Best caves in Vietnam surely make you say wow!

Best caves in Vietnam surely make you say wow!

20-12-2016 11:46 Posted by: Thao Tran
You will have to say "Wow" after seeing these amazing caves of Vietnam. Let’s take a cave Vietnam tour to know why.

Nature always gives us surprising landscapes which we can enjoy fully all their hidden beauty if we have chance to witness and see directly.

System of caves in Vietnam is the underground world where adventurers wish to visit and enjoy their great, strange and adventurous beauty - we bet you will wish so too. Now, welcome to the world of beautiful caves in Vietnam:

1. Son Doong Cave

It is difficult to describe in words the mysterious beauty of Son Doong cave. It is located in the cave complex of National park Phong Nha - Ke Bang (Bo Trach District, Quang Binh).

cave in vietnam-sondoong

Son Doong holds its mystery (Chris Miller)

This cave was discovered in 1991 by a local people named Ho Khanh. In 2009, British Caving Association visited here and conducted an expedition. From that moment, Vietnam was named in press as a new beauty, a new discovery with international stature of extremely great system of a natural cave - Son Doong.

cave in vietnam-sondoong entrance

“Heaven on earth” (flickr)

It is said that every moment of discovery and facing natural tectonic of Son Doong cave will definitely surprise visitors.

cave in vietnam-sondoong view

Feel like we're just lost in a fairy world (wordpress/andiehannahweiner)

Anybody cannot help feeling sensational when standing in front of the scenes of Eden in the grotto or the giant walls of stalactite or collections of "pearls" which are thousands of years old.

cave in vietnam-sondoong pearl

“Museum of pearl” (Bing)

Son Doong cave is truly a charming cave in Vietnam, a mysterious, pristine and majesty underground world where any cave Vietnam tours haven’t been discovered fully.

2. Tam Coc Bich Dong

“A terrestrial Ha Long Bay”, or the “Vietnam's second nicest grotto” is florid names granted to Tam Coc Bich Dong caves by admirers.

cave in vietnam-tam coc rowing

The visitors will wander along the Ngo Dong river in small boats to enter the cave while enjoying beautiful natural sceneries around (Vietnam Gogo)

Tam Coc - Bich Dong is located in Ngu Nhac Son mountain range which is 7 km from Ninh Binh to the south. It includes three caves such as Ca cave (first cave), Hai cave (second cave) and Ba cave (third cave).

cave in vietnam-tam coc entrance

The entrance of Tam Coc-Bich Dong (Mytour)

Going into one of the best caves in Vietnam - also among Vietnam tourist attractions, visitors can immerse themselves in a different world which lacks of sun but extremely shimmering and magical.

Ca cave is 127 m in length and goes through a large mountain with the entrance of over 20 m wide. In this cave of Vietnam, visitors can clearly feel a cool and fresh airflow which is extremely different from the air outside.

cave in vietnam-tam coc

Imposing beauty of Ngo Dong river (

Thanks to the magical tectonic, the cave has a lot of stalactites with diversified shapes.

The next cave is Hai cave which is 60m in length with stalactites extending like masses of clouds or shaping in a dripping drop like the breasts of mother.

cave in vietnam-tam coc view

The second most beautiful cave in Vietnam has a dreaming looks (

Ba cave is the smallest cave with fewer stalactites in the ceiling which are worn smooth by nature.

In addition, Tam Coc - Bich Dong has many precious relics and antiques such as stone dragon and strange blocks of stone which create a guitar sound when being tapped with high and bass tones that make visitors feel really interested.

3. Phong Nha Ke Bang

Quang Binh has not only Son Doong but also the "Kingdom of caves" – ​​PhongNha - Ke Bang.

In the Ke Bang limestone area of Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, there is a complex of more than 300 large and small caves which have majesty beauty with about 8 m long, 50 m high and 83 m deep.

cave in vietnam-phong nha

Masterpiece of nature is located underground (jeffshaw)

Just as soon as a boat creeps into this cave, sultry sun and wind of the Central Vietnam will immediately disappear and be replaced by a stream of cool air spreading throughout space.

cave in vietnam-phong nha entrance

Entrance of Phong Nha cave (Luan Nguyen)

cave in vietnam-phong nha road

A corner of the cave (Andrew Luther)

As the boat goes inside deeper, the light is fader and lost to open up a world with countless of sparkling stalactites in high above. Phong Nha has the unique blocks of rocks like other caves of Vietnam, especially massive blocks of stalactites which look like giants’ teeth.

cave in vietnam-phong nha stone

There are various types of unique stalactites inside the cave (Mark Hollowell)

In addition, visitors can explore other amazing caves in the complex such as Tien Son cave and Thien Duong cave.

