Cat Cat village – The most beautiful village of Northwest area

Cat Cat village – The most beautiful village of Northwest area

20-02-2017 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
You must visit Cat Cat village Sapa, Vietnam when coming to the town since it’s named as the most beautiful village of Northwest highland.

cat cat village Sapa

Cat Cat village Sapa (instagram/tottochan0111)

Cat Cat Village is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. This place has a high density of H'mong ethnic’s people. This is one of the names in a list of the best places worth going in Sapa.

From the town center, tourists can follow the path towards the Fanxipan mountain for approximately 3km after reaching Cat Cat village.

cat cat village map

Cat Cat village  map (google map)

cat cat village-people

Beautiful view from high above of Cat Cat village (Instagram/habi149)

cat cat village-sight

General view seems to cover in your eyes from this position (Instagram/i.m_away)

Walking is the way which more travelers are choosing to leisurely sightseeing along majestic mountains and peaceful rustic village. When they feel tired, they can hire motor to drive back. These people often parked their motorbike in the beginning or end area of Cat Cat village Sapa, Vietnam.

cat cat village-flower

Cat Cat village Sapa is the place of thousands of flowers (Instagram/hoagyennn)

Located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain, Cat Cat – one of the most beautiful Vietnam tourist places, hides under the wrapper of Mother Nature. The green of the fields and hills covers up the village and is mixed in small houses of the people living around. All in one create a colorful and dreaming picture of nature

Cat Cat village view

Some people emerge emotion into nature (Instagram/luna_linh1812)

Cat Cat village- girl

Cat Cat village is the place holding memorable smile of happiness (Instagram/qquyen_)

Nearly 80 households are mostly located along the road with stone stair in the middle of village, some are scattered on the mountainside.

Cat Cat village- photo

Young people are free to create unique photos (Instagram/yellorangeee)

Taking a few hundred meters in the stair, you will reach the center of Cat Cat, a convergence of three streams whispering all day long which are Tien Sa stream, Gold stream and Silver stream and Cat Cat waterfall (also known as Tien Sa waterfall) rumbling with white foam.

Cat Cat village-emotion

You can take photo in any angle (Instagram/hanh.1206)

There are two suspension bridges located next to the waterfall which are A bridge and Si bridge. They attract many tourists for sightseeing and taking souvenir pictures.

Cat Cat village-plant

Plants here also attract the attention of photographers (Instagram/umeexiinh)

cat cat village-garden

Getting lost in a garden of blossoming flowers is like a real dream (Instagram/dangphuongthaoo)

Besides growing rice, Hmong people in Cat Cat village also develope traditional handicrafts such as planting flax, weaving, knitting and blacksmithing the tools farm.

Cat Cat Village also has crafted silver, copper jewelry which have long life and produce sophisticated products such as necklaces, bracelets, rings ... To be able to learn about crafts, visitors can go to visit traditional handicraft villages with areas of hand embroidery, the job descriptions ... which are extremely unique.

cat cat village-souvernir

You should also spend time wandering around to find some unique souvenirs (Instagram/lamihuvn)

cat cat village-market

This market definitely is an attractive place for young girls who are shopaholics (Instagram/from.feb.20th__)

Cat Cat Village attracts tourists not only by lyrical, natural landscapes but also by the traditional and diversified cultural characteristics of ethnic Hmong.

There are some unique traditions in Cat Cat village such as strange "pulling wife". When a boy falls in love with a girl, he will hold a party and invite his friends and ask them to make a plan of "pulling" the girl to his home in an unexpected way and holding her for three days.

cat cat village-road

Clever hand of people here made delicate and “one-of-a-kind” clothes (Instagram/maitrang)

Then, if she agrees to marry him, the boy will conduct an official ceremony. Otherwise, they together drink a bowl of wine to make friend and everything is normal as if nothing happened.

cat cat village-bridge

Nature is splendid at any angle (Instagram/dungdung.232)

cat cat village-mountain

People seems to be so small before enormous nature (Instagram/muutattt)

cat cat village-high view

Come to Cat Cat village to find yourself a peaceful and fresh moment (Instagram/myle.11)

Visiting Cat Cat, tourists also have the opportunity to experience and explore the traditions and beauty of religious beliefs of the local people as well as enjoy themselves in the gentle dance of H’mong beautiful girls, or emotional sound of ethnic instruments played by Hmong boys.

Moreover, you also can enjoy Sapa specialties there such as corn liquor, mix soup thang co, corn cake, etc.

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