Best National Parks in Vietnam that Everybody Becomes Bewitched

Best National Parks in Vietnam that Everybody Becomes Bewitched

18-12-2016 11:26 Posted by: Thao Tran
These are best national parks in Vietnam which are not only romantic as Korean films, but also mysterious with waterfalls, mountains and rivers.

The following 7 best national parks in Vietnam are so beautiful that you surely cannot resist:

1. Cat Tien National park

Cat Tien National Park located in Nam Cat Tien commune, Tân Phu district, Dong Nai province, 50 km far from Sai Gon. This is one of best national parks in Vietnam certified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserves area of the world.

national park vietnam cat tien

The beauty of pristine wildlife is definitely an attractive characteristic of this land (tanwanyi on Instagram)

You can discover by yourself around the national park without the support from any tourist guides. If you travel for a long time, you might need a tour guide to follow scheduled routes.

national park vietnam cat tien people

The boy seems to enjoy comfortably the fresh nature here (Lorenzo Kaleolani on Instagram)

If you love to explore pristine nature, you can start the boat station in Dong Nai which is far from the shore around 100m. The cost is 40.000 VND/ person /roundtrip ticket to go to Nam Cat Tien area.

national park vietnam cat tien camp

People also visit here for riding bicycle or camping with friends and families at the weekend (Thang Huynh on Instagram)

Five experiences that you should not ignore when coming to this national park in Vietnam are trekking cross the forest, cycling to views crocodile kingdom, camping overnight in the forest and watching animals at night. 

2. Chu Yang Sin International park

Chu Yang Sin International Park located in the territory of Lak and Krong Bong districts of Dak Lak, and 60 km to the east of Buon Ma Thuot City.

national park vietnam chu yang sin

The nature holds its pure beauty hiden in faint clouds around tropical forest (Trinh Doan Doan on Instagram)

national park vietnam-chu yang sin mountain

It looks like aink wash painting which is drawn by some professional artist (W. Lancaster on Instagram)

Cycling, or sightseeing the evergreen pine forest, discovering wild birds and mammals or paddling a canoe on the river are exciting experiences you should not miss when coming this best national parks of Vietnam.

national park vietnam-chu yang sin people

It is worth climbing to the top of the mountain and take a cool photo (TinyTexas and LittleStar on Instagram)

3. Bach Ma International Park

It belongs to Thua Thien Hue Province, 40km far from Hue City.  Before becoming a national park, Bach Ma has been well known by many people for its resource, biodiversity with many kinds of special plants and mammals.

national park vietnam-bach ma

Feel like we can fly into the sky with this open space (15.02.Chín Nhăm on Instagram)

This actually will be among best national park vacations of you to get back to the nature and find peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

national park vietnam-bach ma mountain

All scenes are gathered into our eyes(Andrew Williams on Instagram)

Bach Ma International Park is a perilous gift. It’s like a beautiful girl whom we are bewitched after understanding more about.

national park vietnam-bach ma cave

This place attracts visitors by not only  resh green plants with beautiful and unique wild flowers but also system of various animals (gina ri on Instagram)

national park vietnam-bach ma waterfall

The waterfall flows from top of the mountain (Jo Chieng on Instagram)

4. Cúc Phương National Park

Located in Ninh Binh province, in the central of the Tam Diep mountain range, 120 km to the South from Ha Noi, Cuc Phuong National Park is the first national park of Vietnam.

national park vietnam-cuc phuong

The imposing scene of mountain there will impress any visitors (Jacob on Instagram)

A huge natural museum with plentiful flora and fauna, thousand-aged impressive ancient trees as well as rare birds can be easily found here.

national park vietnam-cuc phuong river

Wandering in this river with fresh green is a good way to relax after hours of working hard (Jerich Abon on Instagram)

The park has many healthy activities such as: cycling to discover the garden, kayaking, viewing wild animal at night, and especially experiencing amazing feel of camping in the forest.

national park vietnam-cuc phuong girl

A quiet moment to remember(AngesVoyage on Instagram)

national park vietnam-cuc phuong people

Or peaceful feeling with close friends (Abigail on Instagram)

national park vietnam-cuc phuong bridge

Many visitors want to take a photo on this ancient bridge (Ninh Thành Nam on Instagram)

5. Ba Vi national parks

Located in Ba Vi Moutain Range in Ba Vi district in Hanoi and Lương Sơn, Ky Sơn districts (Hoa Binh) with total area of 10,814.6ha.

national park vietnam-ba vi friends

A trip is more meaningful if you have a partner (A Couch Potato on Instagram)

Ba Vi National Park Vietnam is divided into three areas: the spirit area is antique pagodas and temples; the discovery area is French colonial ruins; the final one is natural plant gardens, tropical forests and fresh streams that help you to relax and escape from all stress of the noisy and gaudy capital.

national park vietnam-ba vi funny

We can create happy and beautiful memories together (Mackenze Giselle on Instagram)

national park vietnam-ba vi photo

In these occasions of the year, giant crape-myrtles start growing young leaves. Bright yellow leaves create a glittering color along the road from the base of mountain to the pine forest (TuanDao -

national park vietnam-ba vi road

The lamp posts make this place look like gardens in Japan (TuanDao -

6.  Ba Be National park

This national park in Vietnam is located in five communes Nam Mau, Khang Ninh, Cao Thuong, Quang Khe, Cao Tri of Ba Be district (Bac Kan province) which is 50 km from Bac Can country town, and 250km from the north of Hanoi.

national park vietnam-ba be

You can enjoy beauty of nature while sitting on a boat. How amazing! (ACQUAFRESCA Meghan on Instagram)

When going to Ba Be Lake, you maybe want to visit Ao Tien. The name of “Ao Tien” comes from a legend story about a hunter who was passionate with the charming beauty of ferries taking bath in the lake.

national park vietnam-ba be river

Rowing the boat along the river is an interesting experience (Merlin Christ on Instagram)

The pacified and evergreen pure surface of the lake looks like a mirror silhouetted against mountain, the sky and clouds. This place becomes romantic with Tay girls who are in their traditional long dress and paddling slightly woody canoes.  

national park vietnam-ba be waterfall

Is it so cool to take a photo like that? (A Janiak on Instagram)

For the best national park road trip, don’t forget to visit Ac E, Tham Kit cave and the head office of The Voice of Vietnam as well as Kang Lo Village where Uncle Ho stopped to take a rest.

7.  Cat Ba National park

national park vietnam-cat ba

The fresh air and open space will release any stress and nervousness (Chels Chew on Instagram)

Cat Ba National Park is in Cat Hai district, Hai Phong. It is a protected biosphere area with a combination of many different ecosystems: evergreen forest on limestone mountains, alpine wetland forest (Frog Pond), coastal mangrove forest, area with coral reefs near the shore, cave system located between valleys like Khe Sau cave or residential areas. These caves are also the habitats of bats and farming system.

national park vietnam-cat ba mountain

As we are still young, just go and experience new challenges (Janneke Spijkers on Instagram)

With the mysterious and intact beauty, this is one of best Vietnam destinations that visitors should come to view the precious natural scenery of mountain and forest, take in the pure atmosphere, or do science research.

national park vietnam-cat ba girl

The feeling of reaching the top will be an unforgettable memory (Kurt on Instagram)

national park vietnam-cat ba people

Cat Ba national park is the inspiration for emotional pictures (Yến Vyny on Instagram)

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