Bitexco Financial Tower – The 3rd highest skyscraper of Vietnam

Bitexco Financial Tower – The 3rd highest skyscraper of Vietnam

12-01-2017 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
Feeling like in the clouds just by paying a visit to Bitexco tower, Saigon (Vietnam), which reaches the top 25 world's iconic buildings voted by CNN.

Bitexco Financial Tower – The 3rd highest skyscraper

Bitexco Financial Tower Project (instagram/mapmapbeobeo)

Bitexco Financial Tower Project was implemented construction by Bitexco Corporation in 2005 and went into operation on 31st October, 2010.

bitexco financial tower-design

Bitexco financial tower is inspired by the national flower – a lotus bud (tinmoi)

At a height of 262 m (68 floors) with the floor area of nearly 6,100 m2 and a total investment of 220 million dollars, Bitexco tower, Vietnam is the 3rd highest skyscraper of Vietnam and reaches the top 25 world's iconic buildings voted by CNN, helping it among Vietnam tourist attractions.

So what is inside this tallest building in Saigon? Let's list things to do in this flesh-pot “among the clouds”:

Ground floor: Shops and a garden café

The ground floor of Bitexco tower, Saigon is the easiest place to come in and out. Just after entering the tower, you will easily encounter brand sporting goods at stores like Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc.

bitexco financial tower-front side

The swanky sport shop covers all the front side of Bitexco tower Saigon (baomoi)

But more specifically, there is a garden café at the foot of Bitexco. Hiding under the "shady tree" -Bitexco, Elle café stands out with natural greenery and live music every night.

bitexco financial tower-cafe

Elle garden café is really cool (baomoi)

bitexco financial tower-live music

Enjoy live music every night at this garden café (baomoi)

The 3rd and 4th floors: Food and cinema complex

It’s a great idea to date on the third and fourth floor of Bitexco tower in Saigon on rainy days.

Couples don’t have to waste much time and also save travel expenses because they can "take care of” their stomach at Food Creative zone, and then absorb in films in a high-quality movie theater -CGV.

bitexco financial tower-food store

At the Food Creative zone, you can find food from around the world like Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China and even fast food from America (baomoi)

bitexco financial tower with friend

You need to buy food tickets with different values and use them at the food stores to buy food (baomoi)

bitexco financial tower-cuisine

It is hard to say no to the food in Bitexco tower Saigon (baomoi)

bitexco financial tower-mall

That is so great to enjoy movies after a delicious meal, isn’t it?(baomoi)

The 49th floor: Enjoy watching the earth and sun in Saigon

Saigon Skydeck is the place you cannot ignore when coming to Bitexco tower, Ho Chi Minh once.

To get views throughout the city with 360 degrees, you can ask a staff of the tower at the ground floor for tickets to the 49th floor.

bitexco financial tower-telescope

You can see the whole city at this ideal height (baomoi)

The Bitexco tower entrance fee to come this floor is 200.000 VND (~10 USD). You will feel "shocked" at this height when viewing the whole city through a telescope.

bitexco financial tower-skydeck

View the whole city through a telescope (instagram/hasaniqbaln)

bitexco financial tower-high

Take cool photos at this high place (instagram/so_yea_ya)

The 51th floor: EON coffee - Coffee in the clouds

Have you ever thought to be in Bitexco financial tower to drink coffee yet? If not, then do it as soon as possible because you’ll get experience that is unwasteful.

bitexco financial tower-eon coffee

Drink coffee while seeing the city from the "cloud" (instagram/quynhnhu0224)

Located on the 50th floor of Bitexco tower, EON Café will give you a perfect view while drinking coffee while seeing the city from the "cloud".

bitexco financial tower-coffee

Since Bitexco café is “sky coffee” so the cheapest drink here is 120,000 VND, this seems to be more reasonable than buying a ticket to watch the city (baomoi)

The 52th floor: Strata Restaurant - Buffet at a high place

Buffet from above, have you ever tried? Buffet prices there are not cheap, approximately 820.000 VND (~37 USD) with soft drinks, but this is a reasonable price for a 5-star buffet.

bitexco financial tower-restaurant

Do you feel impressed by this space? (baomoi)

Strata restaurant serves over 50 dishes and it also includes integrated bar. 

bitexco financial tower-bar

A bar at Strata inside Bitexco tower, Ho Chi Minh (baomoi)

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