An Bang Beach – A mysterious pearl of Hoi An

An Bang Beach – A mysterious pearl of Hoi An

02-02-2017 17:16 Posted by: Thao Tran
An Bang Beach Vietnam is the perfect choice for those who want to isolate themselves from the noisy routine to totally enjoy a peaceful day on the beach.

When talking about Hoi An, people often mention to Cua Dai Beach as the most beautiful beach here; however, there is another beach that may be less famous, but not less splendid than Cua Dai. That is An Bang Beach.

an bang beach-enjoy under the sun

Tourists are enjoying the beach under the sun

An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam is 3 km away from the east of Hoi An ancient town, distinguished by its pristine and natural beauty.

an bang beach-go surfing

You can find surprising when hanging here 

It probably takes about 10 minutes by taxi from the center of Hoi An ancient town to the beautiful An Bang Beach, Hoi An. However, most visitors like to rent bikes or motorbikes to ride along the village roads to this endless blue beach by themselves.

an bang beach-relax

Tourists can hire the seats with umbrellas made from coconut leaves

The nearly 4 km of smooth white sands covering along the shore, the pure blue water and gentle waves whispering in the air are the special attraction of An Bang Beach.

an bang beach-peaceful inside

This place gives you a peaceful feeling inside

The tranquil beauty of An Bang Beach Vietnam was once voted as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world by travel website of CNN.

an bang beach-great place

Or you still can blow the air with your best friends

The beach looks gentler at dawn when the sunlight is not too bright. We can easily catch the sight of children playing around and catching small crabs and the old people chatting happily while the coracles rhythmically float up and down among the waves.

an bang beach-relax by yourself

Or even just enjoy the atmosphere alone 

After being in top 100 beautiful beach, there are more and more foreign visitors choose this beach as one of Vietnam tourist places for their trip. Some want to come to Vietnam only to visit Hoi An and An Bang Beach.

an bang beach-fun

Things here are made from leaves and trees

It’s afraid that the development of the bars along the beach for foreigners and other tourism services may ruin the splendour of this place, but everything is surprisingly kept in its true nature, waiting for travelers to discover and draw An Bang Beach map to share to the world.

an bang beach-enjoy and relax

Just come and enjoy everything and relax

An Bang Beach is the perfect choice for anyone who want to isolate themselves from the noisy and busy routine to totally enjoy a peaceful and quiet day on the beach. Not having as many coconut trees as Cua Dai Beach, An Bang Beach delivers a more comfortable and romantic feeling with some small palm huts and some rows of wooden chairs placing near the beach.

an bang beach-tourists

Many foreigners visit this beach every year

an bang beach-great vacation

Your vacation will be great at the beautiful beach

It’s hard to compare the beauty of An Bang Beach with Cua Dai Beach, but you definitely feel regret if you miss the chance to visit An Bang Beach while being around Hoi An. Perhaps, in your mind, you may plan to come back to admire the poetry of the wonderfully wild nature in this place.

an bang beach-beautiful water

The blue water is so beautiful

an bang beach-sun bathing

Visitors can sun bath at this beach

an bang beach-beautiful scene

Or they can spend time discovering the beautiful scene

(Image: facebook/ Hoài Anh Rau Sạch, Ngô Ngọt, Bánh Mỳ Thịt Xiên)

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