings or bracelets there (vnp)

If you like fake handbags of famous fashion brands such as L.V, Gucci, etc. the Ben Thanh night market is one of the Vietnam tourist places not to be missed.

During Ben Thanh night market hours, you can choose yourself bags with favorite branded feature which costs you a reasonable price. Typically, prices will range from 50.000-300.000 VND (2-15 USD), depending on your ability to bargain and handbag styles you choose.

ben thanh night market-sale

Choose yourself bags with favorite branded feature with so budget price (wordpress/lthdan02)

Clothing has become an integral part of any public night market. A special feature of Ben Thanh night market Saigon is that it lies in the heart of the city where attracts many foreign tourists, so clothes are largely souvenir shirts printed with Vietnam flag or map.

ben thanh night market-goods

Many souvenirs there to buy for gifts (instagram/mandonnabmw)

Besides, you should also go to Ben Thanh night market Ho Chi Minh City to buy them souvenirs that have typical Vietnamese culture. You are free to choose from the Vietnamese girl statues charming in ao dai to colorful brocade wallets.

ben thanh night market-sticky rice

Colourful sticky rice is a unique should-try food (instagram/ar381)

Combined with shopping, you can stop beside the food stores to enjoy dishes of three regions North-Central-South.

ben thanh night market-food

Dishes of North-Central-South regions are available there (wordpress/lthdan02)

The food area is arranged inside the lane adjacent to the East and West gates, where visitors are served with a lot of typical dishes of three regions, typically such as Pho Hanoi, Hue beef noodle soup, mussel rice, Ninh Hoa meat rolls, Cao Lau Hoi An, Quang noodles, etc.

ben thanh night market-fish

Grilled fishes are every dilicious and attracts many tourists (wordpress/lthdan02)

ben thanh night market-dishes

You can enjoy Vietnam-characterized dishes in Ben Thanh night market (wordpress/lthdan02)

ben thanh night market-seafood

A lot of seafood for tourists to choose (wordpress/lthdan02)

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