Best things to do in Sapa town, Vietnam that no one can deny

Best things to do in Sapa town, Vietnam that no one can deny

13-02-2017 17:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
You must experience these top things to do in Sapa to get an extremely unforgettable trip in one of the best places in Vietnam.

things to do in Sapa

Best things to do in Sapa (instagram/saltinourhair)

Sa Pa, located over 300km from Hanoi, in Lao Cai Province is a famous tourist spot in Vietnam. When you arrive in this town, don’t forget to enjoy the following unforgettable experience. They are among best things to do in Sapa:

1. Conquering Fansipan peak and admiring cloud

As the rooftop of Indochina, Fansipan Peak is the goal for many young hiking enthusiasts to conquer. On the Fansipan peak, you you are free to enjoy the sea of cloud and pose your own impressive selfies.

things to do in sapa-fansipan

 On the Fansipan peak, you you are free to enjoy the sea of cloud (instagram/thuylenh)

September is the time that many groups of backpackers and hikers choose to discover Sapa thanks to its pretty nice weather.

2. Admiring the world’s most beautiful terraced rice fields

Among top things to do in Sapa is enjoy watching terraced fields which is the world's most gorgeous terraces voted by many prestigious newspapers in the world.

things to do in sapa-rice terrace

Sapa has the most beautiful terraced rice fields in the world (dulichsapalaocai)

Mother nature created a fanciful, majestic Sapa, the local residents - "barefoot artists" contributed to draw up a gorgeous picture of nature in Sapa. Travelling to Sapa in April – the water pouring season, or in September - golden rice season, you will have the opportunity to enjoy extremely beautiful picture of this town.

3. Wandering in Ham Rong fairy garden

Ham Rong Mountain is known as the fairy garden in Sapa with blooming flowers. A variety of rare orchids are also preserved in the garden of Ham Rong Mountain.

You will feel like losing in the fairy scenery surrounded by colorful flower under the mist fades. It is like in a film rather than in reality, but surprisingly, it is actually real on Ham Rong mountain.

things to do in sapa-ham rong mountain

Feeling like entering in the fairy scenery on Ham Rong mountain​ (photobucket)

4. Experiencing a slow life in Sapa

Among things to do in Sapa is walking. Sapa is the paradise for walking (trekking). Here you can walk tens of kilometers from the town of Sapa through the villages, streams, bridges, fields and mountains.

things to do in sapa-slow life

Trekking in Sapa is an interesting activity of many tourists (instagram/leesy1993)

You are free to walk from morning to night and every village is available for you to homestay. Walking makes you feel slowly, you can relief stress from noisy working days, bustling urban areas. You also have chance to explore nature, life, culture and people here.

5. Staying at homestays in Ta Van village, Ta Phin Village, Ho Village

Sleeping at night in a small house of ethnic minorities in Sapa, welcoming dawn in a strange place far from bustle urban will offer you with a special experience.

things to do in sapa-stay at a homestay

Stating at a homestay is a must-do thing you should do in Sapa (instagram/n.b.n.g.o.c)

One exciting reason why homestaying is among things to do in Sapa is that you can enjoy rustic dishes of Northwest identity cooked by house owners that are always cheap yet delicious.

things to do in sapa-food

You can enjoy rustic dishes at a homestay (dulichmienphi)

6. Experiencing sunrise and sunset moments in Sapa

With one day in Sapa you can experience all four seasons, spring in the morning and winter in the sunset.

things to do in sapa-sunrise

Admire a gentle Sapa in the dawn (khachsantoancanhsapa)

You can admire a gentle Sapa in the dawn. Until sunset, when sun disappears behind the Hoang Lien Mountains, Sapa is somehow romantic and sad. For those who own an “artist soul”, admiring the sunset is definitely among things to do in Sapa.

7. Exploring Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall

As one of famous Vietnam tourist spots, Sapa owns the wonderful scenery. Among those are waterfalls that you should travel to at least once to enjoy the cool and clean water.

things to do in sapa-love waterfall

Love Waterfall in Sapa is so nice for a shot (instagram/

There is a fairy tale of love about the waterfalls: The seventh fairy of god and a woodcutter's son fell in love with each other. Their love is banned by the god. The fairy cannot give up their love. She died of sadness, becoming yellow birds flying around mountaintop of O Quy Ho and crying for their sorrow.

Rumor has it that young couples travel to Love waterfall will heave a strong love and fidelity.

8. Enjoy Sapa specialties

Like other places in the Northwest, Sapa has many attractive specialties. In Sapa you will definitely have exciting experience on cuisine.

things to do in sapa-enjoy food

 Sapa has many attractive specialties everyone wants to enjoy all (instagram/dung93dtvt)

Enjoy Sapa’s grilled dishes, sitting beside the fire to roast potatoes, corn, or meat in cold weather is definitely exciting experience. Or enjoy the salmon - sturgeon hot pots also make you feel unforgettable. Let you try to enjoy all the specialties as things to do in Sapa town.

9. Admiring the wonder of O Quy Ho mountain pass

As one of the four most gorgeous mountain passes in the Northwest, you will feel scary of travelling on this zigzag mountain pass. Yet once you arrive in the peak of the mountain pass, you will have an unique chance to admire the wonder of nature here.

things to do in sapa-o quy ho

O Quy Ho is one of four most gorgeous mountain passes in the Northwest (sapahotelbooking)

Here, you will experience the height of the mountain pass, the pleasant micro-climate and mysterious natural scenes. With young adventure enthusiasts, this will be the experience that they cannot ignore.

10. Exploring Sapa spaces without tourists

There are Sapa spaces without noise, smoke and commercialization, such as Giang Ta Phin village, Thanh Kim village, Nam Sai village, Nam Cang village. Coming these villages, it seems to be only you with villagers and the nature. This is a special experience that you may have never gone through before.

things to do in sapa-quiet area

Exploring Sapa spaces without tourists is a special experience in Sapa (instagram/lostleblanc)

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