Enjoy Hoi An night market – More than just for shopping

Enjoy Hoi An night market – More than just for shopping

21-01-2017 12:09 Posted by: Thao Tran
Tourists come to night market Hoi An, Vietnam for the poetic delight by wandering around the own town and feel local characteristics.

People do go to Hoi An night market located in Nguyen Hoang Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province not actually for shopping but for the poetic delight by wandering around the market on the bank of the romantic ancient Hoai river.

Hoi An night market opening hours are from 5 p.m to 11 p.m.

hoi an night market-people come to visit and shop

Many people come to Hoi An night market to hang out or go shopping (huetourism)

Night market Hoi An Vietnam gathers nearly 50 shopping stores over 300 meter-long street with various types of commodities, making the market a crowded space with specific local features.

hoi an night market-pop up cards

Many colorful pop up cards are being selling (huetourism)

The local characteristics are not only about Hoi An accent but also the friendly atmosphere of trade as well as hand-made products by local craftsmen.

hoi an night market-toys

And lovely toys with different sizes and shapes (huetourism)

As one of famous Vietnam destinations, there are all kinds of commodities at the night market Hoi An Vietnam, including traditionally colorful lanterns, lovely toy figurines, handicraft items, Thanh Ha pottery, fabrics, silk, as well as famous dishes like Cao Lau (Hoi An pork noodles) Quang noodles, black sesame sweetened porridge. 

hoi an night market-lovely small paintings

Tourists can also buy lovely small paintings with embossed patterns (huetourism)

If you have a chance to travel to Quang Nam in the Centre of Vietnam, have a look at Hoi An night market map and go there because it is worth experiencing the atmosphere in Hoi An own town, Hoai river within the bustling yet poetic night market.

hoi an night market-local people sell a lot

The local people show many products for selling (huetourism)

hoi an night market-wooden products

This is a shop that sells many small wooden stuffs (huetourism)

hoi an night market-lanterns

Or you can buy Hoi An lanterns right here (huetourism)

hoi an night market-customers buy things

Some customers are buying products at Hoi An market (huetourism)

hoi an night market-tiny things

So many tiny things that you can buy (huetourism)

hoi an night market-flip flops

Tourists can also buy Hoi An traditional flip flops (huetourism)

hoi an night market-a family visits the market

A family is walking around Hoi An night market (huetourism)

hoi an night market-different lanterns

There are many lanterns in different sizes and colors to choose (huetourim)

hoi an night market-buying lanterns

Those lanterns attract lots of tourists

hoi an night market-colorful lanterns

You can buy lantern like a gift for your family or friends (huetourim)

hoi an night market-foreigners buy lanterns

A lot of shops here sell lanterns (huetourism)

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