Fansipan Legend, Sapa - Take an excursion in the “cloudy city”

Fansipan Legend, Sapa - Take an excursion in the “cloudy city”

17-02-2017 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
In Fansipan Legend Sapa zone, you can reach the roof of Indochina to touch the sky, take amazing shots, have meals and go shopping. What do you hesitate for?

Fansipan Legend-cloudy city

In cloudy Fansipan Legend, Sapa (instagram/

Have you ever imagined that you can walk, shop and have meals ... in a "city" covered with clouds, just like in heaven, which has fading smoke and surprising beauty?

Located in the southwestern of Sapa, Fansipan Legend is one of the most popular Vietnam tourist destinations which is a combination of resorts with many ranked works like Fansipan Legend cable cars, amusement parks, five-star-international-class resorts, etc.

fansipan legend-sky city

This is the so called “sky city” (kentnguyeenx)

fansipan legend-see the sky

You can see all the sky and clouds here (celiacardoson)

Reaching “the roof of Indochina”, taking the cable car which owns two world records, hunting clouds, watching the MuongHoa valley, etc. are the valuable experience for visitors when coming to Fansipan Legend Sapa.

fansipan legend-roof of Indochina

Here is the “roof” of Indochina (ivivu)

fansipan legend-sky gate

And this is what people call the sky gate (celiacardoson)

The overall architecture in Fansipan Legend including Fansipan Legend cable systems with two stations, the departure one is Sapa Station and the arrival is Fansipan Station.

fansipan legend-stairs to paradise

It looks like the stairs to paradise (evitabaudadzivi)

fansipan legend-unreal look

A fairy land here (linhrubvwine_poltue)

Located 2.5 km from the town in the direction to Silver waterfall, on Highway 4D, it takes about 10 minutes to get to the cable system by car or motorbike.

fansipan legend-muong hoa valley from above

Tourists can come here by cable car (iiamnamm)

fansipan legend-cable cars

Even taking photos from the cable car is beautiful (thuy.ng91)

It is very interesting that you spend only 15 minutes by using Fasipan legend cable car instead of 4 days hiking in the mountain to enjoy cloud hunting.

fansipan legend-close to clouds

You can watch the clouds really close (sherrytangg)

You can see the clouds with many different forms. In the valley, the clouds are just like silk strips meandering the mountains. Getting a bit higher, the cable car will take you to go through the clouds, giving you a magical feeling.

fansipan legend-beautiful photos

Many people come here every year and took a lot of photos (hattieu2103)​

fansipan legend-top of Vietnam

It is the highest top of Vietnam here (bellexxiv)

Fansipan Legend return ticket price for adults is 600.000 VND (27.3 USD), a child with 1m-1.3m in height is 400.000 VND (18.2 USD), kids under 1m tall will be free. Each cabin contains 30 - 35 people.

fansipan legend-old town in paradise

It’s like an old town in paradise (hoangvuk194)

Sapa station departs in Muong Hoa valley. The arrival station is 3000m in height, close to Fansipan mountain.

fansipan legend-mountains

You can see many mountains together (muntanamut)

After stopping at the arrival station, the visitors will spend 20-30 minutes climbing 600 stairs to get to Fansipan top, reaching the roof of Indochina. 

fansipan legend-reach the sky

Climbing 600 stairs to get to Fansipan top (huynf_)

As you step up to the peak of the mountain, it gives you a feeling that you can touch the sky. Here, you can see an endless space of thousands of clouds, witness paradise scenery to melt away your tiredness and difficulties.

fansipan legend-flower garden

Or walk in to a flower garden (thuyhuong_292) 

On the way to the mountain, you can see other beautiful sites excluded in Fansipan Legend Sapa such as the Bamboo Garden, Bao An Thien Tu, Bich Van Thien Tu temple, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. You need to spend a half-day trip to enjoy the whole of this magnificent Fansipan Legend zone.

fansipan legend-corridor to the sky

Another corridor to the sky (hynekharuda) 

After a 600-stair journey to the top of the mountain, stopping at one of the luxurious restaurants there to enjoy the excellent cuisine of northwest will be a pleasant experience for the culinary devotees.

fansipan legend-food at restaurant

Then enjoy good foods at the swanky restaurant here (matchamichi)

Cautions for visitors coming to Fansipan Legend:

- Bring snacks and water because services on the mountain are a bit expensive.

- Don’t carry too much luggage because the management won’t let you into the cable car.

- Wear warm clothes, bring extra gloves, scarf, hats because the temperature is about 80C in the mountain.

fansipan legend-mist and frog

Wear warm clothes for the cold weather in the peak (meii.mei)

- When hiking in the mountain, you shouldn’t try so hard, just take a rest when you want because the gap between two stairs is quite large and sloping. The atmosphere at a height of nearly 300m is quite thin, go slowly or you may get hypotension and dyspnea.

- Don’t smoke while hiking in the mountain because it is prone to forest fires.

- Don’t throw garbage on the road because it will affect the landscape and the environment.

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