4. Trang An Caves

There are 31 swamps which are connected by 48 caves. Each cave holds a distinctive looks and many ones have been recognized as archaeological monuments.

cave in vietnam-trang an

Majesty and mysterious beauty of this place creates incredibly beautiful photos (Wikipedia)

Although caves of Trang An aren’t as glittering and brilliant as the Phong Nha - Ke Bang cave system, they still create special feelings for each visitor.

cave in vietnam-trang an boat

An interesting adventure of nature is waiting for many visitors (flickr/meogia)

While sitting on a bobbing small boat, tourists will visit over 12 caves and experience thrilling feeling every minute when the boat keeps going further into the cave.

cave in vietnam-trang an inside

A corner inside the cave (vnbooking)

Water is flooded high so many visitors must bend to avoid contact with the head. The further visitors go, the more surprised they will be due to the amazing tectonic of this cave in Vietnam - There are not only wide and flat positions but also very narrow ones which fit only a tiny boat.

cave in vietnam-trang an dark

Exploring caves of Trang An will be a unforgettable experience because of thrilling feeling (Zing)

5. Sung Sot Cave

As its name, "Sung Sot" will give visitors really "stunned” experience. Located on Bo Hon Island, this is the most beautiful and the largest cave of the World Heritage Site - Ha Long Bay.

cave in vietnam-sung sot

Fanciful world inside the cave (Mi vida a través del objetivo)

The reason for its name is because this cave of Vietnam has a very small area inside, but everyone will be surprised when entering another wider and more beautiful world after sliding through a narrow rock crevice.

cave in vietnam-sung sot top

A wonderful picture on the top of the cave (Georg Erber)

The cave is divided into two main compartments. It is so large that it can hold up to thousands of people.

The ceiling and floor of the cave have undulating stalactites with various shapes like challenging human imagination. With a multitude of "chandeliers" glittering overhead, visitors can freely see stone statues, stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers, etc.

cave in vietnam-sung sot cloud

Just like a yellow cloud which is made of hundreds of glittering stalactites (mayxanh15)

When coming to the second compartment, you will be overwhelmed by an extremely brilliant stream of bursting lights and feel like entering the fairy world. There are no more blocks of stalactites but instead is a fresh green colour.

cave in vietnam-sung sot entrance

The entrance way of the cave (Georg Erber)

In the top of the cave, you will be more surprised with a hidden "garden" with crystal-clear lakes, charming scenery and many species of trees and birds. It is truly a dream world - pristine but incredibly wonderful.

6. Dau Go Cave

Wild and simple are features of a must-visit cave in Vietnam tourism - Dau Go Cave. It is located on Dau Go Island and divided into three main compartments. Each compartment has a space with different characteristics.

cave in vietnam-dau go

Nature grants this place many amazing and precious stalactites (panoramio)

You will enjoy a dance of natural light on the dome when coming to the first compartment. Thanks to that light, the ceiling of the cave is as beautiful as a giant canvas.

cave in vietnam-dau go ceiling

Colorful stalactites are shined in the light (Anjci)

This is the place where your imagination works for colorful stalagmites and stalactites in different shapes. 

When coming to the second compartment, the light intensity decreases, so this place holds a shimmering beauty with clusters of stone flowers which are sometimes hidden or presented.

cave in vietnam-dau go inside

The stalactites highlight ancient beauty of the cave (Anjci)

In the last compartment, you seem to bust into surprise with a space which is expanded dramatically and contains many amazing things. Fairy well filled with clear and fresh water in four seasons, blocks of rock in the shape of a combat among horses, elephants, sword, etc.

cave in vietnam-dau go angle

The cave is beautiful at any angles (FellanA)

7. Huong Tich Cave

Located in Huong Son attractive area, My Duc (Ha Noi), Huong Tich is a cave in Vietnam possessing a majesty appearance among high mountains which creates a peaceful feeling for visitors who come to enjoy the scenery of Huong Pagoda.

cave in vietnam-huong tich entrance

Every visitors enjoy interesting moments on boats (flickr)

Huong Tich cave lures tourists just from their first steps into the cave because the entrance looks like a large dragon jaw.

cave in vietnam-huong tich

This is one of beautiful caves of Vietnam (

In order to get to entrance, visitors will have to challenge themselves to step over 100 stone stairs surrounding by mountains and trees.

When going inside, you will have chance to see Buddha Statue of Guan Yin which is made of green stone carved in Tay Son Dynasty (around 1793) with thousands of large, undulating and sparkling stalactites with strange shapes.

cave in vietnam-huong tich stone

Unique and various shapes of stalactites inside the cave (Pham Xuan Tung)

In particular, there are nine stalactites in the ceiling of Huong Tich cave in the shape of nine dragons flanking a stalactite on the ground which is called "Nine Dragons fighting for a pearl" (Cuu Long Tranh Chau).

cave in vietnam-huong tich festival

Huong pagoda’s festival attracts thousands of visitors each year (Vien Vo)

The best time to explore the cave is probably in March of each year when the cave is covered by faded smoke that creates the attractively pristine nature and spiritual beauty. 

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